HTC Updates Product Page With New MWC Lineup


Here is another item for this HTC-filled news day. The product pages over at the main HTC site have been updated to include plenty of images and specs for the newly launched lineups of handsets. Now you can obsessively compare apples to apples and see how and where the Incredible S, Desire S, and Wildfire S have improved. The HTC Flyer tablet and Facebook-enabled ChaCha and Salsa are up too.

Speaking of that little ‘S’ thing…what’s up with that? We asked an HTC rep and he told us you could think of it as meaning “Superior,” you know, better than the first. We think it comes just a bit too close to the ‘S’ Samsung has been tacking onto their high-end line of Galaxy devices. But I digress.

Here are the new product pages:

[via HTC]

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Facebook Phones: HTC Salsa & HTC ChaCha Preview [VIDEO]

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  1. Where’s the superphone? The so called Desire HD2 aka the Saga aka the Prymaid?

  2. Desire HD 2 for the EU and Asia comeon!

  3. since when is htc saga the htc pyramid?

  4. is it me or htc is loosing it, all of their phones look alike, i think that Samsung and lg are going to be the new king of phones this year.

  5. HTC is losing it?
    Did you even looked at their website?
    HTC Flyer comes with integrated OnLive.
    All you needis compatible controller.
    How about that?
    I’d choose HTC over Samsung or LG every time.

  6. Idk but HTC isn’t puttin time into Design anymore like they use to okay the only phones I say that actually look different is my G2 (keyboard, FIRST HTC ANDROID phone with a track pad like the Blackberry that lights up, and the Metalic and REALLY fine rubber they use in the material that makes up the phone) and the Original Droid Incredible (the back of the phone)

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