Honeycomb SDK Port Progressing along for the HTC EVO 4G


Judging by the HTC Flyer and its lack of Android 3.0 at launch, we can’t say for sure when the new OS will officially make its way to an HTC device. But why does that matter when it’s already on the HTC EVO 4G? So what if it doesn’t really function as a usable OS, at least we can get an idea of what the marriage of beautiful hardware and software could really look like.

This one is still pretty buggy and lacking in a lot of functionality that makes it worth keeping on your phone, but if you have the means and knowledge and want to get an inside peak at what is coming in the next release of Android here is your shot. We absolutely love Honeycomb and have had a blast checking it out on a bunch of devices over the past week at Mobile World Congress. Follow the source link for more instructions.

[via t3haxx0r]

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  1. I could care less about ooh and ahh we have a new o.s./rom what ever for android. Lets get one that is stable and not buggy as crap and out to the consumer. I am tired of ooh ahhing. I want to see the upgrade on my phone and working properly. Less talk more action android dev team.

  2. Agreed, lets see a supported rom that doesnt require rooting even!! Whats the liklihood of that? Basically NIL!!

  3. I wholeheartedly concur, doctor. However, I would like to add that Junior should trim that nasty snaggled fingernail before making any more videos starring the thumb or index. Lastly, that was pretty cool and I am impressed at how smart and apt kids are these days.

  4. @aaleigha and @SnoopDugg – you want stable releases and not rooting? Go complain to your carriers and manufacturers – that’s their domain.

    Let’s not complain about adventurous experimenters who are just having a good time and allowing others to participate in the experiments as well.

  5. Wow. I never thought I would see even an attempt at putting this on a phone. One problem I see is that the interface may be too small to use easily.

  6. how old is this kid? like 12?

  7. Oh jeez, its not a complaint (as i have rooted and have used over a dozen ROMs now) but merely a statement of fact. How long ago did i post this? and what happened with OEM roms? NIL!!!! Just as i predicted!! Its as if the companies want us to root so those of you IMMENSELY talented(no sacrasm, srsly) rom creators like Mik, Koni, the entire ACS(please forgive me for leaving out all the other DEV’s) etc etc can make stable roms that they can then take and impliment as their own versions…

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