As Parting Salute to AT&T, LetsTalk Offering Motorola Atrix 4G Laptop Dock Bundle for $250


It was learned earlier this week that several third-party retailers would no longer stock and sell AT&T handsets and contracts. One of these retailers is LetsTalk, the company that runs Walmart’s online wireless portal. As a parting gesture, LetsTalk has decided to mark down the newly released Motorola Atrix 4G and laptop dock bundle from the $499 on contract AT&T is asking to a remarkably low $250. Now that’s the sort of price we were expecting to begin.

You better act quick, as LetsTalk and Walmart’s time as an AT&T reseller is quickly running out, and we suspect at this price their stock will, too.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I want one, but i have till november with my droid x and att is the devil anyways

  2. Offer the Atrix for free with 2-year contract and I’ll cop it despite all the hateful things I have been saying about the brand lol.

  3. You would think there would be more positive comments on this thread. How many people have complained about the price of this dock on this forum? And now it only costs an additional $50? Just goes to show people would rather bitch about something they dislike rather than being positive about a product.

  4. It’s for new contracts only but I wonder if out of contract = new contract

  5. I demand that ALL of you shutup about this until I’ve purchased this deal!! :D

  6. lol wow! hope some people jump on that.

  7. sell the dock and get the phone basically free!

  8. Welllll this requires a tethering contract from AT&T meaning an extra $20/month on top of the 2GB/month plan. The benefit is tho you do get 2GB/month extra.

  9. This is also only for new customers… Existing customers get the 450 price (still better than AT&T though), and without contract the prices skyrockets up to 1099… Ouch! But if coming from a different network it would be a GREAT deal!


  11. I need to try out AT&T service to see if its better than Verizon where I live. Co workers at work say it is for my area.
    This may tempt me to get and try the Atrix…

  12. What if I wanted to leave my own inidivudal plan on Sprint and join my family’s plan on AT&T to get this deal? I’d be adding a new line and 2-year contract I think. Would this work for this deal?

  13. Don’t forgot even if they would do an upgrade, you will lose all legacy deals you have with AT&T. My extra line has unlimited data, and have a cheap monthly minute plan. Both of which I would lose. And not even sure if I could keep the non-affected unlimited plans I have on 2 other iphones.

  14. Kudos to AT&T for making such great technology affordable .

  15. No longer available

  16. I called about this deal. They stated it was a price glitch and they are not taking orders. I was quoted a price of $599 and told “orders can be resubmitted tomorrow” but at the $599 price.

  17. I done want to carry the laptop wherever I go.

  18. tried it.. no longer available

  19. I’d be willing to risk what people have been saying about AT&T’s network to try this out…if I wasn’t still on contract with Vzn.

  20. I just want the phone on a 1 year contract for 300 :(

  21. That deal must have been a typo, it is now at 429$ for a new 2 year contract. But the phone w/o dock is 139$ (new 2 year contract)… Tempting…

  22. @GM
    Base on the article, I think its a Let’s Talk deal more than its an ATT deal.

  23. i’m trying to do it and its ringing up at 429 still

  24. There is no $250.00 deal as stated. Does anyone know?

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