Samsung Galaxy S to Receive Android 2.3 Gingerbread in March?


We’re not too sure of the validity of this one, but Samsung supposedly announced today at an event in Frankfurt that Android 2.3 Gingerbread would be headed to the Samsung Galaxy S I9000 this March. We presume the event coincided with the release of the Samsung Galaxy SL, and the only news of the update comes from a German blogger attending. The addumption is that the update would be slated for the international version of the Galaxy S.

US residents just now receiving Android 2.2, we encourage you to cherish it and ignore this news. In all likelihood the States won’t see Android 2.3 on the Galaxy S for a while.

[via SamsungHub]

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  1. Yeah. Europe wins!

  2. Why tease us with this news?? WHY?? Im first btw.

  3. FINE Zed…Im second. lol

  4. Well…. that figures…

  5. Another comment from me, I laugh at how old that picture of the phone is. Haha screen image says that samsung announced the first android 2.1 phone. That havent progressed that far really tho…kinda sad. :/

  6. No thanks. I will keep my froyo

  7. Good catch Hampteezy. That is pretty damn sad considering a few of our Galaxy S’ still coincide with that announcement. I could give two ishes if my Vibrant got Gingerbread cuz I want a T-Mobile Galaxy S2 running Ice Cream this summer.

  8. we will have a stable 2.3 rom wthin 60-days or sooner. Thanks XDA guys!


  9. @Scott True dat!

  10. Nexus S & Nexus One FTW!

  11. didn’t you people learn your lessons?! lol

  12. Running CM7 on my phone. It is quite sweet. :) Samsung Vibrant that is.

  13. mmmm 2.3 XDA Roms…yummy and delicious.

  14. yes, looking forward to xda-gingerbread…

  15. With the recent fuck up by sprint, I don’t think we will even see 2.2 for a while

  16. Coming to AT&T Captivate in March 2013…

  17. I never heard of the Galaxy SL

  18. Love my Galaxy S.

    Bought July.

    2.2 in October (although I flashed leaked build in August)
    2.2.1 in December
    and now
    2.3.x in March.

    Hopefully gets leaked early here


  19. Last part of the article, fixed (at the end):
    US residents just now receiving Android 2.2, we encourage you to cherish it and ignore this news. In all likelihood the States won’t see Android 2.3 on the Galaxy S for a while, if ever.

    It’s nice to see Samsung/AT&T got the Captivate update out, but it wasn’t without is issues with Kies Mini not being officially supported with 64-bit OSes and all that. I had to download an older version of the International Kies software, install it, stop it from updating, and then finally updated my phone that way. This was after I even tried Windows XP mode in Windows 7 64-bit. It among the worst experiences I’ve had with technology. Some have said that uninstalling IE9, if it is installed, can help the update process in W7 64-bit (a solution I didn’t hear about until after I tried jumping through so many hoops). I had an easier time getting Final Fantasy 7 PC to work on Windows 7 64-bit, and that came out in 1998.

    I’m not going to be buying another Samsung Android device until they can show through 2-3 generations of devices that they are able to support their hardware with good software.

    Given that phone contracts are generally 2 years here in the states, I’d even be happy enough if they updated their devices for 2 years in a timely manner and then just stopped! Cuz I’d get a new device at that point anyway.

  20. I could care less about gingerbread, just give me 2.2 already.

  21. Two words: Bull Shit.

  22. Of course, the i9000 had Froyo in Novemeber and it doesn’t surprise me that it’s probably getting GB before the Fascinate gets Froyo. Samsung International is much better with updates.

  23. WHEN WILL THE SAMSUNG FASCINATE GET THE OTA 2.2 UPDATE??? Phandroid posed an article that said 2/22, but needless to say, that was incorrect. My wife has a Fascinate and she doesn’t want me to download & install the update my self, something about not wanting me to break her phone……women

  24. Most of these JUST now oficially got FROYO didn’t they? Seems like that was a waste of efforts on Samsung’s part if they are looking to roll out gingerbread so soon after the update. in short, I don’t believe naything that Samsung promises in terms of Android updates.

  25. lol @ 21


    I get
    2.2 Froyo October 2010
    2.2.1 Upgraded Froyo January 2011
    2.3 Gingerbread March 2011

    Who says Samsung doesn’t do updates? :D
    One happy SGS Owner. (UNITED KINGDOM!!!)

  26. Hahaha, good time to put money on it that this won’t happen if their passports records is anything to go by.

  27. I just got Froyo thru Kies Mini without a hitch. Detailed instructions for the unwashed (myself included) is here:
    (picked this link up from Boy Genius Report)

  28. Nice news…
    The American Trolls will start to ask for Ice Cream…
    I think we in America have a big problem con the cellphone service company.

    Note for American Trolls: the problem is not Samsung, the new FW are on their way is whole the world… the problem is in our house.

  29. Why do Americans think that they represent the world?

    WHEN WE TALK ABOUT SGS we are talking about the i9000 (INTERNATIONAL GALAXY S) -idiots
    for e.g read how retarded Bela’s post is.
    They don’t freaking deserve another update.

    Keep up the good work Samsung! oh and when you roll out Gingerbread next month. Forget & ditch the U.S & their carriers!!!!! They’re not worth the trouble.

  30. Darkly i doubt Samsung would listen to someone as stupid as you so why don’t you move on? Samsung makes major profits from the Us and there carriers those of you crying about the froyo update should quit crying and install a custom rom its not that hard if the carriers didn’t mess with the updates adding all of their junk youd have froyo so stop blaming Samsung

  31. Being a U.S. resident I have to agree with Darkly. We seem to have no idea that there are many other places in the world are running circles around us. Example: S Korea is about to bump up there internet speed standard, and what they have now is much faster then the average speed here. Airport screening is much more efficient and advanced in parts of Europe, and Asia and Europe always get the latest releases months before the U.S. We get the leftovers, are months behind, and we still think we are the cream of the crop in the world. Regarding the carriers in the U.S. I am starting to see what is underlying the delay of updates and why the manufacturers send us their stuff last. Its sad!

    All I can say to that is thank god we have XDA and Team Whiskey so we do not have to be subject to the user experience that the carriers want us to have…

  32. I just wish we could easily replace our ROM’s on sammy’s galaxy s, to 2.3, 2.33, 2.4. Stu in Oz, give me 750 megs of libre office on ROM.

  33. @Jeffe
    U mad?!?!?!?
    You got free turn by turn navigation by google.
    You got all the best phones ang gaming-consoles first.

  34. Just as much of a rumor as the fascinate getting froyo

  35. “US residents just now receiving Android 2.2…”

    Wish that was true for my Verizon Samsung Fascinate. Other phones are going to have 2.3 before I get 2.2.

  36. Yeah… My Samsung translator says that means sometime in September.

  37. Lol Gingerbread leaked for international Galaxy S already.

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