Ready? Fight! Verizon iPhone Now On Sale


Talk all the trash you want about the iPhone… I won’t deny it’s an iconic device that helped changed the game. Talk all the trash you want about iFanboys… at the end of the day we’re all just tech lovers with different preferences. And say what you want about Apple vs. Android, tossing around stats, figures, numbers and data… it’s all out the window.

The Verizon iPhone is now on sale to the general public, and like it or not, this event has big implications.

Trust me: when we look back at February 2011 and 1st Quarter metrics, many people will be pointing at the launch of the Verizon iPhone as the reason several trends and changes occurred. Be it market share, download numbers, or other figures, I don’t think there is any doubt that iPhone adoption will affect market share on many levels.

Reason to panic? Not at all. This is a reason to bask in the glory of all-around smartphone awesomeness. Apple will enjoy great growth in Q1 2011… but so will Android. They’ll both take marketshare from WinMo, BlackBerry, Symbian, Feature Phones, and other currently non-competitive platforms. Apple and Android are pulling away in the mobile race and I’m so so so very happy that Google has an innovating nemesis to continually push them forward.

Who would Mike Tyson be without Evander Holyfield? Ali without Frazier? Jordan without Bird & Magic? Agassi without Sampras? Are you getting the point here?

I’m excited for the iPhone 4 on Verizon because this will fuel continued innovation excitement not only throughout the remainder of 2011 but well beyond, especially as T-Mobile and Sprint look to get the handset as well.

Just a friendly service reminder… if you’re seriously considering it… you can now buy the Verizon iPhone 4. While I’ve been a mature and objective critic in the above commentary, I like to have some good old-fashioned fun, so take it lightly when I quote my former soccer coach, “Let the doorknob hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!”

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. F@$k the iPhone. That’s all for tonight. Me and my Nexus S laugh at the iPhone as we go to sleep……zzzzzzz

  2. Oh and one more thing, Google just released the iPhone version of Google translate! WTF Google! Support your own platform only! WebOS sounds good now. At least HP won’t be licking Steve Job’s balls like Google is doing. Zzzzzzzz now.

  3. @Nexus Eddie – They still want their other products in as many hands as possible. There’s no reason to ONLY support Android but prioritizing Android makes sense. And I disagree about WebOS sounding good. Not very confident in HP.

  4. What fight? Even my old Nexus One was better than the iPhone 4.

  5. Got a text from a friend that works at an Apple store. Only 2 people in line for verizon iPhone. I’m gonna call it a fail.

  6. Fuck crApple iPhone. It piece of copycat American garbage copying HTC and Samsung innovation. Apps expensive and lock into paying US overlords high prices for what should be free. If wasn’t for Android paired up with great HTC and Samaung innovations we stuck with crappy Nokia feature phones. G o android and fuck crApple.

  7. Who cares?

  8. And it still has the antenna problem….you’d think they would have fixed that by now.

  9. All this bickering makes me think of the shampoo scene in Billy Madison.

  10. iphone 4 720p always beat any android phone. beside that, nothing is good from iphone.

  11. Apple did start the smartphone innovation craze. I highly doubt smartphone tech would be where it is today if Apple didn’t release the iPhone. In a way, we Android lovers owe Apple a debt of gratitude for starting this “revolution”.

    That being said, Apple is falling way behind. I will never buy another of their products because of the “control” they wish to maintain over them.



  12. Who is the demented fucknuts that photoshops Android into an iFraud. Watch your step folks someone dropped their penis.

  13. And this is Android news how?

  14. So last night I was on my DX, waiting in line at a nice but over rated BBQ place here in Orlando when I got an email from Verizon about the iPhone.

    So I replied via voice dictation.

    “Quit bothering me about the damned iPhone already. Its an outdated piece of crap fashion accessory.”

    A couple of people in line looked at me like I had just insulted their mothers.

    It was a great moment.

  15. Imagine Android apps if Apple wasn’t around. We might have apps like Windows Mobile 6.5

    Thanx Apple, but we’ll take it from here.

  16. @Rob Jackson

    +1 WebOS currently looks like crap. I trust HP to take it places.

    @Nexus Eddie
    You don’t have any business sense.

  17. Note to Phandroid: We could care less about an iphone.

  18. @JP “Stop looking at me swan!”

  19. Save all that prep talk BS Rob. The first sign of trouble is if there aren’t any lines outside Verizons across the country. Even if there are whats any different than the AT&T lines when 2 months later the ComScore numbers show Android still blowing iOS out of the water. We already know multiple carriers have not helped the iPhone worldwide. And another sign is that the local news here asked “who was going to get the iPhone” on their Facebook page. To find an answer worth showing they had to find one between the answers “Nope” and “Droid > iPhone”. So after the lines settle it will be back to business as usual. Nothing else to see here.

  20. @Austin

    The reason there aren’t a lot of people in line for the iPhone isn’t because it’s a fail, it’s because however many million people preordered theirs and already have it.

  21. @Jalen I could be wrong. But I really don’t think millions of people ordered iPhones in a matter of 2 hours. It may have been a large number but I’d be pretty shocked to see millions. And reports are starting to come in all over the place that where there are lines there are very few people or no lines at all. Now I don’t think anyone is going to say its going to fail on Verizon. The fail is that there may not be anywhere near the so called pent up demand that basically a few news outlets have been trying to pump up. And the fact that they have been working so hard to pump it up tells me they know the demand isn’t ridiculously high. If it were there would be no need to post a new Verizon iPhone article every 5 minutes. People that want it that bad would know its coming the first time its said.

  22. @Tad Were you at Cecil’s BBQ? I know what you mean about people getting upset when you trash talk the iPhone. I try to do it as often as possible.

  23. Everyone can say what they want, but in the end, iphone will take the win. I own an android device but i also work in a cell phone environment. While android is more innovative and twice the phone the iphone will ever be, nobody can beat an apple product as far as sales go. People want it because it has an apple on it. So everyone can suck it up and stop hating on the iphone. You already know your android is better so why bash the iphone? Pointless.

  24. Maybe, just maybe, the iPhone users on AT&T are a bit smarter than people give them credit for and won’t switch because browsing and talking on the phone won’t be possible with the Verizon iPhone. For those who do switch, I don’t see them jumping ship until this summer, when their contracts expire. And of course, there will be far greater Android phones on the Big Red shelves to choose from when that happens. Android isn’t going anywhere, it’s only going to increase in marketshare and popularity.

  25. SoFB please stop with the damn iPhone ad/articles.

  26. @ everybody. You have to love that screen though! My buddy got one today. I told him you should of went with android! Lol.

  27. Slow news day? Now you have to write 3 extra Android posts to redeem yourself for today ;)

  28. Androids still the best software of all time!!!!!!!!!

  29. Podcast? i

  30. Good luck, Apple.

  31. Hmm…reports that only 500,000 were sold in preorder and one analyst group saying they think that figure is extremely high and its more like 100,000? Short lines today? Again still successful numbers but certainly not crazy demand.

  32. Phandroid must’ve been hacked.

  33. Come on people, they will sell millions of IPhones, who cares, there are 95 million subscribers, of course 10% will have an IPhone, it’s good at what it does. With that being said, please launch my Thunderbolt! Fuck Itunes!

  34. It’s Android news because the release of the iPhone impacts Android and its competition. What’s innovation without a little competition…

    Besides, we all know Android will still be on top :)

  35. You guys are worse than iFanboys. You’re only being ignorant if you ignore that the iPhone started the app revolution or that it has some advantages over Android; Android’s still better, don’t get me wrong, but the iPhone is a pretty piece of hardware with interesting software.

  36. Let me start out by saying that I hate anything Apple. Personal choice and that is that. However, I know how stupid user friendly an Apple product is. I am almost ready to buy my mother a MacBook simply because I am tired of explaining why an attachment button in her email app has a picture of a paper clip. It gets old telling her the same thing over and over and over and over (you get the picture). It is the same for people with smartphones. My neighbor is buying one for the exact reason in that EVO vs iPhone cartoon.

    The only thing I envy on the iPhone is they have Dragon’s Lair.

  37. Well, it really WAS the iphone that brought smartphones to the masses. I mean before that, all you probably had was blackberry and windows mobile. Blackberry had a crappy internet browser that’s for sure. So the iPhone definitely started a revolution. But as stated now they are falling behind a bit.

    Regards the lines, the only reason lines usually form during iPhone events is because the Apple stores force people to stand in line, it’s a marketing technique.


  38. I love seeing the dichotomy between super Android Phans and people who just love Android and don’t really care about iPhone. The fact of the matter is, we’re all silly for how we love/hate/whatever various phones that are out at the moment or are soon to be out. Eventually they will all be outdated anyway. Love what you got and let others do the same. Thanks Rob.

  39. I prefer to let the technology speak for itself

  40. I love Apple. Only Apple could sell the exact same phone to macheads three times in less then a year.

    1. ATT IPhone 4
    2. Verizon IPhone 4
    3. IPhone 5 (either carrier)

    Now that’s the american dream fully realized. Repackaging the same turd over and over and still selling it like hotcakes.

  41. Bottom line! IPhone started this movement but I’ll take my g2 over it any day! And if the xperia play turns out to be a good phone with game dev support its over! I’ll be giving my girl my iPod touch… go android!

  42. i agree with iphone on 2 carries it will push android and its phone manufacturers (HTC,LG and even samsuck ) to make better hardware and google to upgrade Android OS .

    Google needs to advertise android more and more like apple dose Its OS .

    I for one will never give up on android and will be a supporter for life.

    BRING on the QUAD CORE andriod phones .

  43. Wow I see you guys are using the same argument about the no lines for the iPhone with the no lines for the Droid phones. (because of the whole pre-order thing)….let’s be honest. VZW already stated that last week’s pre-order for vzw customers outsold any other phone that has ever launched…that includes the OG Droid, Droid Inc, Droid X, etc…there’s no denying the popularity of the iPhone no matter how much you guys think that the iPhone is outdated. The iPhone sells year round and people will be fine getting the iPhone 4 model now because they will get the same software upgrade as the new iPhone coming this summer. Therefore it won’t be much different on the software side of things…but, you can’t really say that for Android. Where is the latest Android update for any of these 4G phones coming out? I don’t see 2.3 or 2.4 on any of these phones and there is no timeline to when you might see it on these phones…I like both platforms, but Apple has done it right with providing across the board updates to the iPhone. And I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I will miss Android a bit but iOS is just a better/cleaner user experience. If Android matures a bit more, I will consider coming back.

  44. @Clint I get what your saying about people not bashing the iphone but not for the reasons you state, What are you basing Apple products outselling everything else? They have a smaller market share in computers, phones and even mp3 players. They do amazingly well considering they are a single player with a small product line compared to the competition and I think they will always do well but they will never be dominant. People like choice.

  45. @Phoenix: you should do research before commenting so assuredly about things. Apple completely reworked the antenna which effectively removed any problems the ATT version had. Check the reviews.

    Aside from that, yeah, go android!

  46. My bet is on Android. Apple’s biggest obstacle to market share has always been its closed platform. Ironically, that is also their best point when it comes to reliability. There are oodles of script kiddies out there just aching to put their thumbprint on the world and today that is the web and now “smart” phones. Google’s Android is making headway. We’re even researching a PC replacement project using Android Slate/Pad devices and a Citrix-like application publishing service. Google is and will destroy Apple from a market share perspective. No, Nexus, Apple didn’t start the smart phone craze, that distinction is more likely to have been Blackberry (Raspberry, Crackberry) and before that, text pagers. There will always be the die hard Apple fans though. Still stuck in the 70s, unwilling to explore the brave new world; we know them as the iSheeple.

  47. @Luke…sorry…but selling a little more than Android devices is not what has been advertised. Its supposed to end Android as we know it remember. Its suppose to have lines wrapped around the building where no other Android device has been able to do that. Well that doesn’t appear to be happening. Everybody knew it was going to sell. But so far this may not even add up to an AT&T launch date. And thats what Android fans are basically poking fun at. So you can talk about clean UI and a known update timeline but apparently more people still prefer Android worldwide. See you when you come back.

  48. “Iphone is better! I am shiny and rigidly overseen by a zealous dictator-for-life! ……. Android is better! I have many more handsets, OS versions, and PORN! ……. Stop looking at me, WinMo!

    – with apologies to Adam Sandler.

  49. I love my Droid, but I wish I had bought some Apple stock!

  50. If it is any indicator of what I think will come of this…I dumped my shares of Sprint the day the announcement came out and used that cash to buy Verizon shares.

    Needless to say: I am up a grand or so. #IrkedSprintCustomer

  51. iPone 4 is 9month old technology for full price and a 2 year contract when the iPhone 5 will be launching in June.. Along with many Super Droids that have dual core CPUs and 4G super speed. iPhone 4 for full price this late is an epic fail IMO.. I kinda can’t wait for the 5 million iponers to buy an i4 and then in a few short months feel totally screwed by Appel and vzw!

  52. I have died for this phone for years!!! And last june I got the droid inc. I have a l have Fascinate now ugh… But im happy with the things droid phones are capable of out of the box. It would be hard for me to switch… Unless Samsung got the exclusive rights to make all android phones then id switch faster than a crackhead running from the cops.

  53. I used to hate Apple, until I decided to jump ship since android updates weren’t pushed very successfully, and my device would usually last a few months before a newer update model comes out and then weeks later, a new os update will be available and my older phone won’t recieve the update and will be outshadowed by newer phones that won’t also get the newer os update until months later. I loved the customisation on an Android, but the jailbreak process ha also given me a lot of customisation options that I like as well, and as far as the applications available, it blows android markets out the stand. I’m not typically an Android hater, but since third party hardware developers sell googles os onboard, it makes the unifying of the latest os much more difficult. Android has also inspired a lot of iPhone jailbreak apps, and this has only made the iPhone better for me. I think Google needs to learn from Apple, and push third party developers to release updates, before customers jump, like me. Looking at galaxy s users, the ones who haven’t rooted have been very angry at Samsung uk FB page for taking so long, and galaxy s is samsungs flagship phone.

    You can’t just say, why customers root there phone?, because it’s not consumer friendly, the iPhone works out the box, and if you want to enhance the features, then jailbreak. It’s a given choice, not something that needs priority to update your phone to the latest Android OS. I adopted Android young, but this problem still stands with Samsung and HTC. Sense is nice but slows down the update process to much, my device got 2.1, when 2.2 was released, which I wasn’t very happy about. Also third parties hardware developers refresh their phone line to many times during a year, apple releases one flagship phone a year, obviously Android will over take the Market with sales with 50+ devices on the market wereas theirs only 2 iPhones available for sale officially at all times of a year, in the past. And there’s only been 5 devices released. (CDMA iPhone included)

  54. Boring

  55. In Cartmans voice: “what has happened to my network? I don’t recognize it anymore.”

  56. At least this post has generated a lot of comments. :)

  57. Did steve jobs wrong all of you in a personal manner that you feel the need to bash him so much online? I dont like some of apples business practices but you cant deny that they are a business and they are here to make money, and they are making alot. With that being said I am an iPhone user but wouldnt like my iPhone nearly as much if I couldnt jailbreak it. Unless the iPhone 5 has 4g and is a major revision of the iPhone 4, I’ll be getting the motorola Atrix 4g, because I do like androids notifications much more and the atrix looks like its going to be epic.

  58. @Storm, the sales of the iPhone will still be impressive whether there are lines wrapped around the corner or not. It will be the best selling phone on vzw this year. The thunderbolt, bionic, and the lg phone won’t sell as many iPhones this year. You can take that to the bank. Also, there’s no guarantee that an iPhone 5 for vzw will be released this summer and even if it were I will guarantee it won’t be LTE…you know why? because Jobs is smart enough to have android fanboys test the LTE network before jumping on to it. LTE won’t be widespread until 2012 on both vzw and at&t (who has yet to launch their LTE network). So, I upgraded now knowing that I will be able to upgrade in 2012 (at 20 mos) when LTE will be more widely available and there will be more of a selection of phones. Besides, 4.3 inch phones do not interest me one bit. Too big and those screens don’t even compare to the Retina display of the iPhone which is sad considering the iPhone 4 is an 8 month old device and ‘outdated’….So, have your dual core processor (which isn’t supported by the android os), keep waiting for those software updates, and enjoy LTE (where you’re able to get it)….I’ll wait until Android grows up and see what’s out next year but right now the iPhone has my vote.

  59. @riz I agree, I dont see millions lining up at verizon to get a 9mo i4 just because of the i5 coming in june/july, I think the i5 will have a big release but obviously not a verzion i4

  60. Wow, so many iphone bashers. I can almost gaurantee that everyone bashing the iphone has never touched one, let alone spent enough time to see how well they function. Aside from crappy AT&T service, whether you want to admit it or not, the iphone revolutionzed the cell phone industry and all you punks who continue to blindly bash them, honestly have no clue what you’re talking about.
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of the iphone myself, but I have used one on numerous occasions and I can tell you it’s a fine product. Android would never exist if it wasn’t for the iphone. So how about appreciating what you have and the fact that we have so many options to choose from. The iphone is here to stay whether you like it or not and just like Android, Blackberry and Windows phones, they will continue to improve over time.

  61. @ Luke….FYI…most 4.3″ phones are no larger (physically) than 4″ phones such as the Galaxy S series. If you put them up back to back, they are exactly the same size (physically), they just utilize the whole screen unlike the Galaxy S.
    It just bothers me when I continue to hear people say 4.3 is too large, 4″ is the only way to go. Sorry, but they are no larger than the 4″ models currently out.

  62. @Toast…4 inch screen phones are still too big for ME. The EVO is gigantic IMO, therefore, the Thunderbolt would be too big for me. I actually like the size of the iPhone and the Droid Incredible(which I used to have and really liked, I think it’s the best android phone on VZW now) So, I actually prefer phones that have a 3.5 inch to 3.7 inch screen. 3.7 is actually perfect. I am female, so maybe that’s why I’m not into big phones.

  63. Like I said yesterday on this very blog, I am amazed/amused at the level of iPhone hatred(envy?)that exists on this blog. It’s like the mere mention of the word Apple or iPhone sends some(not all)of you into an absolute fit. As a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, I don’t have to hate Android in order to be a fan of Apple. But some of you show your (lack of) maturity with all of this rage. But you know what’s funny about this? You really have to care about something in order to hate it. Otherwise you would just be indifferent about what happens with Apple…..

  64. That makes sense Luke….sorry assumed you were a man by your username. MY mistake! :)

  65. 3.7 was still to small but 4 is good. I’d love 4.3 no bigger than that though.

  66. @Toast, I totally agree with you about the iPhone and how much it impacted Android. Yes Android was technically created before the iPhone was released but the OS was more similar to RIM’s BB OS. If anyone has any doubts, google it. Android did a 180 when the iPhone was released, and revamped the software to be a touch friendly os like the iPhone. That’s a fact. You guys can be blind all you want on the impact the iPhone has had on the smartphone industry (I was once blind myself and defended android to no end) but I bet a lot of you have never even used an iPhone and just hate the iPhone because it’s made by apple/Steve Jobs. I have no loyalty to either company, I buy what I like and I don’t bash people for purchasing what they like. If you buy android phones and like using them, that’s your businees. Don’t bash me or other consumers for purchasing what we like.

  67. No problem Toast…I like to go incognito on these boards. women don’t get a lot of respect on tech boards. well, guess I just blew my cover…oh well LOL

  68. Droid doesnt bite one….,kidding it made me laugh when I thought it though .. No but your right and I bet most of them have ipods..

  69. @ Luke:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…..

  70. I used an iPhone since launch. Whether they revolutionized the industry or not is irrelevant whe discussing which to pick/choose. If you like a layout that is, and always will be, a checkerboard of icons (and this is still MOSTLY true even with jailbreak), stay with the iPhone. If you actually like having simple things like widgets available to you (among others), you know where to go. At the current time the only area iPhone outshines Android is the gaming sector. Android is headed in the right direction there too, and I am sure will catch up in due time, especially once devs realize games are in demand on Android devices as well.

  71. Women don’t get respect in the tech world because they make stupid technical purchases and/or decisions. Like buying a now dated phone when new things, included iCrap5 is on the horizon. Contrary to your statements, I think people who like to buy things that a company dictates how you use it is very ignorant.

    Would you buy a Lamborghini if it had a 300miles per hour cap but it was governed at 50 and you could only drive it 25. And you had to drive that 25 on a Sunday, but the 150 grand price tag was still there? Or would you with the competitor that added more options and let you go 300 when you wanted at your own risk?

    What dumb consumers fail to realize is, the secret behind Mac products is “We are watching you. You are all idiots. Let me take your hand and show you what you can do. If you want to do anything else, TOO BAD SUCKER, we have your money now! Oh and we can take away any of your toys when we want. NOW GO TO YOUR ROOM”

  72. @austin: Nope, 4 Rivers BBQ on Fairbanks ave. Its decent BBQ but the sides are good. I’m from NC where we really know what good BBQ is and 4 rivers is just over rated.

    @Luke: as for you assertion that we hate iPhones because we haven’t used them – I’m sorry but thats just not the case. I had the unfortunate experience of having to use my wife’s iPhone when I dropped my DX on the concrete sidewalk and the screen shattered. It was truly a hideous experience. Trying to pay my electric bill online with it was rage inducing and thank goodness her iPhone had a otterbox case on it or else she would see the marks on the case from where it hit the wall.

  73. Only Apple is arrogant enough to sell 8 month old technology at cutting edge prices… on the other hand, the consumers enable them.

  74. Luke wrote on February 10, 2011
    “I am female…”

    That explains, right there.

    iphone=girly toys

  75. But if you like things because they are pretty, then sure go for it. I have a 1ct Cubic Zirconium ring for 1 grand. Same great price. Same great look. Crappy product. All yours for the low price of 2 grand.

  76. To quote the great Borat: “He got iPod mini. We all know iPod Mini is for girls!”

  77. Loss of widgets? Heck no. Loss of a fantastic notification system/shade? Hell no. Loss of a simple message indicator light that blinks different colors based on what type of message you have? Hell no. Loss of HDMI out? Hell no. Loss of live wallpapers? Heck no. Loss of a big screen to actually play games and surf websites easily? NOPE. Loss of ability to change my keyboard type and overall themes out of the box? NOPE

    iphone has a great camera, and more/better games, I’ll give it that.

    But that’s it, so stick with you know.

    Android=innovation at 10Xs the speed that Apple could ever have because of multiple manufacturers, period.

    Android is the future, and the future is now.

  78. @destardi…sexism much?

  79. Maybe I just missed it, but I didn’t see anything on the news this morning about lines at Verizon stores for the iPhone4. I know the Verizon store on 34th in NYC had like 5-7 people in line at 6am, but that’s about it.

  80. After 7 months out, iphone 4 is still thinnest, highest resolution, gyroscope (now nexus S), facetime (now android 2.3). Let’s see what else can android copy in future..

  81. Never used an iPhone? No of course not, I just make baseless assertions on internet boards and make fallacious generalizations, similar to what you just did, to make myself sound more intelligent. I’ve used it, and compared to Sense UI I found it to be a rough; I’m not a huge fan of vanilla Android but Sense is definitely on par with iOS if not better. And Android pre Google was crap, I’m sure most of us know and would agree to that.

    As for loyalty to the companies I love ipods and macbooks and I love Android OS; I also know many others feel the same way. Heck I would take an iPod touch over an Android equivalent everyday, but I would take my Incredible over the iPhone 4 any day.

  82. I donno if anyone brought it up but anyone wanting to rub it in friends faces read the article in usa today about the big red iphone, you’ll enjoy!

  83. @infero
    You need to do some research!!! The antenna problem is alive and well.

  84. @carmendiva
    destardi could have said it in a more PC manner, but he’s right.

  85. @ Rob I meant mainly the iphone, its the most popular phone in the world. People bash on the iphone i think because everyone has them and the people who have them think that their phone is better than anyones. I just think it is pointless for people to bash. We know our phones are better but we also know apple sells better. Alot of the time its people like the cartoon evo vs iphone that buy them…

  86. @Nick
    You’ve got to b sh*ting me.
    Multitasking, folders, nfc tech, mobile hot spot all featured on Android before iOS.
    Resolution isn’t everything. The Samsung GS has a better screen. The Optimus 2x is thinner than iPhone 4. You’re an a** hat.

  87. carmendiva wrote on February 10, 2011

    let me guess…you voted for Obama, all the while laughing at every sexist thing said against Hillary Clinton.

    I love that people use ‘sexism’ and ‘feminist’ only when it supports their views.

    In the world of politically correct people, racism trumps sexism.

  88. @LOLatLuke….talk about some ignorant sexist statements. You obviously don’t hang out with many girls/women do you?

    In regards to there not being large crowds of people waiting at Verizon for the iphone today: it only makes sense to wait a couple of months for the iphone 5 to come out.
    just my 2cents.

  89. The iphone is popular because it’s a ‘safe’ product. Not much thinking required out of the box; you can tap tap tap and it does what you think that tap should do. It’s for homemakers, students, and people who don’t normally use or even like technology.

    It works as they think technology should work, which is a great thing. But people really shouldn’t confuse ‘safe’ with ‘daring, potential, risk-taking’.

  90. I think it’s hilarious that a nearly year old “outdated” phone with a bad antenna can come in and generate more buzz and only need 2 hours to have the biggest launch of any phone in the history of Verizon wireless, including all of the Droids iPhonies that they’ve been marketing the sh*t out of…..priceless

  91. You trekkies make me giggle, fighting over a phone!!!

  92. First finger to the Apple… No
    Second finger to the Apple… NO




  93. Thanks buttman

  94. I could have sworn this was PHANDROID . com as in FAN of ANDROIDS . com not iFaggot . com stop posting iPhone articles it has no relativity at phandroid.

  95. From the article:
    “While I’ve been a mature and objective critic in the above commentary, I like to have some good old-fashioned fun, so take it lightly when I quote my former soccer coach, “Let the doorknob hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!”

    LMAO!! That had me literally laughing out loud…

  96. Never liked the iPhone, though I probably would get one if Verizon offered it before 2009 – cause truth be told, it was the most ‘usable’ device out there at the moment in terms of sheer screen responsiveness. Phones like Omnia or Diamond Pro may have had better guts, but their resistive screens were horrible, and MS was way hung up on their stylus-based UI to cook up something finger-friendly.

    But after 11/6/2009… You’d have to pry my Droid out of my cold, dead hands.
    Still, it’s good to see iPhone on VZW. Hope it enjoys decent sales, and gives enough of a kick to Google and ‘Co so they innovate like crazy and make my next Droid that much more awesome.

  97. Just pointing this out, since there has been a little he v she above: Women prefer iPhone, men want Android –

  98. I just hope that my being a Samsung Vibrant user I am never confused to be a part of the so called Android fan boyism! Some of you, all you will ever have is an Android phone because you will never ever have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend. What a bunch evil little freaks. My Samsung Vibrant just got 2.2 and has been on the market since July! The GPS is still crappy. Say what you want the iphone is smartphone elegance like a Mercedes or BMW. Android at best is a modded Camry or Accord!!! I do not need to hate Apple to like Android. I like and but what I like period. Ipad,Macbook, ipods,Android and Blackberry smarphones. Who cares! I buy what I like and so should you. Stop being little haters.

  99. No 4g on the iPhone4 , EPIC FAIL !!!!!!!!!!

  100. @iAdult – Who is the hater?

    “Some of you, all you will ever have is an Android phone because you will never ever have a girlfriend or even a boyfriend. What a bunch evil little freaks.”

    Why not iGo away please….

  101. Once you all stop bickering you will realize that most Verizon stores are currently giving early upgrades to high end druids right now, iphone sales are a good thing. It makes mfg produce and sell competitors (androids) for cheaper in the long run. Android needs better apps

  102. Put it to rest and just live your life.. There are tons of fun stuff that you could be doing but all you haters (android – apple faction) do is bicker about a feature (or lack of it) in a phone. How pathetic is that?

  103. iAdult
    “Say what you want the iphone is smartphone elegance like a Mercedes or BMW.”

    Yes a Mercedes or BMW with an antenna problem. Please go eat crow.

    Do you even realize how much better your Vibrnat’s screen and processor are? I’m guessing no? Again, please go eat crow.

    The hardware on premium Android handsets is more advanced than the A4 processor and the retina display. Resolution isn’t everything. Again, feel free to eat crow at any time, because you’re full of sh*t!

  104. How pathetic is it for someone to come on a blog where we debate things and talk about how pathetic something is???

  105. Nice hardware, When’s somebody going to port Froyo to it?

  106. @droidoesn’t

    Debate should add intellectual discussion to the content not petty fight over a phone or its feature..

  107. It’s good to see some thoughtful posts here. Other than all the ;”I have an android so everything else sucks”- that sounds exactly like a democrat or republican, that’s a terrifying thought process. The iPhone is an amazing phone, a lot of androids are amazing too, sometimes for different features but they also share some great features. To say anything else makes you a retarded person.

  108. My friend emailed me a flash video, my iphone could watch it but my friends tmobile top of the line android which he bought last month could not play the flash video. My friend’s evo 4g gps system is useless. My other friends nexus phone has a really low quality touch display. Each android phone seems to have 1 feature that beats the iphone, but each android phone then has to have a couple of basic key parts that are just low quality. The bad touch display renders the fast processor useless if you play games or for example. The gps being low quality and never fixed leaves google maps and navigation useless. The lack of flash working renders internet very handicapped. I am trying to sell myself to android and reading up on the latest here but I just do not want to deal with the inevitable shortcomings. These friends are the most hardcore android fans but their phones keep falling on their faces.

  109. Jmax- actually I sold my vibrant for an iPhone, despite technical specs, the iPhone looks much better in games/videos/the OS in general. The vibrant sucks because it’s gps is broken, but the SGS is a very nice phone, howeve 800×480 looks terrible after laying eyes on an iPhone 4. I still have love for android though, I still keep a nexus one on contract and I’d much prefer an android tab to an iPad, so don’t blow me up to bad.

  110. Baaaaa! The sheep are following Jobs straight to the grave. White iDud anyone? White = death in Asia

  111. I think people are mad because Apple tried to sue HTC. I didn’t like that.

  112. There’s not much difference in the resolution. Your dainty screen is just a lot smaller.

  113. jMaxiPad, my friend has a big screen evo 4g and his gps device doesn’t work. We always go head to head with apps and he never gets more choice or better prices for apps than ios does. Like all android phones they may have 1 feature that’s better than the iphone but then they use crappy useless essential parts. Not to mention all the crap-ware that comes with android. You buy the most expensive top of the line phone and the gps doesn’t even work, you neither save money on apps or get more ‘choice’? FAIL!

  114. And you android robot metal cock gobblers don’t forget, you have 20+ very experienced phone manufacturers, with two hundred phone models, on every wireless network, and you barely caught up with RIM and Apple numbers. Those 20+ companies still have a loO0Oong way to go to compete on a level playing field with blackberry or apple, bow down to the companies you copied!

  115. I love how so many fall for the retina display gimmick. Because of my job, I get to use and play with the iPhone 4 all the time and the display, while sharp, is WASTED on a small screen. Why? Because you still have to zoom to make web pages comfortably readable. And at normal viewing distances, the difference in the display in terms of crispness looks about the same as any high-end Android phone. It’s only when brought up very close is there a slight but noticeable difference however almost no one reads their screen that close. So in the end, the higher resolution is more about bragging rights than actual real-world benefit.

  116. Actually I find the tech bashing of your inferior phone to be quite entertaining.

  117. @ whoisworst:

    You’re right…

  118. Yeah u are right whoisworst….

  119. If I was in the market for the *phone, I’d wait for the one with the 5 beside it, and if, BIG IF, it had Android OS on it.

  120. I have an Evo, and love Android’s OS but the statement that the Iphone “help” changed the game is misleading. The Iphone changed the game, period.

  121. Do you guys know why they run iPhone articles on an Android site? Because it produces more page hits and comments that most other android articles. Hell if you don’t believe me compare the 119 comments so far to others in the past two weeks. If you want these articles to stop, don’t click on them and don’t comment on them. These articles seem to serve as troll bait anyway, they won’t reaffirm is unaffirm your phone choice.

  122. I am quite perplexed about iPhone’s reputation for having a user-friendly, intuitive UI. Samething can be said about iPod. Having use many MP3 players before touching iPod, I can see that iPod UI is just different and you still need getting used to it.

    Back to the iPhone… having no exposure to any smartphone device when I first picked up my cousin’s iPhone. I have been using Windows, Mac, Linux so I am no stranger to gadget. I am marveled at the iPhone hardware design, but its UI is just ok. It takes sometimes to figure out by myself, but I don’t see how it could be called intuitive. Like the one-button design. Press it just for about anything. This is the minimalist design that Steve Jobs love. That’s why I don’t like Mac’s single button mouse.

    I think iPhone UI is an acquired experience, or Apple’s preferred ways of smartphone. And when a lot of people are familiar with iPhone, a tipping point is reached and it becomes a standard that nobody dare to question.

    I will end this comment with this observation: my two daughters, 5 and 7 years old, have been using Linux Ubuntu computers and Android phones (G1, Vibrant). That’s all the hi-tech UI they are exposed to. One day my brother who use iPhone 4 stopped by to visit, my daughters play with his iPhone. I saw that they stumbled on some navigation/operation and had to ask my brother to show them how.

    That confirm to me the iPhone UI is overrated.

  123. Developers are always looking for ways to get their apps reviewed. This great site has paid apps for free but only for a limited time. They usually revert back to paid apps within 24 hours so it’s best to check back twice a day.
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  124. ^Thank u, great post.
    Know what confirmed it for me: visiting iPhone Troubleshooting section.
    After reading thru there for a few days, it was obvious…the ..iPhone…is …like….any…smart phone….
    And like you, my 6 yo and 10 yo know about Android and knew how to work before the iPhone. They knew about Android before the iPhone.
    And I had that same problem they had trying to play with an iPhone last year, me coming from Win Mo and Android..

  125. @post #98.scorrpio
    I have been saying this exact same thing recently. My experience with the Omnia 1 was so bad, I almost got an iPhone back then. IMO thats what really hurt Win Mo, not going to capacitive screens sooner.
    I went Android with the Droid 1 April of last year and never looked back since. Dont even want an iPhone now.

  126. I don’t understand consumers. Why would you want:

    1. An iPhone 4 when not only is the iPhone 5 coming but there are more powerful phones out there already.

    2. The Verizon iPhone 4 still suffers from the DEATH GRIP! See for yourself:

  127. @MT Bet you didn’t know that Android was under development before the iPhone was released. So, either Google found out about iPhone development before release and then decided to copy or you’re just wrong and iPhone didn’t start the smartphone craze. I’ll admit that Apple made the first smartphone that average consumers felt would be useful to them but I WinMO, Blackbery OS and Palm had been doing it for years before Apple.

  128. John – my friend has the big screen evo 4g but his damn gps does not work.. And he wishes he could use the screen to watch netflix or play good games but who knows when that will ever happen. He looks for apps and he either doesn’t have an app, or he pays more money for less quality apps in ios with a similar function. He has a big screen but there’s nothing to watch on it.
    And is it just me or do you android robot cock gobblers just rearrange your layout all day long? Every hardcore android ‘phan’ gets way too excited about changing their layout. How easily entertained are you? I can put 190 apps on the iphone home screen, it’s functional, still looks ok, and I move on to the fun apps. I find changing the layout to be a chore, do these same android fans change the layout every day on their pc’s also? It’s boring lame and the fun of changing your layout does not compare with netflix hulu mobitv mortal kombat 3 (99cents) streetfighter 4 (99cents) dragon’s lair grand theft auto (5 bucks) rage (2bucks) infinity blade and another 100 times the good quality games, we can watch any flash video, video phone over 3g, and have any other app you can think of. You android fans don’t have anything else to do but rom your phones and change the layout, why even get a big screen for that? I know you’re gonna say I don’t care about netflix or games but that’s just because you have yet to even try it out. Once you get the games and quality movie streaming then you can say you prefer to change layouts all day long dorks.

  129. Got our first one yesterday. It’s a little different but it’s still an iPhone 4. Biggest thing we noticed is push email didn’t destroy the battery in 4 hours. which was one of our major complaints about the att version.

  130. @Eileen you got something jammed up your twat or what? Every app you listed has an Android equivalent that’s just as good. Yes I like messing with my homescreen and widgets a lot. Got a problem with that? To many technically competent people the iPhone will always seem like a POS toy so deal with it.

  131. @John,
    r2d2 jizm breath, so you say re-arranging your layout can compete with android games. Wow I can’t believe you don’t see how sad that is. And you said you have equivalent games on android, that of course will be worse quality and be more buggy that the official game makers that are paid to keep their apps working perfectly and high quality enough to be deserving of their trademarked game name. And the app selections do not compare, I compare apps with all android geeks all week and they do not have anything on the ios by far, it’s a 200k of a difference you don’t think that’s gonna give you more people competing for your business? It’s not even close like 10,000 apps, it’s 200,000 apps. Maybe later you can catch up but by then apple will be even more ahead. That’s what happens when android copies apple’s business plans, just like the tablet example (and i don’t mean tablets in general like microsoft’s mini crashers they made 10 years ago, redesigning the way people buy software and making it incredibly easy to download high quality software). And you don’t think apple’s going to get dual core processors too? Apple handles their business with hardware. Last I heard rom’d evo 4gs have gps problems, all androids come with crapware, nexus s owners have texts sent to the wrong person with official os versions, some high end phones can’t watch flash with official os versions. You are delusional, this phandroid fantasy world will collapse on top of you when you consider the facts.

  132. fuck phandroid for deleting my messages!!!!!!! They are sponsored by apple!!!

  133. I like my DInc. Glad IPhone has a good carrier now. But really, iPhone, hear more from friends about what they don’t do than they do. Oh well. Love the freedom of Android!

  134. Poor Eileen is soooooo delusional. First off, the iShit has the shittiest antenna design on the planet so the most basic function of a smarphone (actually making a phone call)it can’t do right. That’s the no 1 reason it’s a PIECE OF SHIT!! Secondly, it can’t do flash unless hacked and the hacked apps are just that – half assed hacks. So that’s yet another qualification for POS status.
    Thirdly, there is no visual notification system like an led which Android excels at and the free GPS turn by turn navigation apps available for it are ALL CRAP. So why the hell would I want a BIG PIECE OF SHIT like the iPhone?? To play games? No I need to do serious work. When I want to play I use my PC. So in conclusion, take that iPhone and shove it right up your ass where it belongs!


  136. Cant we all just….just…get along? lol

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