Sidekick Converts to Get 50% off When Switching to Select Samsung Handsets, Sidekick 4G Release Window Revealed


Following the news that Danger’s service would be shut down – effectively killing off the Sidekick as we know it – word has leaked of the deals T-Mobile plans to give to Sidekick owners. Firstly, early cancellation fees will be waived for those who own a Sidekick and request it. It’s only the right thing to do as they’re forcing those customers out of something they signed up for.

And for those who opt to stick with the carrier and upgrade to a new device, they’ve stated that select Samsung handsets will be offered for 50% less than what they normally go for until April 5th. (Subscribers may be subject to a mail-in rebate card, though.)

In the letter, they state that the new Android-based Sidekick (4G) will be available this Spring and they urge current Sidekick owners to keep an eye out for it. Putting two and two together, I’d say we’re going to be seeing this thing April 5th or earlier. [TmoNews]

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  1. Droidgamers.com hacked!?

  2. about time we hear more news about the new sidekick. i want to see the thing in action. they should have stayed with sharp.

  3. Curious to see what the android powered sidekick will look like and if there will be a different (haven’t seen yet) custom skin on it.

  4. CANCEL for sure. No 3G here at all.

  5. I’m going assume the 50% discount doesn’t apply to the samsung nexus s. Seeing how the free phone deal tmo offered before didn’t apply because only BBY sold the phone.

  6. The real news here is that people still use Sidekicks!

  7. I didn’t think sidekicks still existed ..

  8. So, people lose their sidekicks for reasons being their control and then the only alternative now at a discounted rate are crappy Samsung phones? I would be plenty peeved at T-Mobile if I were them.

  9. @3rd_input: It’s not T-Mobile cancelling Sidekick service. Microsoft(owners of Danger now)are the ones pulling the plug. Nothing T-Mobile can do about it.

  10. What is the requirement for getting the 50% discount, because I still have my old Sidekick ’08, even though I now use an Android phone.

  11. @3rd_input the reason they singled out Samsung is because they’re producing the next Sidekick, they’re trying to maintain the people by giving them a discount on a phone similar but more powerful and advanced than their current one.

  12. Should be…better be touch screen

  13. I called the 877 number in the letter yesterday. it connects to the “Marketing Department” and they were not very helpful nor do they offer anything special for rate plans. I asked to be transferred to the Customer Loyalty department and got a better Rate Plan deal locked in.

    From all the Samsungs available for the special discount, NONE of them have keyboards! The HTC G2 is closest, but no discount is given.

    Also, if you get a Samsung at the discount, you will NOT be eligible for upgrade pricing on the Sidekick 4G, unless it is in the 14-day “remorse” period.

    They could NOT confirm whether or not the Sidekick 4G will be released before May 31st or before 1st week of April (when the “deal” expires). They said we hope to expect an an announcement “soon”.

  14. So I’m being forced to buy a new phone and they are only offering 50% off of SELECT SAMSUNG phones? BS. There should be a discount on ANY PHONE THEY SELL!!!!! I can switch to another carrier and get the new iphone for less than what they are offering. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing.

  15. ncmacasl – What loyalty plan did they lock you in with? I want to call and do the same. I’ve been with T-mo forever.

  16. I got my letter today and it only tells me since I have a voice only plan (which I don’t, but I pay nothing because they messed up) my service will not be effected.

  17. @ncmacasl I also called that 877# the rep wasn’t helpful at all so pissed that now im stuck buying a new phone that’s going to cost $250 4 samsung galaxy including my 50% off. Since they’re not sure when sidekick 4 is coming out so dumb n yes they do lock your rate plan I’ve been with tmobile for 11yrs its time to change carrier

  18. I just want a five-row keyboard. Why does the industry hate me?

  19. I called t-mobile and got their “marketing” dept as well and they also were offering me crappy deals on crappy phones and rate plans. I had the very old sidekick unlimited plan where I got unlimited texting and data combined for $20 a month. They wanted to charge me $45 a mo for the same service. I told them no and called back and talked to a regular customer service guy and asked him why I shouldn’t just switch to ATT or Sprint. He gave me $35 for unlimited text and data and gave me the new galaxy s 4g for $95. Don’t take their bullshit this is a violation of the terms of your contract and they know that and are trying to offer shitty deals to suckers in an attempt at damage control.

  20. I left t-mobile about a month ago….because the sidekick was no longer going to be updated.

    Would have been nice to know then they were going to offer something…but 50% eh.

    Still cancellation was free and I’m happy to be gone.

  21. pkilla thats awesome u got a galaxy s 4g for $95 ! I want to get one too just not for 250. I sure do hope they either come out with the sk4g before april 5th so i can decide to either get that or the galaxy s 4g.

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