Samsung Mobile Awarded Top Brand in Customer Loyalty For Tenth Consecutive Year


Samsung Mobile has just announced that they have been awarded the #1 spot in customer loyalty for their 10th consecutive year – they’re only the 8th company to do that, and the first mobile division or company to achieve the feat.

“Samsung is honored once again to retain the Brand Keys customer loyalty distinction for yet another year, a clear sign of our commitment to not only creating innovative products, but to also continuously surpassing customer expectations,” said Dale Sohn, president for Samsung Mobile. “We know that a brand is only as strong as the people who support it, and securing many more decades of brand loyalty leadership is a task Samsung takes very seriously. We look forward to many more years of successfully and diligently meeting our customers’ needs as we continue to grow in the mobile marketplace.”

Brand Keys is the research firm who conducted the study – they are specialists in customer loyalty so they hold a lot of weight. It’s hard to forget that Samsung has a mobile business outside of smartphones, and even within smartphones they aren’t just Android horses. I’d like to see how that study would look if they surveyed the die-hard community of Android fans here and at places like Android Forums and XDA. Full press details ahead.

February 15, 2011

The No.1 U.S. Provider of Mobile Phones Celebrates a Decade of Customer Loyalty Leadership

DALLAS – February 15, 2011 – Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile), the number one mobile provider in the U.S. 1 began 2011 as the winner in cell phone customer loyalty for the tenth year in a row.

According to the 2011 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index SM, Samsung is one of only 8 brands in any category to retain the lead in customer loyalty for an entire decade, and the only handset provider to be awarded the honor for ten consecutive years. The national survey identifies brands that are best able to engage consumers by meeting or exceeding expectations, thus, creating loyal customers. In the cell phone category, consumer preferences were based on wireless phone design and performance.

“Samsung is honored once again to retain the Brand Keys customer loyalty distinction for yet another year, a clear sign of our commitment to not only creating innovative products, but to also continuously surpassing customer expectations,” said Dale Sohn, president for Samsung Mobile. “We know that a brand is only as strong as the people who support it, and securing many more decades of brand loyalty leadership is a task Samsung takes very seriously. We look forward to many more years of successfully and diligently meeting our customers’ needs as we continue to grow in the mobile marketplace.”

Brand Keys is the only research consultancy in the world that specializes in customer loyalty, providing brand-equity measures that accurately predict future consumer behavior. Findings from the index rank brands based on those that consumers felt best met or exceeded their expectations and were most likely to demonstrate the highest levels of consumer loyalty and profitability over the next 12 to 18 months. The Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index examines customers’ relationships with 528 brands in 79 categories to paint a detailed picture of the category drivers that engage customers, foster loyalty and drive real profits.

“In a category where expectations regarding technology travel at the speed of the consumer, it’s a real tribute that the Samsung brand has again managed to better meet customer expectations,” noted Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys Founder and President. “Being able to do it for 10 consecutive years seems to be a pretty good indicator of ‘delight.’ Satisfaction has never been more cost-of-entry; delight is the new differentiator, and we offer our congratulations to Samsung.”

For more information about the 2011 Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Awards, please visit

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  1. Who did they pay off to win this?

  2. LOL NO.
    I like the SGS & SGS2
    But them getting for ten years in a row… RIGHT. First the Moment, then all the U.S. Galaxy variants, some updated, some not.

  3. One word: Froyo

  4. I have a feeling that’s going to change…

  5. Who voted on this, it couldn’t be people without froyo yet!

  6. Just goes to show that the average consumer is not like the techies who read sites like this. Same as the rooting community, we’re a breed apart from the normal phone user.

  7. I don’t think there was really a vote as much as a poll or possibly geared simply by sales. Samsung sells so much stuff it really doesn’t surprise me. I’m highly disappointed by the SGS series and NS but I don’t think the entire company is bad.

  8. The American Trolls have been disturbed…!!!

  9. HA!

  10. It’s obama’s fault! Lol.

  11. I just lol’d so hard. Hey Samsung, howabout we talk about this over some Frozen Yogurt?

  12. If you haters would look past one stupid software update and focus on the actual phones.

  13. Its only you stupid americans that got the froyo update late. Everyone else and people rooting (IQ over 60) have gotten the update a long time ago.

  14. WOW I am surprised that they would even be consider them the top cellphone or what ever they voted for. This is a bloody outrage that these people voted for them. Like other have said who are these people and do they even read blogs or forums or even places like phandroid????? I can tell you that they do not!!!

  15. I hope Samsung fails.

  16. @meh
    You hate Americans.

    I like how Your commenting on an American site.
    Well played.

  17. lol what

  18. What a bunch of bull shit did yet get an swyped for fucking over there customers as well…they need to…!

  19. how did HTC not win? Yes samsungs phones are stable, because they never update them. WEAK SAUCE

  20. ill sell ya a car that can go 0-100 in 2 seconds but theres no gas pedal… samsung phones… yea their nice

  21. Ha!! They didn’t ask me…. ask any captivate or Galaxy S owner if they feel like samsung has been loyal to them….I remember reading last august when I got my captivate that all US Galaxy S devices would be on Froyo by September

  22. take that you bunch of whiney nerds. Shows you normal people couldn’t care less about what you cry about.

  23. you dorks. It’s not all about software updates. Get with reality. 99% of people do not care nor know what phone version they have. Samsung has always given out solid phones and solid hardware.

    It’s no wonder they won again. And they are probably going to tons more just like the accord did in the car category.

  24. Exactly, what these kids don’t know is Samsung is here to stay. The are probably going to rule the mobile world for a long time to come. I mean seriously, they got the biggest budget and a means to keep that lead. They can hate all they want, The stats prove otherwise :)

  25. Ok, rooters go fuck yourselves. I shouldn’t have to root to get what I was promised a long time ago. Second, any Vibrant owner can tell you that besides the lack of Froyo, the phone is FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION! This piece of shit phone has so many fucking bugs I can’t even count all of them. And no, it’s not because my IQ is less than 60 you fucking douchebag. Forget Froyo, forget that this piece of shit phone was even supposed to have it, and you’re still left with a piece of shit phone with ZERO support from SAMSUNG Mobile. And one more thing…whoever reads this and disagrees with me, GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

  26. Samsuck can’t even get GPS working and now they’re giving themselves made up awards? After owning a Craptivate for 2 weeks I will never again buy anything from this half assed company.

    When did Samsung become a first tier producer of electronics? I remember when they were a Cheap ass Kmart brand. Nothing has changed they still make junk they just charge more for it now.

  27. Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Who the fuck decided this? They obviously have someone on payroll. What a joke. ONE WORD: LIES. All you’ve given and promised Samsung.

  28. Anyone remember the Samsung instinct

  29. I’m quite puzzled as to how they got this with all of the Froyo and GPS issues the Galaxy S line has had. I realize they sell other phones outside of those, but they were still a large chunk of sales. Also, was Apple just not included in this study or what, because I would imagine they would bring the highest customer satisfaction and consumer loyalty (have you seen the lines of the same people buying the new iPhone every year) overall.

  30. This article spontaniously stimulated a bowel movement… brb

  31. I agree…”Who did they pay off to win this?…”

  32. As a Galaxy S owner I don’t know how this is possible…

  33. They paid someone off to get this award. I think HTC should have received it. Although my ATT SGS Captivate is running Froyo 2.2.1 its stupid that they dont update their phones instead of making people root and ROM their phones for updates. (Darkys 8.1 ROM)

  34. This is Quentyn making up a story because he loves Samsung sooo much.

  35. @Bryan
    I’ve never owned an HTC phone and I’ll agree. The Evo gets kept up to date like crazy.

  36. @Kabob Yeah it does!

  37. It’s brand loyalty.. what did you own before what you have now.. and it’s more than smart phones. For people with non data phones, the Samsung they owned before they replaced it probably helped them to decide to get another Samsung. Next year the Galaxy S may have an impact.

  38. Pure bullshit.

  39. Way to go Sammy!

    I love my SGS (Yes, w/ Custom DocRomBone-Hardcore Kernel)!

    I also love my Samsung Plasma TV!

    Samsung mobile displays are just awesome, like a portable plasma tv in your pocket!

    If everyone had Contraus’ attitude, we would all be fracking ourselves! LOL!

  40. Everyone else has pretty much said it, but this is laughable. I had a Vibrant and it sucked. Forget Froyo, basic functionality never worked (i.e. GPS) it needed to be rooted and tinkered with just to improve it slightly. My five year old son now uses it as a media player, but once he kills it, there will never be another piece of Samsung hardware in my house.

  41. Guys and Girls, I think the android enthusiasts that follow sites like this (me included), and always CRAVE the latest versions and updates, only actually represent a very small proportion of the users of Samsung phones. I dare say most ppl thought there phone was great and had no idea about all the updates they were missing out on………just saying…..plz dont grill me =P

  42. Dear Americans, you can only blame your carriers for demanding differentiated versions of the Galaxy S while the rest of the world got the vanilla I9000. The end result is that you wind up getting updates later than the rest of the world. Sure, the American market is big, but when you cut up the pie amongst all the different carriers, each slice is laughable. Can you blame Samsung for focusing on updating the international version over your carrier-unique, localized editions?

  43. This has to be a joke. Samsung #1 in customer loyalty? Nothing says customer loyalty than selling a top of the line phone and leaving it in the dust with a lack of support. Never buying a samsung phone again.

  44. its not just the update. there is no sync computer software and it took forever to get computer drivers and the GPS is still crap.

  45. What a joke! I currently own my first and LAST ever samsung phone. Once they’ve sold you a product, Samsung doesn’t give a damn about you. No support for any of their phones. Avoid them like the plague!

  46. Exactly how I pictured this comment section to be. Dumbasses this just proves that Samsung phones don’t suck. As you all here only say they do because of one late update. Psh please people have more things to do than to complain about an update that most probably don’t even know about. All you complainers are a small minority.

  47. I guess those of us in the US who are *still* waiting for the Froyo upgrade didn’t make up a significant portion of the respondents in that survey. Given what I’ve been reading, I’m sure that Samsung is losing at least some customers over the inability to provide a timely upgrade. If many or even some of the millions of Galaxy S users Samsung says they have switch companies when they’re due for a phone upgrade, I bet Samsung is going to take a hit in the customer loyalty department.

    @2FR35H — we’re two versions behind, not one. We’re still running Eclair/2.1 and waiting on Froyo/2.2 while Gingerbread/2.3 is already out. On high-end phones like the Galaxy S line, to be two releases behind is ridiculous. We paid a lot of money to get the best phones, and we expect to get reasonable support and timely software updates.

  48. The folks blaming the US carriers….
    Tell that to Milestone users. The overseas version of the Droid 1. Alot of pissed off Milestone users. Not too many Droid 1 users.
    The Droid one has been on Froyo since July, Aug? Now ask a Milestone user how long they been on Froyo…

  49. It was very revolutionary for SGS to be on every carrier in the US even with the variations. But the variations do matter and if we are really going to have a game changer, it would be one really good phone that’s the same on every carrier and can be used all over the world.

  50. All I will say about updates: (I use a Droid 1 and X)
    I know its a fine line between “just be happy with what you have vs. updates bringing new features and improvements’.
    If an update brings improvements and new features, I want it. Plain n simple.
    Since I use on the best live radio site out now, the website works 10x better than the app and the website needs Flash to work, I would be somewhat upset if I didn’t have Froyo.
    Yea thats one lil example but if the update is available and my device is supposed to get it and it can handle it no problems, I want it.
    At the same time, 2.3 just came out recently…and I’m not sitting here asking, where is it, where is it, where is it. Granted I’m on Froyo now so I’m not too pressed for it…lol

  51. WHAT???? this award is not about the hardware. Its about supporting their customers, thats why they dont deserve it.

  52. All I will say is…. HTC EVO 4G RULES… VERY SIMPLE

  53. Probably they asked to normal users, normal people.
    They asked to a lot Captivate, Vibrant, Epic and Fascinate users, but they asked to the right users… who bought the phone to use it, make calls and go to the web, they probably didn´t ask to Trolls like all of you that just buy the phone to wait an upgrade… oh I forgot…
    All the Trolls will have a nice spring-summer, the Ice Cream is coming, so be ready to the new upgrade…

  54. Minus 1 for me… Galaxy S Captivate owner here with a busted GPS… They sure as hell didn’t ask me. /fume

  55. So0ftware upgrades are not important for most of the people. I fact you would be surprised what people are realy interetsted in. I worked with a mobile operator and his research did show that absence of squeaks (i.e. build quality) when the mobile is twisted in one of the biggest factors for decisions.

    A brand is built on many factors including ads, easyness to use, built quality etc. Froyo might be an issue for 1% of the customers but not for the rest.

    Welcome to marketing!

  56. i wonder if richard is retarded

  57. bet they don’t get that again.. Galaxy S – Froyo – nuff said..

  58. i dont agree with this. After my fifth samsuck behold 2 got replaced a couple of months ago .It seems samsuck likes to release shitty phones.

    neveragain ……..

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