Sentio UI Looks to be Another Mouth-Watering Home Replacement [Video]


So here’s another concept home replacement that we won’t be able to see for months and has us excited for (hopefully) an eventual release. It’s called Sentio UI and reminds me of my old Winmo 6.X days, only ten times better, prettier, and awesomer. (I’m aware that last word isn’t actually a word.)

One developer named REALigion wants to take the stuff you see in the video above and make it a true homescreen replacement for Android, but he needs feedback and community support to help speed the project along.

Expect the app to cost some dough in the Android market once it’s out if you want the full experience, but a free limited version has been promised. He also expects it to work for most users regardless of root status, though hardware may need to be up to par for the best experience.

I’m excited for the potential of this project, even if it pains me to know that I probably won’t be seeing it until well after the summer. Check the video out above and let us know if you’re as impressed as we are. Follow the project at [Droid Life]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. dude that is an awesome OS not a home replacement! haha It looks awesome ill admit but it doesnt even look like android! Ill try it out when it launches see how it goes!

  3. Looks to me like a simplified Windows 7 Phone.

  4. No thanks. Looks like a battery hog to me.

  5. window droid?? oooh no way… android have the best UI, and not need for replacement UI

  6. pretty

  7. Yeah if I wanted that UI, I’d buy a Windows Phone.

  8. I want that now!!! it looks soo sick, you just gotta get rid of the status bar on android if this is tto work. it would lose its… simplness…? if the notification bar was stil there

  9. Looks like an improved Windows Phone 7 Interface. Although not a fan of the minimalistic UI, it beats owning a WP7 device.

  10. looks nice.
    My question is, what device is that?

  11. This UI is fantastic looking. Me wants! Also, if they provide this without root, even better. I’m not rooted, so I don’t get a lot of the cool UIs…this thing looks great!

  12. Eh, it’s interesting, but not spectacular, but then again that’s just my opinion. I’ll be perfectly content with Launcher Pro once it gets a few more customization features. For me, UI customization is key, and messaging/social networking is secondary. For how I use my phone, minimalist UIs hurt instead of help, because they make it harder to get at the things I want. But, to each his own, I guess. That’s why Android is so great, because we can make it whatever we want it to be.

  13. I’d definitely give that a shot when it came out. I’m changing my launcher around all the time just to keep things fresh, so far I’ve always gone back to launcher pro plus though

  14. @ msgnyc i think it’s a virtual representation and not an actual phone…
    as far as an actual ui change i’m not interested. admittedly i do use LP but thats just because i looove the 4 buttons on the bottom of the screen. once android stock gives the option to do that i’ll be all over it.

  15. Wow.. That’s sexy.. I love android

  16. Way too WP7-ish to me.

  17. I dig it. Love to change things up. If it works on OG Droid, I’d buy it probably.

  18. This is nice. I really like how fierce the competition is with home replacements now. That is why android is the best! But there is another one that is going to Android and it is called SPB mobile shell. This will surely be better than this. ANDROID!

  19. kite UI is better than this even thats a concept

  20. It just looks like a modified WP7 to me. What’s the big deal?

  21. This is exactly what the manufacturers need to do with their home replacement skins. Put them in the market and let people decide if they want them or not. That would be a solution that would help solve the fragmentation problems on android.

  22. I remember seeing the concepts for this on xda when the designer was looking to build his team.

    This looks like an interesting UI and might very well be perfect for the non-tinkers out there.

  23. looks FANTASTIC.

  24. I think it looks cool but I agree with a lot of the above posters, it doesn’t look or feel like Android and I like Androids UE, so I’ll stick with that.

  25. another great reason to have android .
    Can we have this by summertime please.

  26. No thanks.

  27. YES please

  28. Merrimack Valley as in Massachusetts?… and this looks BOSS!!! Simple is better, this UI looks so sleek… I need this on my Evo :D

  29. Jesus I hate hate HATE apps that play music and put the prev, play, and next buttons so close together like that. It’s horrible UI design that just encourages user error.

  30. I hope that this actually comes out.

  31. None of these concepts ever come out and when they are that good they try to sell to a company that will include it as the UI on their phone. I hate that TAT sold to Blackberry because they had some awesome stuff. Now they are just going to waste it on a crappy company.


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