T-Mobile Announces Fourth Straight Highest Ranking in JD Power & Associates’ Customer Satisfaction Study


You can say whatever you want about T-Mobile’s selection of phones and the network they rely on, good or bad, but you have to be pretty impressed with the announcement that for the fourth straight time, T-Mobile ranked highest in J.D. Powers and Assoicates’ Wireless Retails Sales Satisfaction Study. They also had the distinct honor of being 1 of 40 companies to be named a “Service Champion.”

Were T-Mobile to win the award once or twice over the past years that is an accomplishment enough, but four times straight means somebody at this company is doing something right. To earn the highest overall rank, T-Mobile also was tops in the four areas measures: sales staff, price/promotion, store facility, and store display.

Good on you, T-Mobile. Good on you. Full press release below.

T-Mobile USA Tops Fourth Consecutive Retail Customer Satisfaction Study
Company Honored With Additional Distinction as a “Service Champion” Across Twenty Industry Sectors

BELLEVUE, Wash. – Feb. 17, 2011 – T-Mobile USA, Inc. continues its streak of recognition for excellence in customer satisfaction with the fourth consecutive highest ranking in J.D. Power and Associates’ Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM. In the Volume 1 results announced today, T‑Mobile ranked not only highest overall, but in each area for which the study measured customer satisfaction.

“To achieve this ranking even once is an honor. To see T-Mobile ranked highest four consecutive times reflects the hard work our retail sales employees put into ensuring a consistently excellent sales experience each and every time a customer walks through the door,” said Ami Silverman, senior vice president of sales, T-Mobile USA. “Beyond the value of T-Mobile’s devices and plans, it’s the value of our people that retains our customers’ loyalty and trust, and that’s something we never take for granted.”

T-Mobile continues to reap the rewards of its focus on the entire retail customer experience, from employees’ commitment to customer satisfaction at retail locations, to the value of its device and plan offerings at those locations. According to the study results announced today, T-Mobile surpassed all other national wireless carriers in both the overall retail satisfaction ranking, and in each of the following four categories that make up that ranking:

Sales staff
Store facility
Store display

T-Mobile also received recognition today as a J.D. Power 2011 Customer Service Champion—one of only 40 companies to have earned this distinction this year. To qualify for inclusion on this elite list, companies must not only excel within their own industries, but also must stand out among leading brands in 20 major industries evaluated by J.D. Power and Associates.

The Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM result and recognition as a 2011 Service Champion comes on the heels of T-Mobile’s second-consecutive highest ranking in J.D. Power and Associates’ Wireless Customer Care Performance StudySM only two weeks ago. T-Mobile has topped the rankings in the two previous Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction Studies and in the four previous Customer Care Performance Studies1, demonstrating the company’s commitment to delivering superior customer service wherever customers need it: Online, over the phone and in retail stores.

Results of the 2011 J.D. Power and Associates Wireless Retail Sales Satisfaction StudySM Volume 1 are based on 8,501 Internet survey interviews conducted between July 2010 and December 2010.

More information about J.D. Power and Associates studies can be found at

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  1. T-MOBILE FTW!!!

  2. Is this a joke Tmobile was the worst company I was ever with even Customer service sucked. I do not recommend that anyone use there service ever.

  3. craig dont hate, appreciate.

  4. They deserve. I only left them because the only service I got in my house was verizon plus I like to travel a lot. @Craig, t-mobile as far as network goes is no worse then Sprint or at&t, only Verizon has them beat, but also has the fastest 4g around so….

  5. Every company has a strong suit and tmobile seems to have prefected this. Now it be nice if the worked on coverage, in building calling and phone selection.

  6. Have had good customer service, first provider with an Android phone … too bad they fell behind and their latest Androids suck!

  7. Sounds like this is in-store, so I believe it. Any time I go in to a Verizon store, I feel a little abused. But their phone support is awesome, likewise with T-Mob and AT&T(never had Sprint) Why can’t TV providers be as good as the cell providers?

  8. Craig woke up this morning with a banana in his @ss.

  9. Craig is special. LoL. I have been with Tmobile since 2002 and have had only positive experiences with their cs. I have heard nothing but complaints about the other 3 from my friends over the years.

  10. @Craig
    Well good thing they got rid of you. They’ve been on a roll I hear…

  11. i would have to disagree, the way they treated us vibrant owners, throwing it in our face with the vibrant 4g, and what they have done to us who got throttled…i would rank them at the bottom

  12. people chill out.
    t mobile rules, end of story.
    not going to lie though, they need
    to catch up on the device game.
    then T mobile should be #1 all around!

  13. uh huh. and Consumer Reports named US Cellular #1. You guys really shouldn’t read too much into Consumer Reports, JD Power, BBB, etc. You DO realize this, right?

  14. been with T-mobile my whole life. i never had any complaints with their service. for the price i pay for my plan, i really appreciate it. whenever i call customer service to ask about pricing or promotion i usually get the correct information and service. so complaints from me.

  15. My G2 disagrees with all the negative comments posted. Most bad a$$ phone I’ve ever owned, and I upgraded from the N1.

  16. WOW. There must be two T-Mobiles. I don’t see the one I cancelled with winning this. You could call 5 customer service representatives,ask the same (exactly worded) question, and receive 5 different answers. Their service in my area was horrible. I placed my account on hold (not using phone at all) for a short period of time, paid the small monthly hold fee, then received a bill for the hold period and when I called in the representative said you can not place your account on hold yet it HAD been on hold and I was making my monthly payments. There is more but I don’t want to relive the memories of being with this company for a year and a half. Obviously I was unhappy,I cancelled my contract EARLY, PAID the cancellation charge (so my credit was no adversely effected) and went to Verizon.

  17. 8== >




  19. T-Mobile rocks!!

  20. I hate t-mobile’s customer service…I even told one rep myself that i didn’t see how they got any awards for customer service because it was horrible…

    I’d rank my experience with customer service(IN MY OPINION)
    Lol go figure

  21. But i do love their coverage & i do love their phone selection…I am not jealous of any of the droids verizon and At&t are getting…and I love the fact that they are embracing windows phone so i guess i’ll slide them up to number 3

  22. T-Mobile eats up your minutes on prepaid plans by charging you a minute even if the call only lasted 8 seconds

  23. Wow. Unbelievable. Their crappy customer service is why I dropped Tmobile this past weekend and switched to AT&T- who has a much faster network in my area.

  24. Coverage stinks in the Scottsdale area, but customer SBC is truly #1

  25. If by customer service you mean call in, they have taken a downturn. Perhaps this rating is for 2010. With new management in 2011 they now send calls overseas. Confused and useless. No way they get this award next year.

  26. I get the best deal for unlimited everything from TMO and been with them for years. Their customer service is friendly and helpful, but at times different reps give conflicting information. Several times since Oct, I have had hold times when I call that range from 47 minutes to over an hour. Some have lied to me and my persistence enabled me to catch them in it. Every company will have some bad reps but the recent trend of long hold times is a bit much.

    Their devices are mediocre and just odd in many respects. If they get a good build, it’s hampered by software. The HD2 is a great example of this. The G2 is beautiful, but they just had to be trendy and build it with the stupid hinge, and load it with crapware.

    If I didn’t have a Nexus One, I’d be on another carrier so I could have a decent phone. I had the G2 and sent it back because it randomly rebooted, and had touchscreen errors when using the on screen keyboard.

  27. I like tmo been with them a while. They have worked with me during difficult times and I disagree with the comment on them having sorry android phones. My G2 is awesome and does everything I want it to do. Tmo was the 1st carried to even have android when others turned it down at 1st then turned around and jumped ship (Verizon & Sprint)

  28. Isn’t this old news?
    I have been with TMo for over a decade, first as a prepaid customer and for the past 7 years on a family plan with 5 lines.
    And I have to say that prior to the new CEO they deserved every word of praise you could heap on them for their customer service, and then some.
    Since then? Horrible hold times, someone who does not speak English with a North American accent, and someone who has epic fail in their logic, listening, and comprehension processes are are what I get if/when I need to call Customer Service.
    “We are not amused”….

  29. My second bad customer service experience came 2 months after my daughter and I received our new phones. Hers suddenly stopped holding a charge. It was a brand new handset so I called the company and was told to exchange the battery. After 10 days, one arrived and I sent the old one back. The new battery didn’t work either, so I called again. They told me they were sending me a new handset, but it never arrived. After 10 days, I started calling everyday, only to have a rep with a very thick accent (extremely polite but very hard to understand) tell me the battery exchange had been successful and that no phone would be sent. After about 2 hours on the phone, I finally went to the closest store and had them order the handset. It came in about a week. Over all, my daughter was without her phone for over a month, so I requested that I not have to pay for that portion of my bill or be given credit toward the next cycle, etc. I was told that that would happen, but here, six months later I have yet to receive a penny’s worth of credit although I have called and complained several times. Two weeks after receiving it, my daughter’s new handset began experiencing the same problems as the first one. Three days later, my phone quit working all together and wouldn’t turn on at all. I called and they sent us two new handsets two weeks later. I sent the broken ones back via UPS in the boxes T-Mobile sent me. Last month, both boxes were shipped back to me in what was some kind of labeling mistake. I called the company immediately and they sent me two new shipping labels which I received on Feb. 14th. The phones were sent out again and returned to me the next day (same labeling problem). I called again and on Feb. 19th I finally received correct labels along with a bill for “re-stocking” the overdue, broken handsets for $246!!!! I called and spoke to a very polite rep who was difficult to understand at best. When I explained the situation, he told me to send the phones and call with the UPS tracking numbers and the charge would be dismissed. The 19th was a Saturday and UPS closes early on Saturdays and is closed all day on Sundays. This Monday, Feb. 21st, they were open. I sent the phones and immediately went to the T-Mobile store to give the tracking numbers. By now my service had been stopped because of the re-stocking fee owed. The rep at the store called someone who said that because the phones were more than 60 days overdue, they would not waive the fee. She would not allow me to talk to a supervisor to try to work something out. She told me to call customer care, which I couldn’t from my handset because you cannot talk to them if your service has been suspended. I used the store phone only to find out that customer care was closed for Presidents’ Day that day. I called yesterday, only to be told that I would have to apply to have the fee waived and that I would have to pay it up front to have my service re-connected. I would then receive credit for it later, IF my application was accepted. I suggested applying the credit they owe me (back from my August adventure), toward the amount due and calling it even. They told me they didn’t have any record of such a credit agreement! I am fed up with getting the run-around from them. Their reps are very polite, but “I’m sorry you’re experiencing this trouble,” as an answer to everything just doesn’t cut it anymore. When I call customer care and hear the recording saying “…ranked #1 in customer service by JD Power and Associates…” I want to cry! Since I refuse to pay this (knowing it will never be resolved in my favor if I do), I have to keep dumping money into my flex account to use the phone. I put $30 on on Monday and have only made 4 1-minute calls and sent 7 texts. These things are supposed to cost $.20 a minute/text. Somehow I’m down to $7.26 in the account. I don’t even want to try to figure that one out with them. The thought of trying to explain it to a rep with a thick, foreign dialect, who may not understand English all that well, is reason enough not to want to call. Knowing that I’ll get many “I’m so sorry ma’am,” comments and that nothing will get done, makes me want to give up. I stayed with this company because things were great the first two years. Now, I feel like my patronage matters nothing to T-Mobile.

  30. Quality article..

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