T-Mobile G2, MyTouch 4G, + More T-Mobile Phones Getting Price Bumps


It’s not often we see prices getting bumped up – they’re usually going on sale. But the T-Mobile G2 and MyTouch 4G have both gone from $199.99 after a mail-in rebate to $249.99 without a rebate option. Not technically a price bump as you’ve always had to pay $250 at the point of sale, but you won’t be $50 richer after 4-6 weeks. TmoNews has a full list of other phones that have also gotten price changes. [T-Mobile via Engadget]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. This is so stupid. Now your choices are get one of these phones for $250 on contract or get a Nexus S for $200 on contract. I got another person to buy a Nexus S before they picked up the prices this week and now the choice will be to easy.

  2. You work for a T-Mobile store?

  3. I think they are extremely low on stock of those phones and have a huge pile of Galaxy S 4G’s. The price will probly go down after a little while.

  4. @Quentyn No, I was just spreading knowledge of Android like I have been doing since back in the G1 days. I have gotten a good number of people to make their first smartphone an Android phone.

  5. Any stockpile of the Galaxy S 4G’s they’re going to need to move fast. It’s hardly a hardware update from the Samsung Vibrant…the main difference is a front facing camera and it has Inception instead of Avatar (WOW!?). Hardly worth the six month release date difference. With the Galaxy S2 coming out in the near future, they’re going to need to move the Galaxy S 4G dud of a phone. If I was to buy a new phone today…I’d still go with the G2, rather than the S 4G. Wait for the Galaxy S II (no release date confirmed yet). All that seems to have happened is they’ve realized the S 4G is a crappy phone.

  6. Strangest price move I’ve seen yet. Wasn’t the G2 on sale for around $50 a month or two ago?

  7. so i wont be getting any sort of discount after 2 year upgrade? like for an example if i wanted the mytouch 4g the price of it is 250 im gonna have to pay 250 and not get a 100 dollars off the price?

  8. This price bump means 1 (or more) of a few possibilities: a)T-Mobile isn’t getting any new phones any time soon b) They realize no one wants to buy Galaxy anything from them anymore c)These are selling better than they expected and they want to milk it.

    When I tried to buy a MT4G they were sold out everywhere except for one lucky TMO stand in the local mall that had just gotten a shipment that day. And by JUST, i mean it was still on a pallet and wrapped. My GF got the first one of the shipment so I think its going fairly well.

  9. Lady gaga

  10. i went to a tmobile the other and a person bought like 4 of them for him and his family! i was like must be nice!

  11. That’s crazy. Just last wednesday, my friend was able to order a G2 online for free

    lol i know he is glad he brought then and not now

  12. wirefly has the mytouch 4g for $29.00 on new contract .

    thanks a lot tmobile you will always be fourth when you screw your customer like this ….

  13. @whatwhat: The $250 price IS the discounted upgrade price. The phone retails for $500. The only difference now is, the discounted price is $250 instead of $200.

  14. @ravidavi:thanks for answering my question. so im basically getting the same price as a new costumer that’s boguess i would have thought the people that stay on for 2 year on their contract would indeed get a good deal. but im guessing its all good.

  15. whatwhat:

    Be happy you’re getting the same price. 4-5+ years ago, it was normal for renewals to always pay more for any phone, compared to new customers.

  16. Well, I have been with TMO for over 6+ years and am on the loyalty plan. I am still trying to figure out what’s the benefits of the loyalty plan since my options are the same as a new customer. Sprint here I come….

  17. I am thinking of switching to T-Mobile and this is not how to attract new customers. G2 was like $99 a few weeks back, i came back to get it and it’s now $250.

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