Feb 3rd, 2011

In an earlier report it was suggested that shipments of the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble were halted in order to institute an edition of the e-reader that would be a bit more difficult for hackers and modders to break wide open. A source has now come forward saying that speculation is totally false.

While shipments have indeed stopped for the time being, the stoppage is actually the result of a bug in B&N’s inventory system. Shipments were halted so that a company-wide stock count could take place in order to update current numbers before resuming the reception of new units. The bug and halt on shipments also coincides with a production delay coming out of China. Here is B&N’s word on how they will handle current in-store stock:

“B&N’s short-term solution to the problem is to move stock from one store to another to cover demand, with cooperation at the local level between stores.”

So it looks like you won’t need to get your drawers in a bunch over the NOOKcolor gestapo-ing away the ability to do cool things like, say, install Honeycomb on your rooted e-reader.

[Thanks, EarlyMon!]

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