Nexus S Now Shipping from Vodafone UK


Nexus S fans in the UK can now order a Nexus S from Vodafone and have it shipped to their doorstep. It’s 199 pounds on a two year, 25 pounds per month tariff, or you can get it for free for 10 more pounds. More details on the tariffs available can be had at their website. [EuroDroid]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. are tarriffs like contracts as in amount per month for a certain time?

  2. @andulas the contract is the ‘agreement’ of the length of time and the amount per month, which is the tariff so yeah

  3. they haven’t done it very well, they’ve got it listed twice on their pay monthly section, one still saying coming soon and without a picture and not at all on their Android section, smooth

  4. Bloody rubbish!

  5. It seems to have gone, I guess they thought they should pull it until they have a picture sorted. Hard thing to find I guess ?

  6. For starters, Vodafone have an exclusive White Nexus S
    2nd is it so hard to type a £?
    3rd Tarriff and contract are the same thing different wording, there was no need to go on with that long winded explanation
    and finally
    4th they don’t have it listed twice, as it is still on their coming soon page

  7. it was listed twice but got removed again and put back in coming soon area and it says on there forum about why that happened

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