LG Optimus 3D and Optimus Black Headed to Australia


Alongside the Optimus 2X, LG will be introducing two more of their high-end Android devices to Australia. The newly unveiled LG Optimus 3D and the super-slim Optimus Black will grace Australia’s shores sometime in late Q2 or early Q3. We’d suspect the Optimus Pad might also find its way over there, considering the fact that LG clumps these four top-notch devices together as the premium Android lineup, but the company will not comment.

No word on what carriers will receive the new handsets, but we suspect LG might follow the same approach they did with the Optimus One and choose to be carrier agnostic.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. DREAM THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe prog music will make it big in the U.S. again….. I hope

  2. if it come out in australia can i buy it for att plz answer

  3. Dream Theater on a stock picture? That is most awesome!

  4. @bobthebuilder

    I think only Telstra in Australia supports AT&T’s 850Mhz 3G network. So if it comes to Telstra, then yes it will work on AT&T

  5. Seeing dream theater on this is to cool. Had to leave a comment after seeing that

  6. Works on AT&T but phones in Australia are fricking expensive. The Desire was over US$800 off contract.

  7. Love these devices by Lg they are making a statement in my book and we all have to pay attention to them

  8. @ ace curry would it be cheaper in canada

  9. You want to see something that will blow your mind? The SE Xperia X10 in Australia costs AU$1080 (roughly USD$1077) outright- http://www.telstra.com.au/shop/Consumer/NGTSOMobilePhonesView?catalogId=10101&storeId=10001&productId=84828&langId=-1&categoryId=16103&parent_category_rn=16103&top_category=

  10. also, australian telcos have this awful habit of using custom firmware filled with their own bloated apps and horrible splash screens, making updates hugely delayed.

  11. Everything is expensive in Australia, no wonder everyone is buying overseas and the Australian government complains, gee drop your dam prices. I am buying this phone when it gets released overseas for sure.

  12. Only band that fuckin’ matters!!!! DREAM THEATER!!!!!

  13. Dream Theater on the promo.
    When can I pick one up?

  14. Guys take it from me & don’t purchase in AUS, gadgets are severely overpriced, that’s why we always buy from the US & U.K.

    Telstra supports 850mhz, which I believe AT & T does also.

  15. I buy anything that says Dream Theater on it!

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