HTC ChaCha and Salsa Bring “Facebook Phone” Rumors to Life, Announced at MWC


If you were expecting all of HTC’s rumored Facebook plans to culminate in the announcement of THE Facebook Phone, brace yourself for disappointment. Just as we figured, HTC has taken a similar path as INQ with their Cloud Touch and announced a pair of Android 2.3 smartphones aimed at the mid-range market with the social media conscious in mind.

As far as the Facebook functionality goes, an “F” logo button positioned at the bottom of the phone will glow when content is accessed that can be shared via Facebook. Press the button and send your content out into the world of social. It is designed to offer one-touch uploading of content in conjunction with a modified HTC Sense-like UI that incorporates the social site heavily.

The HTC ChaCha features a 2.6-inch display and a portrait QWERTY keyboard below. The HTC Salsa gets a 3.4-inch display. They are coming out in Europe and Asia during Q2 of this year. Hands-on to follow.


HTC raises the bar for mobile social phones with HTC ChaChaTM and HTC SalsaTM

BARCELONA, SPAIN – Mobile World Congress – February 15, 2011 – HTC Corporation, a global designer of smartphones, today announced two new phones built entirely to be social, combining the simplicity, ease-of-use and depth of HTC SenseTM with the power and connectivity of Facebook®. As part of an extended portfolio of six new HTC Sense-based devices being unveiled at Mobile World Congress, HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa feature a dedicated Facebook® button for one-touch access to the key functions of the Facebook service that are integrated throughout the HTC Sense experience.

“HTC has always understood that different people want different things and the new HTC ChaCha and Salsa offer special new ways to experience Facebook on a mobile device,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “With more than 500 million active users worldwide, Facebook has become synonymous with the social web and we wanted to create the ultimate socially connected phones with mass market appeal.”

“We have worked closely with HTC for several years on bringing Facebook to their devices and HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa are the next stage,” said Henri Moissinac, Head of Mobile Business for Facebook. “HTC has brought Facebook to these two new devices in an innovative way enabling people to connect and share easily whenever they want, wherever they are.”

The Facebook button on HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa is context-aware, gently pulsing with light whenever there is an opportunity to share content or updates through Facebook. With a single press of the button, you can update your status, upload a photo, share a Website, post what song you are listening to, ‘check in’ to a location and more. For example, you can take a photograph of friends on your phone and upload it instantly to Facebook by simply pressing the button. Or let your friends know what song you’re listening to by pressing the button while listening to music on the phone. The track is automatically identified and shared on Facebook.

The new devices feature Android Gingerbread 2.3.3, the latest version, and use the latest iteration of HTC Sense to integrate Facebook throughout the HTC Sense experience. When you make a phone call, the dialer screen displays your friend’s latest status and photos, and even tells you if their birthday is approaching. The same updates are also displayed when you receive a call from a Facebook friend. You can also use your phone’s existing contacts to help you connect with them on Facebook or personalize your handset further with a number of new, Facebook-branded widgets.

The HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa smartphones make it simple to stay in touch with your friends using Facebook Chat and Messages on your phone. Your Facebook messages and conversations are integrated within your phone and appear within your text and email inboxes alongside your regular conversations.

Stay connected with the smartphone for the Facebook generation – HTC ChaCha
The HTC ChaCha smartphone is designed to provide a seamless, social experience by enabling you to stay in touch with your friends anytime, anywhere. The unique tilt design shapes the display and physical QWERTY keyboard so it is easy to view and comfortable to type. Capture special moments in crisp, High-Definition detail or video chat with your friends using the dual cameras, including a 5-megapixel color camera with auto focus and LED flash and a VGA front-facing camera. The ChaCha smartphone also brings the Internet to your fingertips with a 2.6-inch, 480 x 320 resolution landscape touch screen.

Your Facebook friends never felt closer – HTC Salsa
Boasting the same deep Facebook integration as the HTC ChaCha smartphone, the HTC Salsa smartphone provides a fast, high-performance smartphone experience. Capture the moment in high-resolution stills or video with the 5-megapixel camera and immediately share it with friends on the generous 3.4-inch, 480 x 320 resolution touch display. Upload your photos to Facebook at the touch of a button. For face-to-face conversations on the move, the VGA forward-facing camera enables high-quality video calling.

The HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa smartphones will be available to customers across major European and Asian markets during Q2 2011. In the United States, AT&T and HTC are exclusively bringing this unique user experience to market later this year.

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  1. boring

  2. Phones for the friendless facebookers wow!

  3. Lame, Facebook doesn’t need phones.. GET OUT.

  4. Seriously there’s people out there that “have” to be connected to Facebook 24/7?

  5. I already have “one touch access” to facebook. Its on my phome screen of my Nexus One. ITs an amazing thing call the Facebook app. You ever hear of it? I’m pretty familar with it, soooooooo if HTC needs me to school the entire company on facebook. A waste time time and money and if anyone actually buys these devices from HTC and enjoys them, they needed to be taken out of the gene pool. Thank you.

  6. sucks. I will buy ZTE

  7. The name is too cute for male user.

    Chacha and Salsa???? Come on! For this reason only, I won’t buy.

  8. Their time would have been better spent to enchance the FB app and make it to where we could tag photos etc.


  10. I’m sure my sister would LOVE this phone. She posts EVERYTHING about her life on facebook. From family photos to when one of her five(5) kids gets constipated, it can all be found there.

    I feel sorry for her.

  11. As hinted at by the name, this is clearly targeting the gossip girl teen crowd. I find it pointless, but then I find most of the things girls like pointless (emphasis on girls, women are something else entirely).

  12. ChaCha for all the muchachas.


  14. I wasn’t a Facebook lover until I caught up with some people I hadn’t seen for years….happy days – FB lovers are not friendless people who need sympathy – get a grip!!! So the name Salsa and ChaCha isn’t manly enough for you – who cares….most people just say I have an HTC, Iphone, Nokia etc….and are involved in the world…..it’s entertaining and doesn’t take away social interaction, it actually encourages it! Morons!

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