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Were intrigued by this device. Not because it has amazing internal specs (though those aren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination), but because it’s so freaking thin. It’s like the Hollywood diva of the mobile industry, throwing its guts up to be as thin as it can be in hopes that some googley-eyed man will take a second look at it. For the sake of what we can’t say, but it carries its title well. It’s expected to be announced by Japan’s NTT Docomo in just three weeks, but we don’t know if this thing will ever make it out of there. [Mobile Crunch]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

[Update: Confirmed?] Roseville Best Buy Says Thunderbolt Delayed Until March 4th?

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  1. When does it stop?

  2. Bill Clinton: I’d hit that! (First)

  3. Maaaaannnnnnn ;/

  4. @Pimpstrong: When it is paper thin lol (now that would be insane)

  5. I wonder how big or small the battery is? Can’t see the battery specs anywhere that I searched.

  6. No, it was announced yesterday, it will be on sale in a wee bit over two weeks (March 15 to be exact). Product page:

    Android is just exploding over here in Japan ever since the local manufacurers started making handsets with those ever-present must-haves for the Japanese market: NFC (it’s used everywhere here), IR (the preferred way of exchanging contact info) and 1seg terrestial digital TV tuners (which no one really cares about but it’s kinda cool anyway). Weirdly Android handsets lacking the above features are doing better as a result too.

  7. I have one…and it is sooo good…has Digital TV, as mentioned…and NFC, and IR…as well as all the other Android goodies…costs 50,000 yen over here right now though…so not cheap…

    Is stunningly fast with the HighSpeed 3G network here in Japan too…
    (All Mbps)
    1) U 2.57 D 0.42
    2) U 2.20 D 0.41
    3) U 2.11 D 0.41
    4) U 2.11 D 0.41
    5) U 2.19 D 0.41

    (Tested on Speedtest.net Andoird App…)

    Only problem is I can’t find anyone who knows how to root this phone…help anyone?

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