Amazon Listing HTC Thunderbolt for February 14th


It looks like that retail exclusivity of the HTC Thunderbolt might not stretch past your brick-and-mortar stores, as Amazon has a listing for the upcoming 4G LTE handset. While no information on how they plan to price the phone is revealed, their landing page does state that the phone will be available for purchase on the 14th of this month. Whether that date implies it will be shipping at the same time is unclear.

We expect Verizon to come clean with the full release details anytime now, most likely after the iPhone hubbub clears up. We should have all the answers by the end of the week.

[via BGR]

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  1. I pre-ordered my HTC THUNDERBOLT last sunday at BEST BUY… I WAS TOLD… I could pick up my phone on FEB 14th! I drove across the street to VERIZON…. the MANAGER claimed he knew nothing of the HTC THUNDERBOLT being released or even that it was available for pre order!

  2. Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together, Amazon was right about the prices for the Inspire and Atrix 4G and if anything they will likely be right about the date for the ThunderBolt.

    besides, Valentines day is a good reason for Verizon to launch a phone on that day.

  3. Does anyone know if you can sign a 1-year contract if you buy through someone other than Verizon (i.e., Amazon, Best Buy)?

  4. I also ordered my thunderbolt on Super Bowl Sunday at Best Buy. The phone will be available for pick up in store on the 14th and they said they will call the day before to confirm it’s in. From everything I have read Best Buy had exclusive rights to the phone as far as ales and the price is 249.99 with a two year plan. That all depends on if you are due for an upgrade and when your current contract ends and all that. The rep at Best Buy gave me fifty dollar gift card after putting down my fifty dollar deposit and it can be used towards the phone or anything else in the store. I’m due for a free upgrade but I think this phone still costs around 100 bucks even if have reached your new every two status. Hope this helps and I’m stoked to see this device work

  5. I preordered the HTC Thunderbolt on Sunday. The lady with the Verizon Wireless shirt on said “You preorder it today and will be able to pick it up on Monday the 14th.”

  6. I wanted this phone — but was really hoping HTC improved the screen resolution. Looks like Ill keep my DX until the Bionic is released

  7. Best buy can’t confirm a price or date they are going off what their coporate office thinks it will be that is all. The big wigs at Verizon are the only ones who know. The one thing I wanna is verizong gunna make the data plan for this phone more expensive.

  8. I work at a Verizon store and I know nothing of February 14th. We have no official word on the Thunderbolt’s release. However, perhaps HTC, Verizon, and Best Buy have worked something out, so I wouldn’t worry.

  9. I went into Best Buy on Sunday and the manager said they didn’t have an official release date yet but he said he wouldn’t be in February?

  10. @ctd

    I doubt you can get it through Amazon. Best Buy will do it, but expect some push-back from them when you ask about the 1 year contract, since they make less money on it. While VZW’s 1 yr price is $70 more, BB’s is way more ($100-$200). However, you just have to tell the BB employee to pull up VZW’s website and do a price match for you.

  11. thought best buy had exclusivity among 3rd party sellers for the thunderbolt?

  12. I got my Droid Incredible from Best Buy as well. The price tag on the display had a one year contract price but when I asked the sales associate he said there was no one year option. So I dragged him over and showed him the tag. He then looked it up in the system and gave me the one year price. It was about $20 to $30 more than Verizon’s one year price, but at the time Incredible were backordered a month at Verizon, so I took what I could get.

  13. The fact that Phandroid and reps at Best Buy are telling us consumers more about a product than the actual carrier and manufacturer is ridiculous. If it really comes out on 2/14 like the internet is pointing to why don’t Verizon/HTC say something about it already?!?!

  14. VZW employees really don’t know what is going on with the release of the Thunderbolt. I think the focus is around the iPhone. Yesterday, the iPhone started showing up at peoples doors and people already started activating them. On Feb 9th, you will be able to preorder the iPhone AGAIN, but this time it includes ANY/ALL who want it and not limited to existing customers. Of course, Feb 10 it shows up in stores. Im sure the reason BB will be carrying it will help the VZW stores focus on the release of the iPhone and the returns etc and BB will be able to handle the HTC 4G. There are millions of iPhones being sold, believe it or not. I think VZW is waiting it out right now on an official release until they know they have control of the iPhone release.

  15. The Verizon authorized dealers have the dummy phones in. Looks nice but I want to play with it!

  16. i ordered my htc thunderbolt sunday to thry told me be 14 monday it be here is not i get the iphone

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