Samsung Galaxy S WiFi is the Smartphone Minus the Phone


We had long heard whispers of a Samsung Galaxy S PMP, but figured we would just have to settle for the Samsung Galaxy Player, a mobile device not quite as capable as the good ol’ S. But Samsung didn’t abandon the project after all, as the new Samsung Galaxy Player WiFi is bringing all the features of the phone without a cellular radio. It will be available in 4 and 5 inch options.

We’re penned-in to spend some time with Samsung later this evening at MWC, so if we track this sucker down expect a hands-on to follow.

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. TouchWiz may actually be a good thing on an Android mp3 player, maybe.

  2. Will it have the market?

  3. I am not a fan of TouchWiz but some apps do add some interesting features such as XviD and MKV video playback, as well as DLNA.

  4. Looks sweet. and like posted before TW might be cool for an mp3 device. and i can’t imagine HTC or moto making a better entertainment device. beautiful screen great for movies!

  5. Now how about a 7 inch wifi only tablet? That’s what *I’m* waiting for.

  6. Anyone else wish they made a 5″ version of the S or S2 with the phone?

  7. Cowon ftw

  8. Root + voodoo sound = WIN!

  9. @David Gold It’s called the Nook Color :)

  10. It’s like an iPod Touch

  11. yeah it seems a lot like an ipod touch. which isnt a bad thing for android. i just don’t want to pay out of the ass for it

  12. This is something I want…. The market is flooded with apple PMP devices. I could only imagine this as being a hackers delight.

  13. Finally iPod touch has a competitor. Once these Android PMP’s take off and others follow such like HTC and LG we kiss goodbye to last of US control of world content. For too US has bought up all good world music and movies and sold back at high prices. New Android devices coming make freeing up control and content is now free.

  14. iPod touch copy

  15. I would get this…NOW to know the price and launch date. Samsung Galaxy S Line have the best sound quality with voodoo.

  16. I’d guess the price to be no more than $300 since it’s competitor, the iPod 4G came out at 32GB for only about $300. So pricing this more than $300 would just be absurd. LoL!! And it better have a front facing camera and an excellent rear camera, since Samsung makes good cameras. They could throw the Samsung Memoir Camera on the back of it. LoL!! That’ll be nice. Throw in some Xenon Flash and 720 Recording. Removable Storage. I’d get that for no more than $400 with specs like that.

    Now here’s where the problem comes. Is there a computer program like iTunes equivalent to help manage your music? And if the music UI is the Android UI, then bump that thing and I’m just going get the iPod 4G, bekuz the Android Music UI is annoying and sux!! Sorry, but the iPod has it beat and you know it’s the truth.

  17. Without a MASSIVE marketing campaign, they might as well forget about grabbing the attention of the people who would actually buy a device like this. Nowadays it isn’t PMP or MP3 player, it’s “iPod”. It’s so ingrown into modern culture, that they’d have to spend BIG just to get a foot in the door.

  18. I’ll be buying the 5 inch one please. Hopefully they have it in 100+GB. I need lots of space.

  19. Yesss! Now, when does it launch, what does it cost, and where can I buy It?

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