Big Verizon Sale Sees All DROID Handsets Marked Down $100


The scent of 4G LTE handsets on the horizon might be enough to keep you from diving into this deal, but if you are itching for a new Android handset from Verizon and can’t wait for the carrier to make up their mind on the launch of the HTC Thunderbolt you should be pleased to know that all DROID-branded handsets have been marked down by $100. This equates to various pricings of free to $99.99 on new two-year contracts.

The deal is available over at Verizon’s online store and includes free overnight shipping, making you miss the in-store experience even less. Here is a full look at new prices:

[via DroidLife]

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  1. and the add-a-line prices are not marked down AT ALL … tempting me to use one of those weird services like Wirefly. Why must Verizon be so weird with their pricing?

  2. I don’t see this offer on VZW. If you read the small text also, it requires unlimited voice which is $90 + unlimited data for $30 + $25 in taxes and gov’t fees. This is $145/mo. Some people may not care. For me, we have a Family Plan. I cannot put a $149 charge on the primary and $49 on each other phone and $29 per phone for data. that would be a luxury car payment.

  3. Sprint rules Verizon and the Htc Evo 4g line rules Verizon’s Droid line… Perfect service plus perfect monthly bill equals sprint… It’s so lovely to be a sprint customer and not be over charged like Verizon… 105 monthly beats 145 monthly. UNLIMITED DATA EVO 4G beats ANYTHING ON VERIZON

  4. Yup, looks like they are trying to dump the old phones out of inventory before releasing the Thunderbolt on 3/10.

  5. They’re taking $50 off the one-year contracts, too. Not as dramatic, but it still gets my attention.

  6. Damn Verizon for being CDMA I want the Droid Incredible so bad!!

  7. @richard Except the Evo isnt a Droid…

  8. And the EVo might rule Sprint, but it hardly rules Verizon…and the EVO is last yr’s superstar. Stop trying to keep the dream alive. Its moment is over.. We’re on duo cores, this year. It was and is a great device, but its no longer the best thing out there if it ever was. And its not a droid, only verizon has license to the droid moniker. So Sprints “Droid” doesnt beat anyone since they arent Droids…Yes it was the first device to use 4g and thats great, but its time is come and gone, just like most devices releases last spring and summer. Its great you love your phone but its really not all that anymore, sorry.

  9. Plus most of these say CPO, which means certified pre-owned. If you want a used phone for less, be my guest. Like it was also mentioned above, it states you need unlimited talk and text as your base plan, no thank you. I’m waiting on that Thunderbolt.

  10. I got two new Incredibles for a warranty on an Eris well one for a pre plus and one for an Eris had it planned but I’m a avid HTC lover/rooter/any fun you can have.

  11. @kel

    lastyear iPhone4 was outdated almost immediately on its launch by HTC EVO, launched before it and it’s still on sale. What’s your point? EVO is still one of the 3 or 4 best smartphones on the market available to buy. Because it’s HTC. They make smartphones hard to beat.

    Dual-core aluminum unibody buttonless HTC supersmartphone will beat everything in the nearest future, including iphone (this time the 5th its iteration), Droid Bionic, Droid X2, Samsung Galaxy s2 and LG Optimus 2X.;)

  12. I got my droid x for a $ 0.01 with a new contract on amazowireless .

    am happy

  13. My point is the EVO isnt the best phone for everyone, just like the iphone isnt. I never said it wasnt a great device. But this person was spewing stuff stuff about the phone that wasnt really that true. EVO rules? Give me a break. I know HTC makes great devices i happen to own one. But their designs at least so far look very similar to the devices from last year,(Desire S, Incredible S etc) ala Blackberry and i dont have to tell you any comparison to those devices that doesnt include email is prolly a negative one. I am hoping their duo core devices look newer and fresher.

  14. I just called VZW to see if they’d honor their 30-day pricing policy for store credits when they drop the price of an item you’ve already purchased in that time window and neither the Sales dpt or the Rebate dpt can confirm this promotion is going on. WTH???

  15. @kel You must be new to the forums. Richard Yarrell, aside from being as bright as a sack of doorknobs, is also nuttier than squirrel shit. He has absolutely zero clue about anything he talks about, or what anyone else talks about. He just comes in to any thread and spews out a lot of insane nonsense (usually in caps), talks about his EVO as if it is a living thing – or on one of his extra good days – a deity of some sort. A few days ago, a person remarked about how expensive Verizon is and he compared price plans from different phone companies. Richard replied to this guy like they were long lost brothers and how he was “keeping it real to people like ksizzle and DJ” – even though I’ve said numerous times that if another provider can give me the same coverage for less, I’d gladly jump ship in a second(why the hell would I want to pay more for no reason?) I’m not a fanboy of any provider or manufacturer, I’m a fan of a good product or good services. HTC makes some great phones – and they make some not so great ones, just like everyone else. Richard has stated that people who had Verizon contracts sold their soul to the Devil When someone comes into a thread and announces that they just got an EVO he talks to them like they’re toddlers and he is some kind of wizened old sage. Seriously, I invite you to look through the other stories’ comment threads even in just the past few days. It’s obvious he is also on some hardcore psych meds, some days he is almost half-way normal for a bit, then the meds either kick in or wear off. When someone says something he doesn’t like, or if they tell him off he “comes back” by making himself look even more of borderline retarded nutcase – watch he will say something like “I’m tired and I need rest” or “I’m a dweeb” or instruct me to have sex with waterfowl or some other mindless nonsensical crap. The best thing to do is try to not even glance at his posts, you’ll feel as if you are slightly less intelligent for having read them.
    This was a free public service announcement.

  16. @Kel….. Your best bet is to not get caught up with your expressions and thoughts.. What i expressed was based on my real world usage of a perfect device that not only dominated 2010 but still is one of the top 5 devices on the market today. This device is proven and is the granddaddy of 4g period. The htc evo is a brand a family of devices on sprint just like the droids on Verizon just remember that much…. @Dj is nothing more than a common ASSWIPE on these forums and on Phandroid he also has a buddy by the name of ksizzle9 another dick

  17. Why would anybody want to buy an obsolete (3G) phone when the new 4g’s r coming out???

  18. @Richard, Calling others asswipe and dicks only makes you less intelligent if you keep writing like that. Thanks to you, I don’t think I can see my Evo the same way.

    Just because you have the Evo and “real world usage of a perfect device” doesn’t mean you can easily declare it as “the granddaddy of 4g”. I love my phone, but I don’t even call it perfect. I’ve had the opportunity to test out Motorola’s Xoom using the Verizon’s LTE networks a few weeks back through their R&D, and their coverage for fast internet and voice exceeds the speeds in WiMax cities, including my landline cable provider. Not to mention coverage in rural areas is broader than Sprint, but your location may vary.

    Sprint is going to ditch WiMax for LTE. Google it yourself. This technology makes your (or I should say our) EVO 4g scream like a little girl. And I don’t have to explain to you why Sprint plan prices are so low… go look them up in the stock market yourself (S) and compare them to Verizon Wireless (VZ). Also, check out the recent financial statements — Sprint FINALLY had a net gain of subscribers for the first time in two years. Now what? Take away the “annual upgrade” privilege from the majority of their subscribers. Google that too. Looks like we have an unstable network/networks (Nextel too?) on our hands.

    Oh cool, now we have a new Kyocera (SANYO) phone coming out. It’s not even 4g? oh, right, because we’re potentially cutting ties with Clearwire, who’s also in a bad financial situation. Does anyone want a Sanyo phone, or any Sanyo device?

    Look, I’m glad you have passion for your “granddaddy” device. I’m just asking you to be less annoying, thanks.

  19. Yes Kel, do away with your thoughts O_o give yourself completely to the church of EVO. EVO will provide. EVO knows all.
    Wow, just…

  20. @rayan….. As proven the htc evo 4g was the first 4g device on the market as well as sprint being the first to usher in 4g from any other carrier. That fact you nor anyone else can change. You folks crack me up with your holier than thou statements as if your thoughts and opinions are suppose to superseed everyone else. Sounds like you need to except your opinion as that just your opinion. Otherwise you become annoying

  21. Nothing weird about Wirefly. They are an authorized Verizon dealer. Always better than going through the Verizon store, providing you are eligible and they have the rate plan you need..

  22. @ Rayan, we’ve tried to tell Richard nicely, explain rationally, insult him, gently explain to him to actually read what he writes, pretty much everything possible to get him to stop being so damn annoying. I genuinely think he has an unhealthy attachment to his EVO. Really. I’m not trying to be funny. Look at the man’s posts; he is genuinely screwed up in the head. I have Verizon, but I also bought an off-contract EVO awhile back because I got a great deal, they are good phones, and it is easier to theme phones when you own them. I enjoy playing around with it, but I swear everytime I look at it now, I think of that froot-loop.

  23. LTE is the future….keyword is future kids…. Verizon 4G will is not even available in 25% of the country….so go buy a 4g phone that works in only 10 places in the country. Besides this ad is fake, go on …no mention of these promos.

  24. @Ryan I don’t think anyone wants to “supercede” your opinion with theirs.

  25. @Ryan And for the record, I’m certain everyone here can “accept” that their opion is in fact their own. kthnxbye.

  26. I wouldn’t use wirefly myself. This internet company is based out of Tanzinia or some strange country. I went to order a phone from them a few years ago and I couldn’t understand the customer service rep I was speaking to, so I asked to speak with someone else. I waited 20 minutes and was transferred to someone else who could barely speak English. After talking with them for 30 minutes and declining about 10 items they tried to upsell me on, my visa debit card wouldn’t go through. I knew I had money in the bank so I called my bank on my landline and they told me they needed authorization to charge my card as it was overseas. I ended up telling them I was going to buy my phone elsewhere and this guy started going off on my in his broken English. I ended up hanging up on the guy and was glad I didn’t go through with it. Wirefly has a bad reputation, even though they offer inexpensive phones.
    Keep you business in the country I say!

  27. Wirefly is based in Reston, Virginia. Sounds like you had a bad experience with a call center. If I have any questions I go to their Facebook page or the forums here, where they have people responding to questions.

  28. link please?

  29. I called verizon and they don’t claim that these offers are available. Anyone try to actually buy something through this?

  30. Richard…again you make me laugh with your Sprint (love) dream comments …what a funny fan boy you are…lol

  31. @allodile, @Frank:

    I don’t think there’s a link. I tried calling in to inquire and I was laughed out from rep to rep until I gave up.

  32. After contacting Verizon Wireless Ive been informed by them that this offer is a fake. They are investigating the sources where this is coming from.

  33. You guys all need to chill. If you’d actually clicked the SOURCE link to DroidLife, you would have eventually found this: which leads to this:

    Frickin’ crack monkeys…

  34. This is 100% misleading. You should not post without ALL the info in the post. Time to start reading another android blog

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