Gmail for Android Update Adds Enhanced Copy Feature for Gingerbread Users


Google’s just issued a quick and minor upgrade to Gmail in the Android market. Aside from one glaring issue fixed – the previous version’s odd failure to sync custom label colors – they’ve added a new long-press to copy feature for those running Android 2.3 and higher. Not the most exciting update, of course, but progress is progress. Find it in the Android market now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  10. Tenth.

  11. Fourty-Two.


  13. come on, kids.

  14. come on, kids.

  15. @Nebelwerfer HILARIOUS! LOL #KillerInstinct

  16. It would be nice if Big Red would push the OTA 2.3 to the DX already……..

  17. :P I have two phones on the official 2.3

  18. Keller, you now know how to count. Here’s a shiny star sticker.

  19. im a retard

  20. Kudos to the combo-breaker

  21. And don’t forget a kick in the ass air…

  22. @Keller You must have watched your Sesame Street today! It was brought to you by the letter ‘F’ as in “Failed” to grow up.

    Woot, this works on my AOSP Android 2.3 ROM. Go Sprint HTC Hero!

  23. “…and the letters A,….D,….. and D”

  24. FIRST!!

  25. I hate Google for making Gmail so crappy. They finally got text selection, but, it’s awful – which is no surprise to me seeing as how lame Gmail was to begin with. FYI, I’m running Froyo, so I don’t know how good or bad the Gingerbread version is. Also there’s no zoom? Wtf Google? This pisses me off more than anything! Even Yahoo mail has zoom, albeit there is no pinch to zoom, Yahoo mail app at least has onscreen zoom buttons you can tap. The Gmail app is an absolute joke. It’s embarrassing. Why don’t they add multitouch zoom? Are they afraid of Apple? I don’t get it. I really don’t think the Gmail app is that good, to be completely honest.

  26. @jdog i have 2 phones on offical 2.3.3 so idk what your talking about

  27. Keller, I love you.

  28. @jawman,
    1.get glasses. There is no need for zoom…
    2.get a phone that has 2.3, the cut/copy/paste is just fine…

  29. Eleventh

  30. FIRST!!!

    Oh well, too late :)

  31. 2.3 @.@

  32. I needed text selection just yesterday for the first time ever in Gmail and I was surprised to find that this wasn’t already in instead I found a menu option and a rubbish selection method -_-

  33. Twenty-eighth.

  34. Froyo users out in the cold!

  35. where is Gb for the nexus one – google is screwing it’s developers!

  36. to the guy who wrote back at me:

    “1.get glasses. There is no need for zoom…
    2.get a phone that has 2.3, the cut/copy/paste is just fine…”

    That’s the most retarded thing I’ve ever heard. There is definitely a need for zoom. Not when you’re reading a simple text email that someone wrote you, but when you are viewing logos and graphics and more than simple emails, a zoom function comes in handy. If for example if I get a forwarded message with embedded images, I can’t see the image as a whole, it’s so zoomed in on it, all I can do is scroll around. Gmail definitely needs zoom. Stop sucking Google’s nuts just because they’re Google. And get a phone with 2.3? That’s fucking retarded too. As of 2 days ago, you couldn’t say that. Every Android phone no matter what OS should be able to perform a simple copy and paste text selection. I’m not going to get brand new phone just for that. That’s dumb. It should already be included. I can’t believe you’re serious.

  37. AMEN, jawman.

    I’ve been seeing complaints about lack of zoom dated back to 2009. It’s appalling that this hasn’t been addessed.

    jawman said:
    “Stop sucking Google’s nuts just because they’re Google”


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