HTC Thunderbolt Hits the FCC


As we’re left up to leaks and rumors trying to determine just when we’ll be seeing this thing, the FCC has already had a chance to play with the HTC Thunderbolt. It’s just cleared their certification which means it is now legal for Verizon to begin selling this thing. Unfortunately, we’ve heard it’s been delayed and we don’t know for how long. We’re certain we won’t hit March without seeing it, but the 14th is now looking like a mere dream. [via DL]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. 14th a mere dream? Noooo!

  2. maybe the delay to update already shipped units before they go on sale.

  3. Nahh don’t worry, the 14th is the date
    Apple is paying Verizon to only talk about the iPhone prior to the release
    I bet you after tomorrow we will get a release date

  4. What if it didn’t pass? Isn’t there a huge shipment already packed and ready to go?

  5. I’m looking forward to the T-Bolt’s release. I want to see how good it is (spec sheets mean very little to me until I actually get to use the product myself – lots of things “look good on paper”). I also want to see how much dev support it will get, since it will likely have an unlocked bootloader, probably a lot. I’m still disappointed the Merge was dropped, I really wanted a good LTE VZW android with a physical keyboard. I’m not wasting my time waiting for the Droid 3 since Moto started locking down bootloaders AND copping an attitude when asked about it, they can kiss my ass. I’m not a brand or carrier fanboy. I’m a fan of what is going to do the most for me. Release the damn thing already! The FCC green lighted you Verizon! Shall we start taking bets on how long it is before Richard comes in and starts frothing at the mouth about The Church of EVO? :p

  6. Ok, so maybe I’m crazy. But I think Verizon delayed the launch because the Thunderbolt had not passed the FCC screening yet. Now that it has passed, maybe they can still press forward to launch it on 2/14!!! Of course, I might just be dreaming!

  7. @ Thunderbolt….LOL, Keep the faith brotha. “This isn’t your dream phone, it’s the one after that”

  8. ^^^yeah, cuz of all the delays!

  9. Silly rabbits, 2/14 is the announce date, not the release date. :P

  10. No, really i think it was because it didn’t have fcc ceritification, besides my bestbuy said there already getting stock. so therefore its clear and verizon can green light this baby friday…pls pls pls. lol :)

  11. LOL.

  12. I preordered this thing on Sunday and they told me the 13th, so I still think it is coming out on the 13th or 14th. Either way I just can’t wait to get one.

  13. Guys release is 17th always has been!! im 1000% sure! I played with it in bestbuy. My store has them in stock already!!!

  14. I want my TBOLT and I want it NOW!!!! :o)

  15. I pre ordered this on Sunday and they told me to pick it up on Valentine’s Day which is the 14th.

  16. I preordered mine BOLT last sunday also. And BB said it will be released the 14th of FEB! I just don;t get it …. Maybe it;s best not to read all the RUMORS about these lastest phones… the iphone and Thunderbolt etc… to much HYPE And only adds stress!

    SO SAD

  17. I was at best buy to preorder mu tbolt and my body showed me the bix for one aand he said it will be for sale on sunday or monday. That could be part of best buys exclusive deal. Being the first to sell it

  18. Plus vzw is giving them away free on saturday wich prob means sunday realesae. Proof: bestbuy has the phone and cases in stock for a week almost: free giveaway: fcc cleared: 2/14/2/16 IS LOOKING GREAT

  19. I ment 2/13 – 2/14

  20. Anyone else wondering what the LTE plan pricing will be? Verizon? Anything you care to tell us????

    ***John knocks on Verizon Store’s Door***

    Anyone in there????

  21. Unless the LG Optimus 2x comes to Verizon, the Thunderbolt is my new phone with my upgrade this July. I love HTC handsdown. But Moto is kicking ass and taking names. So if the rumors are true about the Droid X2 then I might have to go with that. It’s going to be wishful thinking about the Optimus 2x, and the X2, but you’ll never know.

  22. My quuestion is for the people who say that have seen/played with the device. Where are your pics that prove what you say? I know that if I had Our beloved THUNDERBOLT in my hand I most def. would have snapped a photo!

  23. Just spoke with best buy they confirmed the 14th

  24. Does anybody know if the TBolt will require a SIM card to get 4G? If so will that cost extra? If BB has an exclusive, when will it be available at VZ? So amp’d for this thing!!!

  25. Ok, everyone please calm down. if they have a pre-order, it means it coming soon..all we need is patience. Another thing, as per most of the blogs I have read, it seems that Verizon will keep the same price “as for now” We don’t really know what’s going to happend. I do know one thing, I don’t care how much I love the HTC Thunderbolt, I am not paying more than $29.99. My plan “B” if that happens is go to Straight Talk. They too have great service because they operate out of Verizon’s Tower!!!

  26. Ok, everyone please calm down. if they have a pre-order, it means it coming soon..all we need is patience. Another thing, as per most of the blogs I have read, it seems that Verizon will keep the same price “as for now” We don’t really know what’s going to happend. I do know one thing, I don’t care how much I love the HTC Thunderbolt, I am not paying more than $29.99. My plan “B” is if that happens, I will go to Straight Talk. They too have great service because they operate out of Verizon’s Tower!!!

  27. I pre ordered mine at best buy today and the Guy guaranteed they would be in on the 14th

  28. What do you mean free on Sat by Verizon? I’ve been waiting for this phone-I’ve been due for update since Nov!

  29. I was at BB on Monday night, I probed around and they said Feb 24th the phone will be available for distribution.

  30. Does anyone know what bestbuys return policy on this beast of a phone in case we dont like it.

  31. Feb 14th, it will be available at BB. Sure of it. Verizon just can’t hype the phone to much cause people might actually realize the iPhone 4 is about 1.5 years behind the curve…

  32. i have iphone on verizon also htc thunderbolt i waiting till feb 14 to decide

  33. I talked with someone from my local BB today and heres the scoop on the thunderbolt. There is a $50 required deposit to insure you get one. Then when the phones get in (which they’ve confirmed to be on 2.14.11) you will have to pay the remaining $199-$250. That’s if you are a new V customer. I’m sure there is a discounted price if you are eligible for an upgrade but I was unable to get that as my phone battery died. The guy did say though that if you buy the phone at full retail it would be in the $600-$700 price range.

  34. last sunday I put a $50 Preorder on the thunderbolt at bestbuy. they said it will be here the 14th. cross fingers.

  35. just wondering who would really get this if the iphone was 4g? I know I wouldnt!!! I personally hate android. But think that 4g at 30 a month is worth the suffering if that is the price!!

  36. so my upgrade doesnt start till feb 26th and im still debating on whether waiting another 5 months till the droid bionic comes out or just get the HTC thunderbolt. DECISIONS DECISIONS. what shall i do????

  37. Verizon releases phones on Thursdays. The 14th was never realistic to anyone paying attention.

  38. I know I would. I personally find everything about android far superior.

  39. Just heard from a very reliable source that the delay is due to a hotspot feature issue. I think we’d be lucky to see this launch by President’s day sale weekend… Maybe right after… we can only hope.

    I’m one of the last gaspers of free every 2 & this phone qualifies according ti Verizon.

  40. The iPhone 4 isn’t 4G…

  41. DonnyDon, uh, plenty of people would get the T-Bolt over the iPhone, even if it wasn’t 4G. Android phones have taken the market lead and are outselling iOS phones. The iPhone is a tired design. People want some technological freedom and the ability to customize their device instead of just having a boring grid of blocks on their screen. zzzzzzz

  42. @delhawsone

    I was thinking the same thing but decided I am going to get the Thunderbolt over waiting for the Bioinc.

    Mainly because of the locked bootloader on the Moto phones. That makes it a no-go in my book.

    I am new to rooting, but I have been having so much fun customizing my NookColor. I want the phone that is the easiest to personalize and has the most Developer support. That seems to be HTC phones.

    I am hoping to pay more for a 1-year upgrade plan. Two years is just too long to be tied to a phone. Anyone know if there will be one-year and two-year pricing.

  43. I just now spoke with a mobile phone sales associate at Best Buy. He assured me, the Thunderbolt will be released on the 14th. I asked, Are you sure? He said, I’m positive.

  44. It is coming out on the 24th, the day when you can’t return the iPhone to Verizon stores. ;)

  45. I stopped by the local Verizon store today and the rep there said to check with them on the 15th. She heard that was the release date.

  46. @ yellow cake maybe verizon does only release on thursdays, but most pre ordered at best buy And are waiting for there release.

  47. It is my understanding that the 4G function on the Thunderbolt will require a SIM card

    Can anyone confirm?

  48. Who ever thinks the delay was due to a problem with the phone is kiding them selves if there is even a delay it is due to the iphone. The document wich states the delay is flase look at the wording it was made to thorw everyone off track.

  49. I saw a post on another forum that says Best Buy is taking pre-orders until 2/16, which implies it will come out on 17th. Just another small piece of questionable intel.

  50. Confirmed!! LTE does indeed require a SIM. Watch the newly released unboxing video

  51. Put my preorder deposit down at BB mobil said I could pick it up next tuesday

  52. YEAH YEAH YEAH…. FOLKS lets face it….Verizon messed up with the iphone4. They thought people would JUMP and GRAB the 4… in reality… Most of us are smart to hold out a few more days for the 4G BOLT! Ok OR….. for the iphone 5… which is also an awesome idea and waiting a few more months for that nugget is worth it too! ME… tho an APPLE GAL I want the Bolt…. for now… haha HANG IN THERE…. the 24th is just a few days away!

  53. Or should I say…. March 1oth is just a few days away…come on Verizon, HTC, what the heck is going on??????

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