[Update: Not Until 9pm] Has Your Epic 4G Update Arrived Yet?


Guess what, folks? It’s February 21st, and that means the Samsung Epic 4G’s Froyo upgrade should be officially rolling out from Sprint. Some of you might not get it today, but don’t worry as Sprint’s taking the entire week to get it to everyone. Here’s the list of enhancements Sprint’s touting:

  • Upgrade of the Google OS from Éclair to Froyo (2.2.1)
  • Ability to install applications to external storage
  • Improved Bluetooth device support
  • Bluetooth Voice Dialing
  • Flash Player 10.1
  • GPS Enhancements
  • Improved OS performance

And a bit more information on the upgrade process from Sprint:

UPDATE PROCESS: The software update will be delivered as a wireless download (over-the-air, or OTA) in waves starting on February 21. All Samsung Epic 4G owners should have access to the download by the end of the week (Feb. 25).

Once your Epic is in the queue and eligible to download the update, a message will be pushed to your device saying that a software update is available. If you are not yet in the queue and you attempt to check for a software update manually, you will receive a message saying “no upgrade is available”. This simply means your device isn’t in the current wave of updates.

All customers should have access to the update by the end of the week (Feb. 25).

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve received it, and if you have, let us know how it’s faring for you. Faster? Slower? Bugless or buggier? Get to it. [Sprint]

[Update]: Looks like we jumped the gun a bit. (Well, to be fair, we didn’t see this thread which is separate from the one we pulled our information from.) Anywho, a bunch of you aren’t seeing it because it isn’t being rolled out until tonight at 9pm. We’ll assume that’s Central time as Sprint is based in Kansas, but we’ll give or take a few hours. [Sprint]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. nothing yet :-(

  2. I won’t be seeing it anytime soon, my Epic is on standby since I am currently unemployed, and it’s going to be OTA only (that sucks), and since the Epic turns off Wi-Fi when doing an update (unlike other Android Phones) I can’t even use Wi-Fi to do an OTA, and it won’t be a download to say install to the Sd card the run

  3. Nothing yet either

  4. Not Yet in San Francisco. :(

  5. Nor has mine: (

  6. Looking forward to reviews. In theory the Epic should get a big bump in performance and be Sprint’s most powerful smart phone at least till summer

  7. It said post a comment if you got it, not if you didn’t get it. Idiots.

  8. I haven’t received mines yet either :-(

  9. I live in Puerto Rico. No update yet.

  10. not yet…… but also my question is….When will 2.3 be available when the 8 core phones come out

  11. Nothing for me either… I can’t wait to get it.

  12. Nothing yet in Southern Illinois

  13. Nope florida

  14. just waiting for the manual update lol

  15. It’s wonderful!

  16. Nothing in ATL. Mabey I’m being paranoid, but……..

  17. Nothing in florida as of 9:30am.

  18. COME ON GUYS! If everyone who did not get Froyo yet comments it, this page will have hundreds of “Not me’s!” Use your heads and say only that you got it, assuming you have.

  19. I don’t have it yet either but just knowing its here now is just fine

  20. staring at my phone… waiting. Sprint pls don’t let us down this time.

  21. Nothing here yet in Michigan. I will believe it when I see it..

  22. Not in Houston TX yet @ 0900.

  23. has anyone seen this upgrade? i’m betting it doesn’t happen once again

  24. not yet!!! please be today…it would suck to have to wait till friday

  25. I am just hoping this isn’t another empty rummor…

  26. The Epic???? Forgot this device even existed DEFINITELY NO EVO WHICH IS SPRINT’S FLAGSHIP DEVICE… But guess it was about time. Gingerbread WILL NEVER EXIST FOR THE EPIC so enjoy FROYO officially your last update for your device. TIME TO BUY A NEW ONE just to get the CURRENT GINGERBREAD OR HONEYCOMB/GINGERBREAD ICECREAM

  27. My phone is better than your phone!

  28. @Richard Yarrell

    Hello Negative Nancy.

  29. Nothing. Still waiting

  30. There was a posting this morning on sprint’s support site from a sytem admin, I copied the very last part of it, notice the actual time,
    “Important Notes:
    – The new software version is: S:D700.0.5S.EB13
    – Access the Samsung Epic Maintenance Release Blog for install instructions
    – Released in stages beginning at 9PM on 2/21, with 100% of devices having received the update within 4 days.”.

  31. cause Richard has one of them there shoe phones and it runs invisibly using nano technology, you merely have to think to make a call.

  32. Nada en Iowa.

  33. Nothing yet I’m in detroit :-(

  34. will i have any probs if i have the DK28 build?

  35. @richard yarell

    Man….what a fuckjob.

  36. @Richard (More like DICK) Yarrell

    Stop your EVO trolling and go play with your underpowered, non-super amoled, no front facing camera, no dedicated gpu, and keyboardless phone while we Epic owners enjoy being the best phone on Sprint….I can’t stand when people hate on others just because their penis is bigger than theirs is…Sorry, I meant because their phone is better in every way imaginable…LOL…I can’t wait for “DICK” to come back here and say “Mine is bigger!!!”….LOSER….Go get an iClone and leave us in peace EVO troll!!!

  37. Nothing here. Also posting which state/city you live in is pointless, it has nothing to do with the ota roll out process. But if you dint believe me, I’m in Minnesota. :p

  38. OOOOOPS, Sorry, about that last link, if you look at the last part of this posting from a Sprint Admin, it gives an actual time, http://community.sprint.com/baw/thread/62961?tstart=0#

  39. Nothing yet. I was hoping to have Froyo for breakfast, but had Eggo instead. FL

  40. Damn Richard lol… You got you hating ass up early to make remarks about a phone you don’t got! Lmao everything inside and out is better in the epic. Trust me I know and I don’t even have the phone (2.2 vibrant). I’m just taking up for my little brother.

  41. I just read on sprint forum that downloads will not take place until 9pm today.

  42. The update is not being released until until 9:00PM folks…

  43. Just got the blue notification 2 minutes ago! It is installing as I type :). And again, even though location does not matter…..South Florida.

  44. Nothing new on my front…

  45. Nothing yet in DC area.

  46. Nothing in nyc yet….

  47. Samsung Fascinate Owner here hoping Verizon drops an OTA update tomorrow for us. That said, @Richard, LOL the evo4g is so overrated. In terms of power, it comes no where close to the galaxy s line. Why people think the evo is good is beyond me. I saw a 3d benchmark comparison between the captivate, the nexus one, the evo 4g, and the droidtv x. One of the benchmarks on androidcentral.com was running asphalt 5 on all four phones. It looked by far the smoothest on the captivate. The evo 4g looked extremely choppy, which tells me that the phone is drastically underpowered.

  48. Hey everyone, I am chatting with a Sprint rep right now and he has confirmed the update to 2.2.1 is in process.
    Here is my chat with John at Sprint…..

    10:57:25 AM : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is John A.

    10:57:35 AM : CORKE: Hello John

    10:58:05 AM : John A: Hi.

    10:58:20 AM : John A: Please let me check.

    10:58:54 AM : CORKE: this story is all over the web, and I have even seen a screen shot from a sprint rep on this. I hope you have good news.

    10:59:35 AM : John A: Yes.

    11:00:05 AM : John A: Please let me collect the details for you.

    11:02:36 AM : John A: Thank you for your patience, I will have that information shortly.

    11:02:59 AM : CORKE: No problem. I hope it is not a canned answer.

    11:05:51 AM : John A: Thank you for waiting.

    11:05:59 AM : CORKE: sure thing.

    11:06:26 AM : John A: Please follow the steps given below:-

    11:07:22 AM : CORKE: Hi John, I am not seeing anything.

    11:08:31 AM : John A: I am refreshing the services of your device first.

    11:08:36 AM : John A: Please turn off the phone.

    11:09:00 AM : CORKE: Hello John, it is now off.

    11:09:26 AM : John A: Please turn it on.

    11:09:43 AM : CORKE: It is now powering up……

    11:09:56 AM : John A: Once the phone is on please follow the steps give below;-

    11:10:06 AM : John A: -To update your Samsung Epic 4G over the air:

    11:10:36 AM : John A: 1) Go to the Home screen
    2) Tap Menu > Settings > About phone > System updates > Update Android

    11:10:46 AM : John A: 3) Your phone will automatically download and install any available updates; you may need to power your phone off and back on to complete the software upgrade

    11:11:27 AM : CORKE: Hello John, It says my system is up to date????

    11:12:35 AM : CORKE: I am expecting to get android 2.2.1

    11:12:51 AM : John A: It may take customer to become eligible for the upgrade across a 4-day period based on their status with the Google servers.

    11:13:13 AM : CORKE: So you do in fact know about the Samsung Epic Update?

    11:13:49 AM : CORKE: And it is scheduled to begin today correct?

    11:14:11 AM : John A: Yes.

    11:14:15 AM : John A: The Enhancement with the new updates are:-

    11:14:23 AM : John A: Yes.

    11:14:38 AM : CORKE: Is there anyway to speed this process up so that I can recieve the 2.2.1 update today?

    11:15:52 AM : John A: I am sorry, the update is released by the goggle and the notification to the users of the phone is sent starting from today to the next four days according to the status with the Google servers.

  49. I got mine month and months ago. Of course, I have a Droid from Verzion. I had the same problem getting firmware updates from Samsung for a BluRay player. My Samsung television has never been updated either. I would never buy another Samsung product.

  50. nothing here in NC :/

  51. 9:39 MST. UTAH USA

    Nothing last night my phone said update avilble but when i tried nothing happened :( .

  52. 9:00pm? more like never! i still love my Epic 4g regardless. Maybe it’s the Amoled(gorgeous) display that is hypnotizing or the slide out full QWERTY(sexy)Keyboard that is giving me a massive boner. if i don’t get it by due date, i’ll hit up da unofficial version n never look back… i heard Sprint is announcing a new phone. Could it be an Epic 4g with Froyo or Gingerbread pre-installed? people hate on iphone(best phone) hate on Beiber(Talented kid) hate on Epic 4g(best on Sprint) the more u hate the more “I LIKE”

  53. Wow what a moron. The Epic is faster than the EVO hands down. Espc when the EVO and the Epic have the same rom. The only thing I like from the EVO now is the UI which can be remedied with an app from the market.

  54. Seriously considering getting this phone next month for my upgrade. 2.2 makes this Sprint’s best phone, I think (personal preference). Sprint still needs to get some new phones, come one Sprint!

  55. Great to see the SAME TYPICAL ASSWIPES HERE ON PHANDROID… @Rob your pretty amusing typically jerk…@Seriously all my friends DUMPED that crappy epic for an EVO they knew what was best and have been enjoying the fruits of there labor since late Aug/Sept when the Evo was the second device after the nexus one to get froyo… Your an ASSHOLE… @Mr. Walker.. No need to hate the epic it is what it is ANOTHER PLASTIC cheaply made device from SAMSUNG even there current NEXUS S feels cheap…. @fulaman… Fascinate on Verizon total FAILURE.. goodluck on your update… My question to all Epic lovers and EVO haters…. Why is the HTC EVO 4G the flagship device on sprint???? Why has sprint prioritized there Evo customers from there epic customers… Why did the Evo get froyo in August the second android device to recieve the update after the nexus one???? We are focusing on gingerbread then this waste CRAP about froyo comes up… SHIT ON ALL YOU ASSWIPES ON THIS SITE your thoughts and opinions expressed on this site are NO MORE IMPORTANT THAN MINES so when you decide to attack me let me give you a reason to attack me….GO FUCK YOURSELF.. just like that.. Now you can continue to attack and take your plastic samsung epic/captivate/fascinate/Vibrant… And sholve it up all your asses.. Now how’s that for you?? Evo rules

  56. Lol @Richard Love the nerd rage bro. That’ll get you far in life for sure.

  57. Thanks for the entertainment. People getting bent out of shape about cell phones. I love it.

  58. r u all retarded? read the posts!!!! stop saying “durrrr nuthin here yet in kentucky.” It comes out at 9 tonight!!! We’ve waited this long already!! cant wait to push apps to the sd card personally. SICK!! hope the gps fix actually helps too…that shit is miserable sometimes.

  59. Richards last name must be head.

  60. I like my epic as it is. I think most of us just simply like new things. I’m. Waiting for the update just so that I can do. Something different. I love the keypad on this phone. I’m more upset that I have to pay 10 bucks a month for 4g service and I have pretty much no 4g service here…long island ny

  61. @Curry… Always great to keep it real… The only way to be…[email protected]… Guess PW stands for PRICK WAD.

  62. @Richard- hahahahaha u used there instead of THEIR like 3 times. Illiterate evo lovers. EPIC rules!

  63. Hey, does anyone know if I can switch
    out my dock icons once I get froyo 9 pm is kinda lame.

  64. Wow. So witty! I should have figured that your panties (probably a thong)are in a bunch. Why else would you come on this blog and spew such childish banter. “Wah, Wah…my phones better than yours”. GROW UP LOSER!

  65. Can we get some moderation in here? I do not come to Phandroid to witness childish squabbles.

  66. Ohhh my poor captivate! ;(

  67. Seems he has some Epic Envy. EVO is a very nice phone but the epic’s processor is more efficient. Not that the Epic is the greatest since sliced bread and the fact we are just now getting Froyo(because of Samsung and not Sprint or android) still erks me but I still love my phone. I have compared my Epic with the EVO with the same rom and the Epic was faster. Just happy to be putting an official rom back on my phone.

  68. The americans get ota to a galaxy S device?! No fair, we aussies have to fight KIES for ours :(

  69. P.W… You are actually a TOTAL FOOL.. Not even worth anymore response. Go fuck a duck

  70. LOL well well @Richard you came back:) it’s obvious you love your evo. It is a nice looking phone and I wanted one when it first came out. But my vibrant kills your phone in almost every aspect. I been using stable 2.2 roms since October. Nonthing is wrong with competition. This I LIKE-LOL So here it is. Linpack 18.47, quadrant 2067, smartbench p.1887 g. 3306- the best I ever seen. Sound and color voodoo hacks for the best sound and screen colors on any mobile device. FACT! So once again you have very nice phone but compare to mine, it’s just okay. Rock on epic!

  71. LMBO! some people are mad bcs they jumped ships over to EVO, n can’t stand the fact that Epic is getting Froyo(that is going to melt b4 9:00pm) only God knows what else they’ll write next. before you start bashing me, lemme make this clear. I AM NOT HERE FOR PHONE WARS. I’M HERE TO CELEBRATE WITH MY FELLOW EPIC(F’ing awesome)4g OWNERS… YES WE CAN!

  72. And yes I hated the plastic feel of it. So I just change the back cover. Plastic feel all gone now:)

  73. LOL@ the is whole post.

    But I love my Epic even with out the update, So now its just getting better. I hate waitng for it tho……

  74. Talked to sprint rep a lil bit ago and were all on schedule to receive the update.I’ve been waiting since sept 1 for my update. I will post back when I get it. And yes the evo is a great phone, if u like inferior colors in ur screen. Epic has over 16 million colors .watchin the same video on both the epic is clearer and way more crisp. So like I said the evo is a great phone if u like settling for second best

  75. Fuck You!!! What about the fascinate huh?

  76. Mr. Walker -> where did you find a replacement cover?

  77. so the update is ota????!????

  78. @Richard, The phone is solidly built despite what you think. Not to mention all the Galaxy S phones have what is the best GPU currently on the market here in the United states.

    The only problem with Samsung is updates. They are too fricking slow when it comes to updating their products in a timely manner.

    It is not that Sprint is prioritizing the HTC Evo over the Epic. It is that Samsung is just too slow at updating their phones. Look at the Transform? The Intercept? and now the Epic?

    It is part of Samsung’s history to update their phones slowly. What they don’t realize that in doing so they hinder their chances of having customers returning to them in order to make a future purchase.

    I’m very skeptical for example about buying another Galaxy S branded phone in the future (most likely Galaxy S 3 when it is time for me to upgrade). Samsung has proven that they don’t care about their customers. All they care about is releasing new products and sales. Most of the people who buy Samsung Phones though are Samsung fanatics. So in the end, Samsung will be the one paying for not noticing this.

  79. @Richard and anyone else wanting to watch this, this is why Galaxy S owns Evo:


  80. This is some the funniest reading I have done awhile! Thanks guys! Respect to all you guys who like your Epic as is. Great phone now and the best phone when androind2.2. Hits the epic. For the record, nothing here in D.C. LOL

  81. @Playa hata @Amazon.com just type in the name of the phone and back cover type.

  82. I fuckn got it this morning no bigdeal sausalito ca

  83. As we wait for the update any ideas about new phones from Sprint maybe a EVO 2 or EPIC 2 ?

  84. I am in The Chicago Loop at work. At 2:29pm I received the alert on my EPIC to run the updates. I will run them after work since this could take a while. It’s finally here people, so many of the whack jobs here like Richard can now go take your psychotropic drugs that were prescribed.

  85. @richard^ … bro its just a phone you do know that they give therapy sessions to people that need it because you seem like you went just a little bit to far down the rabbit hole lolz guess what mr. Flagship evo man if you know anything about phones or technology even for that matter you won’t be even a little bleep on a map in less than a year with your single chip processing unit that can only run wimax which will be nothing compared to this summers release from at&t and verizons LTE which will blow you out the water … take a chill pill it will all be over soon and you and the epics can sit back and wait for your upgrades to come unless you finally got off of your moms plans and can actually get your annual upgrades lolz

  86. Fuck you all!!! And your stupid beloved Samsung garbage too!

    Anybody want to buy mine? $325 including shipping to continental USA.

    Someboody get a rope.

  87. Nothing here yet either. Phoenix.

    Also the “corporate repair center” for Sprint “does not have it for a manual install either”.

  88. http://pulse.yahoo.com/vegetarianwino. Have fun with your Froyo update. Remember to rename the file

  89. Just got the update an hour ago and they messed up and gave me Honeycomb. Now, I’m at the Sprint store and they’re giving me a Xoom for free. FTW! If anyone needs free Xooms or Sidekicks or Razrs, just download the Honeycomb update wrongly to your phones… Dur.

  90. someone on sdx put this link up. it is samsung site. Can’t remember my password so….

  91. Nothing in atl at 630pm est….fucking bullshit….

  92. The OTA does not start until 9PM PST.



  93. Nothing in Maryland as of 6:43 PM.

  94. Nothing here yet. Im on Pluto.

  95. You guys are truly funny

  96. http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/faqs/faqs_view_us.jsp?SITE_ID=22&PG_ID=2&PROD_SUB_ID=557&PROD_ID=559&AT_ID=369340

    Here it is right here….along with the download link for the update.zip file.
    I just did it, and it works perfectly. Enjoy.

  97. *troll*
    So its 9:01 I knew sprint would be late with my update!!

  98. Samsung has post the instructions to manually install the update:


    I have not tried it…

  99. @johnnyboixxxd remember it might not be until friday

  100. if you don’t want to wait for the ota, you can download it straight from the samsung site


  101. XDA’s got this thing ready for download if you can’t wait for the OTA update. If you don’t know what you are doing use the “Last Resort” method


  102. You can download the zip from samsung support and update through the stock recovery on your stock DI18 Epic…
    Thas if you can’t wait…

  103. Downloaded mine from samsung website… didnt have to wait :)

  104. It’s 12:58am here Tuesday morning in Chicago and my Epic just upgraded to Froyo!!! WooooHooooo! It took long enough for Samsung to upgrade us. I like the new flash that’s included. Some of the included apps have been changed among changes.

  105. Nothing as of yet its 11:04 pm pst I live in oregon.:-(

  106. I live in Miami and I got it at 6 am. It works fine with me!

  107. Well day 2 no update i am going to wait for the OTA, it will come people are getting it. :D

  108. I did the manual update but now my camera and gallery aren’t working. everything else looks ok and seems to be fine.

  109. Ok, I have been using the phone with the new Froyo update now since yesterday and still don’t get what all the fuss is about. For months and months, people have been complaining about the whereabouts of this update, but I really don’t see that it does anything substantially better or different for the phone than Eclair.

    Here are the only noticeable changes:
    The lock-screen seems somewhat more responsive when one immediately tries to access their phone, but that is no biggie.

    The phone itself, however, seems more glitchy and hesitates when I switch between my home screen and other screens. In addition, the browser application seems strangely more responsive when using the zoom feature yet very sensitive and glitchy at the same time as it is constantly readjusting during the pinch-zoom, multi-touch feature.

    The SMS/test messaging dialogue boxes is no longer the simple white-on-black background with subtle alterations of grey and black backgrounds from before. Instead, there are these awful Iphone-esque text bubbles that are alternately yellow and blue. To make matters worse, the text/font itself is actually much smaller than before as is the text itself that one inputs into the “compose” field or even the “search” fields of the browser itself.

    The stock browser, as mentioned above, is hesitant and glitchy. Further, I keep receiving a message that I cannot open a new windows because too many windows are open. As a result, I have been defaulting to the Dolphin browser, which does allow for one to have multiple tabs.

    The GPS seems to be working well once a signal is found, but it did seem to take an inordinate amount of time to actually find a signal while attempting to use Google Navigation.

    The camera still takes great pictures, but there is a noticeably longer pause from the moment the picture is taken until the moment it appears on one’s screen to review it. With Eclair, the whole process was much faster. In addition, there is a GPS signal icon that blinks while attempting to take a picture. While I find the idea of geo-tagging to be a cool concept, I can’t seem to find any way to disable that feature.

    The few pluses I feel compelled to mention out of fairness is the improved YouTube functionality and the ability to now use Skype(with some limitations). The YouTube application allows one to see numerous videos now without the limitations or disabled videos that were common under the older incarnation with Eclair. Skype now allows one to actually access it to chat with simple messaging or to contact one via voice when using wi-fi only. Sadly, there is no video-calling option.

  110. SixStringSam-thought you were that Sprint bimbo, Svinge, lol!

  111. I updated this morning,and the changes are nice,except my gallery n camera,browser,clock keep force closing!! not happy :(

  112. I envy all epic 4G owners :( . Wishing that us Fascinate and Captivate Owners would get the same treatment. So much for the Fascinates’ Froyo coming out Feb.22nd.

  113. I just downloaded and upgraded from the Samsung support site URL that was listed above… the update went off without a hitch and I’ve run through pretty much everything with NO PROBLEMS!!! EXTREMELY HAPPY!!! And I didn’t have to wait for the “push” :)

  114. I’m in Long Beach Ca. (Los Angeles County) I received my OTC update to O.S. thirty mins ago.. time to enjoy it!!

  115. Uqqqqhhh. ! Its Almost 9pm , February 22nd. Ndd I still Havent recieved It. ! I live In Jacksonville Fl , And My Nails are almost qone From Biting them In Anticipation. ! I dont Wanna Manually Do it , Because im Scared of the crash. ! So I guess I Have No Choice But to Wait for the OTA. I guess Another Sleepless night Without Froyo. ! :'(

  116. I used the Vista download from the Samsung site to my computer. I couldnt get the Mac “update” to take on my phone. The Windows version worked perfectly and I didnt lose any pictures on my phone. The GPS works fine and everything thus far has been better and faster. No complaints that I can see. It does flash the phone and you will lose applications but they can easily be installed again.

  117. still no ota update its 8:15 pm PST day two here in roseburg Oregon not happy don’t wanna do the update myself. Not good with things like that any hoo ill keep you posted.and ill let you all know as soon as I update or get it.

  118. Still waiting for Froyo…So jealous of all the Epic owners who received it already…I’m hearing that some Epics are getting bricked or losing camera functionality from the manual update so I will continue to wait impatiently for the ota…It’s been 30+ hours and counting now….Sigh :-(

  119. Funny thing… Been Waiting for OTA. Just decided to go try updating Android in my setting, n what do i find? An Update is already waiting for a download. I’m downloading it right now. U guys should do da same.

  120. Well day 3 still waiting for the OTA wish the one from google wasnt so bugged up. I know of 2 other people one got the OTA last night and it worked 100% and another download it from google. Same issues the camera and gallery not working after. So I shall wait for the ota, at least it will be friday at the latest.

  121. Alright… I’m back after updating to the 2.2 OTA Froyo. n this are my findings. (download and update was easy, no hassle)

    Camera- works, took pictures n saved to SD
    Web- works, pretty fast(4g!)
    Flash- works, laggy sometimes
    Gmap- works just fine
    Navigation- now that where the problem starts. Didn’t
    work(not a surprise). It kept searching for
    Signal(15mins). So i updated Gmap n restarted
    phone. Loaded it back up… Low n behold! it
    works! HALLELUJAH!!!

    In conclusion, I noticed a great deal of increase in speed compared 2.1(which was ok). Bug wise, I’m yet to find one. I don’t really do Benchmarks but if u ask me if the update was worth the wait… Hell Yea!
    Don’t know if i covered everything so if there is anything u want me to check out, let me know n I’ll whip out ma awesome Epic 2.2(ya,. i said it) n flip through the gorgeous AmoLED display to get to u an answer.

  122. mine was pushed the phone last night. I did the update. My alarm clock will not work, gallery is no longer there. I had to pull the battery out after 10 min of force closing the “media” what ever it was. So far, I’m not happy with this update, I have told my wife and mother in law to hold off…something is not right.

  123. Just got the update this morning. Where are my bookmarks? How do I get to them? It was just menu and they came up now I can’t seem to find them. Thanks

  124. Still waiting for the update – Atlanta, GA — Anyone here from Georgia who received the update?

  125. I got my update today. i live in wisconsin but my roommate can’t get update yet

  126. Haven’t gotten an update yet, but then I reset my phone back to stock yesterday. I had it on DK28 but I want the satisfaction of having sprint push the update to my phone. If I have issues, well at least I know it’s easy enough to go back to either kernel, both DI18 and DK28 the seem to work fine for me. I am hopeful though.

  127. My Camera and gallery are not working. I received an OTA update last night some time, and updated this morning. My phone is ‘stock’, never tampered with. Camera is important to me…so, IMHO, Froyo is whack!

  128. Well day 4 no update as off yet.

  129. Update pulled, people. Pulled by Sprint and Samsung. No more updates until further notice. Update has many bugs in it. to fix them, you will need to HARD RESET your phone. AVOID THIS UPDATE AT ALL COSTS!

  130. You guys are over reacting over this update. I live in Ga n already got my update(i went to setting, n Update Android). From my point of view, most people having issues with the update are people who rooted their phones or refuse to restore back to factory Setting in fear of loosing saved data. Guys if u want a working update OTA or not, try restoring your phone before and after the update n let me know if the issues still persist, then I’ll believe it. It’s Day 3 with Froyo n m loving it so are 4 others…. I get the fact that lots of changes where made, likes SMS(same as iphone), Call logs(combines with SMS), n all other things. These r not strong enough reasons for me to say Froyo on Epic sucks. I gotta tell ya, Gun Bros on Froyo is Very Niiice!(no lag whatsoever). Less i forget, the battery life on this bad boy is insane Ive gone 1day+ with no charge, turn on 4g without worries… i even stopped using work/car chargers. I’m not tryna brag but if u get Froyo to work on your device, you’ll be impressed with what epic capable of doing(That’s me! i tend to hate less)

  131. nothing yet

  132. I haven’t got anything yet :-(

  133. stop telling us that you don’t have your update yet. Of course you don’t. Read for once. The update was 100% junk and both Samsung and sprint pulled it.

    @ image360: Hard reset your phone (meaning wipes all your data and settings and preferences) to get the update to work accurately??? Sorry, I will NEVER do that for a silly update that comes from the phone’s maker. An update that screws up your stock phone? I am not rooted and the update is a joke.

    DO NOT TRUST ANY UPDATE FROM SAMSUNG until at least 2 weeks after it is released.

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