Feb 9th, 2011

So here’s another concept home replacement that we won’t be able to see for months and has us excited for (hopefully) an eventual release. It’s called Sentio UI and reminds me of my old Winmo 6.X days, only ten times better, prettier, and awesomer. (I’m aware that last word isn’t actually a word.)

One developer named REALigion wants to take the stuff you see in the video above and make it a true homescreen replacement for Android, but he needs feedback and community support to help speed the project along.

Expect the app to cost some dough in the Android market once it’s out if you want the full experience, but a free limited version has been promised. He also expects it to work for most users regardless of root status, though hardware may need to be up to par for the best experience.

I’m excited for the potential of this project, even if it pains me to know that I probably won’t be seeing it until well after the summer. Check the video out above and let us know if you’re as impressed as we are. Follow the project at SentioUI.com. [Droid Life]