Motorola Atrix 4G Pre-Orders Already Shipping, Is Yours?


This just in from our own AndroidForums: Several members are confirming that their Motorola Atrix 4G pre-orders have begun shipping as of today, with the handset expected to arrive early next week (or sooner). This lines right up with the now confirmed street date of February 22nd, though initial reports seemed to indicate phones bought on pre-order wouldn’t ship until the 21st. The majority of those seeing their orders shipped are AT&T premier customers, though there have been a few instances where that wasn’t the case.

If you pre-ordered the Atrix and want a place to say “Mine shipped, too!” sound off below (or over at the AndroidForums thread). Who’s ready for some laptop-docking action?

[Thanks, Roze!]

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  1. T-Mobile,
    Please acquire this device.
    -The Customers

  2. When you pre order just the phone they make you get the $40 2GB data plan. There is no option for the $25 2GB plan. You can also get the 200MB plan, but who wants that? I think thats pretty F’d up. $40 for data and it’s not unlimited or even 5GB. Sad AT&T sad!!!

  3. AT&T premier customer here and yes got the e-mail at 1pm saying it was shipped out and would be delivered on Monday the 21st.

  4. I pre-ordered on the 14th and mine still shows as “In Process” status – not shipped as of yet. This is as of 1:35PM Central time on the 18th.

  5. wow and i thought us tmo customers had it bad with only getting 5gb…damn att sucks!

  6. Sweet, I can finally dumpmy POS iphone 4 and get a real phone. It’s abouit time AT&T got smart and offered a premium Android or Windows phone. They kissed Apples butt for 4 years and denied their costumers the choice of good handsets for iphone exclusivity. They could of sold alot more Android phones if Apple would of let them.

    Going to Verizon is going to backfire on Apple. Not only are Verizon iphone sales dissapointing, but AT&T will sell less iphones now that their ostumers have more choices. Apple and Jobs greed is what’s going to kill them.

  7. Sadness! I ordered mine on the 13th and it still says “In Progress”. I keep checking though, I can’t wait for it to arrive!!!

  8. Wish the Bionic was shipping as well.

  9. I preordered and it still says processing. I paid full price so my unlimited data plan won’t change, and I didn’t want to add another 2ys. How do you get to be a premier customer?

  10. got email and checked status…mine has been shipped!

  11. like timmytoe42 said.
    tmobile please give us this phone and all the accessories
    or at least a phone capable of all the ATRIX does.

  12. @John
    I don’t know what your talking about.. there are 3 options for data on my pre-order page.. 4GB w/tethering for $45 , 2GB data for $25 , and the 200MB for $15 .. Now the options for text suck, as I don’t need 1000 texts for $10 and there is nothing smaller., but all this is beside the point for me, as I have decided to wait a few months to see if the HTC Pyramid materializes for T-Mobile.. but I may switch to AT&T if it doesn’t.

  13. Weird,

    Now my order says a ship date of 2/17 (yesterday) but no tracking information…

  14. Mine says the phone is on back order. :( I ordered it 3 hours after it went on sale. Hopefully this is just a place holder since the item isn’t post to go onsale till the 22nd.

    “Item(s) are currently on back-order and will ship when inventory is available.”

  15. My phone shipped on Friday but my lapdock hasn’t? Has anyone seen a ship status ona lapdock???

  16. Yes, I can’t wait til get the phone.

    Estimated delivery Feb 21, 2011 by 3:00 PM

  17. Premier customer here. Ordered it this morning and according to the tracking number I just got it’s due date is the 21st.

  18. I pre-ordered on the 13th as well and as of 1/18/2011 at 4:00pm eastern mine still states that its processing as well.

  19. Now it shows shipped – W00T!
    Arrival scheduled by 3PM on the 21st.

  20. Ordered mine as soon as the pre-order site went up and I still haven’t gotten the shipping e-mail, just checked my order and still says processing……. :(

    I sure hope I get an e-mail later this afternoon or hopefully tomorrow. Would love to have it as soon as possible.

  21. My order just confirmed shipped for laptop dock and phone. Stoked!!

  22. Yup. premier customer, and got the shipping info this afternoon. ETA 21st. woo hoo. Still hate ATT’s stupid nickle & dime you to death approach, but stayed grandfathered into my current plan.

  23. @Lindsay: you didn’t need to pay full price. You’re grandfathered into the unlimited data plan. I plan on buying it too and have unlimited data. My brother just got the Inspire and his plan didn’t change from unlimited either they told him he could keep the plan

  24. I’ll pass. This phone is only advanced 3G and not new 4G technology like LTE.

  25. I preordered the Atrix instore on February 13 and asked for it to be shipped to my doorstep. I am a premier customer and I was wondering if anyone has done the preorder instore, or online?


  26. Mine shipped earlier today, and i got to keep my $30 unlimited plan

  27. Mine shipped–expected deliver Feb 21 by 3 pm

  28. 5:30 pm PST…ordered it early on Feb. 13th…still says processing. AT&T, I am disappoint.

    Perhaps the only ones getting the shipment confirmation today are Premier members? (which I am not)

  29. I ordered the phone in store on Feb 13th and got to keep my $30 unlimited plan, paid $199 for the phone.

    Phone shipped today at 5PM from Texas via Fedex. Estimated arrival date is Feb 21st.

  30. Ordered on the night of 2/12, before midnight. Order said it was ordered on 2/14. Don’t understand how I lost a day. My order says processing. Called them to cancel, but they wouldn’t let me. Although they did say, I could return it for refund. Told the rep that it was lame for pre-orders to get the phone on the same day or after it hits the store.

    Going to return it and buy it from The Shack for $149 on an upgrade.

    Really poor customer service to not reward loyalty for pre-orders.

  31. Ordered 2-14 mine still shows in progress.

  32. Pre-ordered on the 13th very early, original email said to receive in 3 to 5 business days knew that wasn’t right. Email I got yesterday the 17th..

    “Thank you for your recent purchase from http://www.att.com.

    We inadvertently stated in your order confirmation email that you would receive your order “within three to five business days.” Instead, your order should be delivered
    on or before March 6th, 2011.

    You will also receive a ship confirmation email once your order ships.

    Please disregard the delivery expectation that was stated in your order confirmation email from us and accept our apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


  33. I GOT MINE SHIPPED! cant wait for it get here

  34. Mine shipped expected delivery Feb 21

  35. @ IamWhatIam – Who cares? that “advanced 3G” is probably faster than Verizons “true” 4G. The difference isn’t going to be noticeable anyway. It’s all a bunch of marketing hype and people like you eat it up.

  36. Ordered atrix yesterday shipped tonight. Scheduled for monday delivery. Also att let me keep my unlimited data plan.

  37. mine shipped, and i’m porting over from verizon! phone and laptop dock! yay me!

    i preordered in the wee hours on the 13th, and right up until about 7 p.m. friday they were telling me the phone was out of stock, which made me all but lose my mind.

    then an att woman lied to me and told me preorders were going to be received march 6, not feb. 22. she claimed only the stores were getting the phones early. that blew my mind. why would anyone preorder a phone for the privilege of getting it a week or more later than everyone else??????

    but while i was arguing it, we checked my order status again and sure enough fedex has phone, dock, the works.

  38. I preordered mine at 12pm today. I got a tracking number already but does not appear to have been picked up by FedEx yet. Hoping it will at least arrive in store by Tuesday…but wishing for a Monday miracle.

  39. Awsome. I ordered my phone at 12:15 am but they didn’t ship my phone yet…..

  40. MAYBE I’ll order it when it gets rooted and gets a CM7 on it to be used on T-mobile. ATT??? Never again :)

  41. i dont dont root shit..never had probs with att..and about that guy saying verizon better then att so called 3g..its also stated lte isnt really 4g either.at top speed its going now..sorry to inform….learn and then type….thank you and have a pleasent day.goodbye…fanboys know squat.

  42. @ Mimsy no, AT&T’s ‘4G’ isn’t as fast as VZWs Long Term Evolution (LTE) network), although rumor has it that AT&T will be rolling out their own LTE sometime in the future.
    @ Compadre NO, it’ll most likely never see cyanogen support because of the locked bootloader – meaning there will likely be little dev support for it (as compared to, say the OG Droid, DInc, ie)
    @ Peekaboo, that’s great AT&T works for you, I know in some areas, they actually have good coverage. For the record, NO ONE has true 4G (yes, I know that they changed the definition of ‘4G’ so everyone could have it, but calling a Pontiac a Lamborghini doesnt make it so)
    I personally will never buy another Motorola phone again because they’re cock-sucking faggots who lock their bootloaders and implement e-fuses. I don’t want to wait months (if ever) for multi-billion dollar corporations to do an update that some college kids do in their dorm rooms in weeks or even days. Especially considering the last I checked, I OWN my phone, not ATT, VZW, SPRINT, MOTO, or anyone else. Fuck ’em

  43. I tried to preorder yeterday (Friday) and they warned me that it will be in stores before I get the pre-order so I’m just going to wait. The AT&T person also flipped the screen around and showed me the email they received. It said that everyone that ordered the phone on or before Thursday will get it on or before the release data (Feb. 22nd). Anyone ordering from Friday on will be subject to the 3-5 day ship period and may get it after the device is available in stores.

    Hope this helps to easy peoples minds.

    Oh yeah and @compadre… it’s already been rooted…



  44. Oh yeah my pre-order is on it’s way!

  45. lol.. Ordered mine on the 13th when the store opened.. i know im a geek. stayed grandfathered to my unlimited data plan and only paid 149 for the upgrade. If you look online and you have an upgrade available, its says its 149.99 to do it online. Go in the att store and tell them you want that price and you’ll get it. You do not have to go to radio shack. Chances are if you go to radio shack you’ll deal with a retard and lose your unlimited plan. so just do it at an actuall att store and save yourself the trouble.

  46. Oh, and at 9 o clock last night it shipped and I’m looking at a Monday before 3 scenario like everyone else.

  47. Ordered on 02/16/2011 and is already at FEDEX facilities in Puerto Rico.

  48. Premier customer. Got my shipment confirmation email at 5:10pm CST Friday, but the charge hit my bank account many hours before. I happened to check my bank and saw the charge at 1:10pm. That was the first time I’d checked my bank that day, so who knows when it actually hit.. ATT says that you get charged as soon as it ships. Looks like the actual email conf lags it by a few hours. So if you really wanna know when it ships, hammer your bank’s/credit card’s server. They love it when you do that. :)

    I would say just keep checking your account at att.com, but is it just me, or is att.com ASS slow?

  49. GRRAAAAHHH!!! I wish fedex would deliver on sunday! BOOOO no-Sunday-delivery!

  50. Ordered on 2/19, shipped on 2/19. Delivery date is 2/21 by 3pm. Premier.

  51. Locked bootloader.

    No Moto No More.

  52. Yes the Moto atrix and the Htc inspire are lte capable and when Att releases 4g lte these phones will work.

  53. Mine did ship the same day. Expected delivery on 2/21. Sweet!

  54. Sent from FtWorth on 18th to Newark, NJ. Just left Newark, presumably to local place. It seems like it will really be delivered as said.

  55. I pre-order mine on Feb 13th and expected delivery is Feb 21 by 10:30am, cause I had requested Priority Overnight. Plus I’m getting a free cell phone case from my local At&t store. Rooted or not, I can’t wait!!!

  56. It’s here! It’s here! On my way to the ATT store now to pick it up!!!


  57. Got it!!

    The time is 3:46pm CST

  58. Mine arrived today. Headed to the store to pick it up. BTW – I bought mine on Friday. AT&T also has a “trade-in” program (FlipSwap). Once I pick up this phone, I send in my Blackberry Bold 9700 and will get $145 back via promotion card. Guess I’ll apply that towards the dock or laptop dock.

  59. Premier Customer with existing BB Personal Data Plan. Ordered Phone on 2/18…on the FEDEX truck now (can’t wait to get home).

    I was able to convert to unlimited for $30 because of premier status and existing unlimited plan (BB)

  60. I’ve already got mine.

  61. Ordered mine on Weds and it arrived on Thurs. AT&T is really pimping these devices. I didn’t get the laptop dock. I have no need for that. Because I am grandfathered into the old “All You Can Eat” data plan. I have unlimited GB to play with. Now someone point me to the XDA Developer’s website so I can root this puppy.

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