Cut the Rope for Android Previewed [Video]


Admit it. You have snuck away on your friend’s iPhone to peruse the game available for that other platform. We won’t tell anyone. You have no doubt checked out Cut the Rope, then, and wondered when Android would get a piece of the rope slicing action. The answer is pretty soon, as evidenced by the sneak peak on YouTube. Check it out.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. yes i’m guilty! now hurry and release it!!!!

  2. Rope Cut isn’t nearly as polished as Cut the Rope, but it could certainly pass some time until Cut the Rope comes out!

  3. That looks fun.

  4. Whenever my iOS buddies give me grief for Android not having Cut the Rope I point to Rocket Bunnies. Anyways, looking forward to its release.

  5. @Logan rope cut isn’t showing up in my market. i dont see why.. im on 2.2 on my epic 4g

  6. have you guys no shame, why is there a windows phone 7 ad on an android site

  7. @Dan, GOD I hate that!! And I hate when I see an LG commercial on my Samsung TV, or a billboard for Ford when I am driving around in my Chevy, or a store at the mall selling reeboks when I am wearing my Nikes. It just ENRAGES me!!!

  8. @Andrew Wheeler, lmao that was great

  9. I cant watch any of the videos posted and cant read some of the articles you post.i have an evo 4g.

  10. I miss this game (and the Diner Dash series) the most from iOS.

  11. the lite version already out

  12. I’ve got a Nokia N8 advert… weird

  13. Here’s hoping they don’t be a bunch of *astards and put Ads in it and instead make a pay-for ad free version.


  14. Rocket Bunnies, Gun Bros, AirAttack HD Lite, Angry Birds (of course), Drift Mania, all the Storm8 games, Meteor Blitz, Need for Speed (NFS Shift), Pinball Deluxe, Reckless Racing….. Who says Android doesn’t have great games?

  15. for ppl wondering about rope cut , it was removed from the market long time ago

  16. fahad – I don’t see it. A search brings up that darn annoying orange. Greeeeat. :-/

  17. Awesome .
    Android has got some great games . but sadly i think the app store has overall better quality games .. still , the best is yet to come for Android !

  18. this looks more challenging/ complex than Angry Birds

  19. Hell yeah finally, I have been praising this game for months now. I play this way more than Angry Birds.

  20. Cut the Rope on my iPod touch sucks! They don’t have many levels at all compared to Angry birds, and the levels are all very easy.

    For the amount of money they’re making, the game should have almost as many levels as Angry Birds.

  21. i dont know if this is official or anything. but i’ve had it for awhile and it updates and everything. its also branded zeptolab. could send the apk to anyone interested.

    1. Hey man I wud love the apk file. How could u send? Email? Hmu @ [email protected]. thanks man

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