A Piece of Motorola’s Super Bowl Ad for the XOOM [VIDEO]


This clip may only be 15 seconds long, but it’s one of the best ads I will ever see to combat an Apple product. One man stands out in a crowd of thousands who look alike. Get it? Got it? Great. Look forward to the other 15 seconds come Sunday on Fox.

[Update]: We’ve just received word that the ad will actually be 60 seconds long, not thirty. It’ll also air during the second quarter, if you want to keep an eye out for it.That’s aggressive! Here’s Motorola’s description:

Created by Anomaly New York, the ad entitled “Empower the People” is set in an Orwellian, 1984-esque world where technology – and people – are limited by restrictive platforms.   Enter Motorola XOOM – the tablet to create a better world – and a new day with optimism, openness, freedom and empowerment.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I fully expect this ad to make me burst out in laughter while I’m watching the game with multiple iPhone users.

  2. Funny stuff

  3. >>I fully expect this ad to make me burst out in laughter while I’m watching the game with multiple iPhone users.

    I can see it now…


  4. “but it’s one of the best ads I will ever see to combat an Apple product”

    Really? You need to set you bar much higher.

    Sadly the average consumer isn’t going to get the reference. And if they expect anyone to buy these other then android fans, they need to do something much, much better.

  5. It’s just too easy to use Apple’s own statement/commercials against them–they’ve always been very hypocritical.

    It just makes me laugh, and of course we will hear the bleating sound of a iSheep soon enough. . .

  6. I love how obvious it is who they are mocking as they are all wearing the distinct white cabled Apple earphones. Hoping they surprise us with a reasonable price point so I can actually buy one. It would be a shame if they ruin another chance for yet another CES best of winner purely by price.

  7. @Tad
    Good idea. Maybe I’ll just bellow like an isheeple. Baaapple baaa. I’ll try to be polite about it. It’s just hard, because iOS is stale, and everytime I try to talk up Android they bring up some stupid app they found. However, it’s amazing how many of my friends have Android phones now. We out number the iPhone users in the group. Even a few of my iPhone friends have opted for the high end HTC phones–Evo and Thunderbolt. Apple iOS users may not directly admit it, but they’re curious about Android.

  8. Hahaha nice! Although Motorola’s locked bootloaders arent exactly freedom but whatever I won’t spoil the moment

  9. This is one of those ads designed to leverage publicity because they hope all the media covering the Superbowl ads will comment on it. The key is that Motorola is poking fun at Apple’s famous 1984 Superbowl ad, which presented Apple as the symbol of individual freedom in a frightening 1984-ish world of conformity (back then, the IBM/PC/Microsoft world). A lot of younger viewers won’t even get the reference!

  10. @steve younger viewers wont even need to get the reference to the previous ad. I was only two at the time so I am not familiar with the commercial. But most americans know what the book 1984 is about (even those who haven’t read it). That is what is important.

  11. I’m sure the network will get calls from angry isheep who can’t take a joke. Isheep have really thin skin, they love to talk your ear off about how great Apple is, but as soon as they hear something negative they get their little panties in a wad and cry like bitches. They need to purchase the isense of humor app from the app store.

  12. That’s one of the worst ad ever. If there are more Xooms it will more guys with the suit one guy on white shirt does it make ipad better. What a dumb ad?

  13. Well -> I <- think this Ad will be sheer genius. Apple has become the "you are unique, just like everyone else" company. The same hardware, same OS, for everyone. So much for being "artistic, unique, special", and "thinking different" – the same as every other Apple customer.


  14. I see iPod headphones :D

  15. Gary: “Sadly the average consumer isn’t going to get the reference.”

    You mean people watching the Superbowl won’t get the reference to the most famous football ad of all time, that’s played/mentioned ad nauseum during the run-up to the game?

    No one has less faith in the intelligence of Americans than I, but yeah, they will.

  16. I firmly believe that *most* people will not fully understand the 1984 reference in it’s full meaning, refering to George Orwell’s book. However, there is another meaning that may have some impact, 1984 meaning a long time ago, old, outdated, etc. My bet is that Motorola will rely on post ad discussion to help everyone undersatnd.

  17. Just in time for me to show my lady to hate on her new shiny verizon iphone since she hated her dx
    Go stillers!

  18. @whoisworst
    Not all grey suits, because Android is about choices. So you can go with the Zoom and have the grey suit too, or with the Galaxy Tab, LG G-Slate, ASUS Eee Pad Transformer/Slider, Acer Icona, Notion Ink Adam, etc. Render a different color/clothing option to each tablet yourself, jerk.

    BTW, great commercial. Can’t wait to see it in its entirety.

  19. I like that he is reading the eBook 1984 by Orwell…

  20. Seen much better mobile commercials.

  21. Unrelated question,Has any owner of a 3G Verizon phone done an internet speed test cause I usually get 1.15mbps down now I’m getting around 2.85mbps down as of this morning

  22. ya know, I had high hopes for Android when I bought my first droid. Life was gonna be good. I was being counter cultural by buying the anti-iphone. I could look down on the isheep.

    Of course, they didn’t notice my obvious superiority. Perhaps they were too busy actually doing fun or productive things with their phones, while I was busy blowing the latest ROM on my phone in a vain attempt get rid of the dialer lag, or searching for an app that didn’t FC all the time, or running a task killer to gain some performance back, or downsampling all my videos so they playback without stuttering.

    Yeah, the iSheep have it so lame. They don’t know what they’re missing by not having an Android phone. I think I won’t mind missing those things either. My iPhone will be here on Monday.

  23. He gives the flowers to the girl. Let’s hope there’s a twist that makes it more interesting.

  24. Im sorry but buying one electronic crevice over another does not make you different or unique. You buy it for its functionality not the status of being cool or different.

    It reminds me of how holsters think they’re unique, just like every other holster that looks and acts the same way.

  25. Holster = hipster. Dumb spellcheckers. Also, crevice = device.

  26. Motorola – Empower the people… Im laughing right now…
    anything else is no different than Apple’s junk.

  27. Apple has become the 1984 they so expertly condemned.

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