New Evidence Saying Thunderbolt Launching March 10th?


Ok this is just getting ridiculous now. We’ve gone from February 14th, to the 24th, to the 28th, to March 3rd, to the 4th, and now we’re hearing of a new date. A supposed internal document showing upcoming Verizon device releases shows the HTC Thunderbolt launching March 10th. The sad thing is that we’ve heard that date before from independent sources a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t report it due to lack of evidence. Well the evidence is piling on and we have yet another date to look out for. This phone will be outclassed by the time it finally makes its way to Big Red, at this rate. [Thanks, anon!]

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  1. I’m sticking with “Thursday, March 4″… because the next time March 4th falls on a Thursday is in 2021.

  2. I saw a commercial for it on TV last night

  3. @TF – agreed. But don’t worry. I hear they are using the delay to install a 9G radio in it. It’s going to be so super fast, it will blow your mind.

  4. Losing interest quickly….or slowly. This better come out with Skype video, swype, and netflix. Anymore delays and it should also include holographic projection.

  5. Well there are already commercials playing in many areas, it should be out here soon. Richard, save a shit load of time, and don’t comment on how the EVO is the flagship. This is going to be one of the many big flagship devices. Not the EVO, not on wimax.

  6. @TF actually, the next time it will fall on a friday is 2016.

  7. My local Best Buy (Danvers, MA…..9787749494) is saying Monday the 28th…..I called today for the third day in a row and got a different person each day…..they all said this coming Monday the 28th

  8. I’m sick of seeing screen shots of Best buy computers giving a release date! What a clown show!

  9. The hold-up has to do with Verizon sorting out software issues prior to release. They want to make sure the Thunderbolt provides a stellar experience for the customer…especially considering this is their first 4G handset. If they were to release the phone with issues and push out maintenance updates later, it would be terrible PR and create a bad taste in the mouth of those who purchased the phone (to include possible handset returns). I for one am frustrated at the delay; however, I would much prefer the kinks all be worked out prior to my purchasing this device. Secondly, although the rumored date continues to keep changing, I have it on good authority it will definitely release NO LATER THAN the end of March (end of Q1). Let’s hope it’s sooner!

  10. Was at vzw yesterday and they are still telling people the 28th.

  11. Lost interest kthanxbai

  12. everyone needs to quick reading forums and listening to rumors, verizon has never announced a release date for the phone yet, just because best buy jumped the gun, i havent seen them say its verizons fault yet. you will get an email when its going to be released.

  13. If its coming out March 10 that’s my birthday and it would be a good birthday present to myself!!! But I’m honestly tired of waiting I need a new phone quick!!!

  14. Yeah, this phone is pretty pointless if you look a few months down the pipe. I’m holding out for my dual core HTC on VZW. HTC? Verizon? You listening? Because that’s what I’m waiting for

  15. so sad

  16. This phone better knock the socks off of everyone with its BLAZING network speed or else it will be a massive fail. They’ve already ditched Skype and Netflix, so…what exactly makes this phone different that all the others? LTE network speed. And we don’t know what that is quite yet. Or pricing. Lots of FAIL potential with this one.

  17. Verizon should release this phone on April 1st for all the fools that have been waiting and who are willing to pay that much money for that obviously flawed phone.

  18. Given the number of delays, is it time to start asking what else is wrong with this phone? Is there a reason why Verizon is willing to risk alienating its customer base with delays? The Thunderbolt is rapidly becoming just another phone that will be outclassed in a couple of months. I am close to just waiting for the iPhone5 or the Bionic.

  19. i have to agree.. not sure who to be angry with ..the rumor mongols or verizon- verizon should at least update us officially via email or announcement as to what is going on with the phone.. i have resigned to expect the phone out when its ready .. whatever that day will be until then i will stick with my lowly lg touch :( .. just not worth the stress of listening to all the rumors and as one already posted nothing “official” from verizon yet. – just my 2 cents :)

  20. Time to look at the Atrix.

  21. You people haven’t learned your lesson yet? Verizon has not announced the Thunderbolt on their website. Usually, when they are ready to come out a fine phone like the Thundersbolt, they would announce it few days before. So, unless I see it on the Verizon’s website, everything else is just a Myth! But don’t do me wrong, please don’t give up on your hopes. I’m pretty sure that one of this day, BB will get it right, it just as of matter of time. Good luck to all.

  22. If this delays into mid-late march I may just wait for the Bionic.

  23. Now maybe it’s just me but isn’t it kind of odd that the only date with a single digit for the month is the TB. Both iPhones have the date as “2/10/11” but then the thunderbolt is listed as “03/10/11.” I’m not sure if that matters but was just something i thought to point out since theres all these random dates floating about this phone….which i cant wait to get!! lol

  24. Ridiculous, you say? Delayed, you say? Unfulfilled rumors that you continue to spread–that’s ridiculous. And what delays? Verizon announced it for the second quarter. How is there a delay? Will you write a reliable article? Impossible, I say.

  25. Best Buy has been wrong every time. Stop asking their employees and believing their screen shots. They don’t know any more than we do.

  26. @ctd….Me too. Hopefully the Bionic will be out shortly after the Thunderbolt. Assuming they don’t have this many delays.

  27. To those claiming Verizon never set a release date: 1. The CEO said in December, and at CES that their first Lte phone would come mid February. 2. Best Buy has Verizon reps that visit regularly. They are the ones that set up the preorder date. They are the ones giving the dates to Best Buy. 3. Verizon tweeted in early February that it was coming out sooner than expected.

  28. I’m debating wether tro switch to att for atrix but I heard it reaslly is not the fastest smartphone.

  29. @Nope – actually, the next time March 4th falls on a Thursday is in 2021. Ya know, since the tweet said, “looks like it may launch on Thursday, March 4th”… try to keep up. Nobody ever said Friday, so I don’t know where you get Friday from.

  30. @droidfan (23)— you are right. I think BB is lying again. They can’t even write the date straight!! BB need to stop writing shit just to get customer’s attention!!!

  31. Might as well wait a little longer now for the Droid Bionic as it is looking a bit better than the Thunderbolt.

  32. GUESS NOW WE KNOW WHY THE DELAY WITH THE ALL MIGHTY THUNDERBOLT…… READ THIS…………. HTC Thunderbolt said to have terrible battery life, might explain delay?
    By Chris Ziegler posted Feb 25th 2011 7:42PM

    We’re hearing from… well, let’s call them “people familiar with the matter” that HTC’s Thunderbolt — a phone that’s supposed to be Verizon’s first with LTE — is experiencing positively miserable battery life that’s making it difficult for testers to avoid carrying a second phone around as a backup. How bad? Two to three hours from full to empty in some cases. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised if battery life was really bad with the LTE radio left on — the EVO 4G wasn’t much different at launch with WiMAX lit up — but the word on the street is that the power situation is largely responsible for the delays we’ve been seeing. In fact, our source tells us the phone is currently working on its sixth retail delay at the moment. More on this situation as we get it.

    Update: We’ve just heard from another trusted tipster that there’s definitely a new firmware in the works to address battery life and signal issues (which — you guessed it — are interrelated). Thanks, HTC Kid!

  33. @ksizzle9…. And for the record… The HTC EVO 4G.. is the FLAGSHIP DEVICE FOR SPRINT.. Every carrier has a FLAGSHIP DEVICE… What a DWEEB HE IS… Another uninformed dumbfield head..

  34. Yep…. I’m done waiting. Moving on to another phone, so tired of all the missed release dates and constant delays without a peep from Verizon. Obviously this phone has several major issues and I for one am not willing to pay the price for a possible problematic Phone.

  35. Does it have a front facing camera?

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