MLB At Bat 2011 Reports for Spring Training, Available Now for Android


Recently we caught word that the 2011 version of MLB At Bat would feature live video streams of games. At that point in time the only MLB At Bat available in the Android Market was the 2010 version. Now just a couple weeks later, as pitchers, catchers, and position players have all reported spring training, MLB At Bat 2011 has gone live.

The app will set you back $15 to start, and currently features plenty of included spring training content. To get live game streaming once the season kicks off you will need to additionally subscribe to Also new is a customizable homescreen that you cna set to your favorite team. Mine will be the Baltimore Orioles. How about yours?

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  1. Didn’t you just report a couple of weeks ago that this app was going to be free this year? As a Rangers fan out of state, I’ll be buying it anyway. I’ve subscribed to MLB Audio as long as it has existed. Was hoping the previous report of a free app meant I’d be able to link my desktop account with my at bat account. Disappointed to find that’s not true. But not so disappointed that I won’t buy it. It’s worth an extra 15 bucks to hear Eric Nadel call Ranger games. Go Rangers!

  2. Now those of us who are thinking of making the switch between the iPad and any of the possible Honeycomb tablets in the pipeline are waiting for a Honeycomb optimized MLB at Bat app that takes advantage of their increased resolutions… At least us baseball fans are waiting…

  3. Yanks!!! 2011

  4. There is a free version this year, At Bat Lite. It seems like the only difference it and the paid version is the lack of live streaming audio or video (with an MLB.TV sub), but if you just want to get the scores or live play by play, it’s not bad looking.
    Of course I went with the paid version, though. I listened to almost every Giants game live last year (those that I wasn’t at) and it was the best $15 I spent in 2010.

  5. Screw Redsox and Ranger fans they are no good… But this application is great I will be buying it as I did last year… YANKEES RULE.. And we will BITCH SLAP the Boston Redsox’s and Texas Rangers.. SOUTH BRONX STYLE

  6. World Champion San Francisco Giants set as MY HOME TEAM!!!

  7. 2010 ALCS, Richard.

    Would love to see a Minor league app in the future as well. Would probably melt my phone.

  8. @Christie

  9. @Christie… One time WONDERS… Won’t see them in 2011… How’s Cliff Lee doing????

  10. Let’s go Mets!

  11. Be careful! I got the Gingerbread OTA today and now MLB At Bat 2011 says it’s not compatible with my device.

    I installed it this morning on Froyo on my Nexus One with no trouble.

    After the Gingerbread OTA, I did a factory settings restore and now I can’t install from the market….

  12. I just bought and downloaded on my Droid. The free (Lite) version has great info, but the ability to listen to any baseball game on my phone during the regular season (and I love baseball on the radio!) is easily worth $15 to me!!

    I have a question, and perhaps it’s a dumb question, but here it is. Let’s say I get a tablet such as Motorola Droid. Would I be able to access the At Bat 2011 app on the tablet without additional charge, or would I have to buy the app again to load it on this other device??

  13. Live streaming is available on “select devices”. Which devices are these?

  14. ozzzy3z: The “select devices” for VIDEO streaming of Android market version of At Bat 2011 are:
    — Spring HTC Evo
    — Verizon HTC Incredible
    — Verizon Motorola Droid X
    “Additional devices are expected to support MLB.TV as new devices are released.”
    The above info is from the Tips/Support section of the At Bat 2011 installed on my Droid.
    Of course, AUDIO streaming is available on all Android devices with the paid version of At Bat 2011.

  15. I spend so much money on apps!! I should start doing reviews! Lol. It sucks that they don’t just upgrade the 2011. But now with live streaming.. nice!!

  16. And LA everyday! Dodgers will have it thus year!!

  17. I actually got the lite version. Haha

  18. Yankees 2011!!!!

  19. Chris93036, getting the lite version certainly makes sense for you, what with the LA Dodgers lite offense ;-p

  20. ORIOLES!!!

  21. Streaming the World Champion Giants live in less then 30min!

  22. Only three devices? What a joke. How many people are going to caught in the bait and switch on that one?

  23. There are more than just three supported phones for the At Bat 2011. All the droid phones are supported and the Evo and the Epic, the galaxy, Hero and the HTC Incredible. Most phones that have a 2.2 OS or higher are supported. A select few are not supported. I do know that the tablets are not supported yet.

  24. Got it the other day to listen to the cubbies on my Evo. A lot of blips and static and other electronic noises whether I’m on 3g, 4g, or wi-fi at home. Anyone else dealing with this? Never had this problem on my iphone the last 2 years.

  25. This app is terrible, as far as the audio goes. A lot of blips and popping, and constantly reconnecting. Plenty of complaints in the Android store. Even with 4G connections.

  26. There is a cracked app for At Bat 2011 Do a google search for At Bat 2011 apk.It’s fully operational.

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