HTC Outs Source Code for Desire Z, Desire HD, myTouch 4G and Aria


Source code, get your source code here. HTC has dropped quite a few new sources upon their online developer center covering a handful of handsets released in the latter half of 2010 (and two featuring the updated version of HTC Sense). Fresh for your perusal are the source codes of the HTC Desire Z, Desire HD, Aria, and T-Mobile-branded myTouch 4G. For those working in custom ROMs or the hacking community, this should offer plenty of new material to riff off of.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. It’s about time!!

    But, I don’t really know what advantage this will give the development team.

    My Liberty running CM7 is perfect as is. The only thing it doesn’t do over stock is listen to the radio using the FM tuner. I don’t want to carry around my headphones/antennae in order to do that anyways.

  2. Hopefully this means more stable DHD ports to other devices.

  3. Might finally see HTC Sense 2.0 on my Evo

  4. Yeah we should have had that new 2.0 htc sense on our Evo’s months ago in some kind of update…. To bad that didn’t happen

  5. gonna go out on a limb and say: how about porting sense 2.0 to my galaxy s? ^_^

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