Samsung Fascinate’s EA28 Update Coming to Fix Emergency Calling Bug


Verizon has quickly responded to a severe issue with the Samsung Fascinate following its DL09 update: emergency calling stopped working. They don’t exactly mention it, but the .PDF file‘s changelog for the EA28 build is identical to the DL09’s, so we assume that is what it’s for. Nothing else needs to be said here: head on over to Verizon to see how to apply this critical fix. [Thanks, Mike!]

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  1. Anyone know if this fixes the mounting problem DL09 brought about?

  2. Where’s froyo for the epic?

    I guess Samsung will only let us upgrade when we buy another phone. Shows who they care about.

  3. My Fascinate has become a nightmare ever since the updated pushed out last Wednesday. Won’t sync corp contacts at all anymore – and not about to manually enter my whole stinkin’ Exchange contact list!

    Hey Samsung and VzW, get off your behinds and roll out 2.2 – or even better Gingerbread! I’m am not buying another phone to get 2.2…this is ridiculous.

  4. @NeverAgain – this isn’t Froyo for the Fascinate, so why ask where Froyo is for the Epic?

  5. @NeverAgain

    Just in case you didn’t actually read the article, this ISN’T Froyo for the Fascinate. Who knows when either the Epic or the Fascinate will see Froyo officially? That’s why we have devs.

  6. Spoke to Verizon tech support. EA28 was released and is being pushed out as we speak, guess we’ll have to wait for it to show. Check for Software updates via the phone doesn’t work.

  7. I already have froyo….. it is awesome!!!! i had to be rooted, but come-on who isn’t these days…… i just got tired of waiting for verizon and samsung

  8. EA28 fixed slow gps, not the docking station 3.5 plug

  9. my wifi still doesn’t work and im no hard reseting yet.

  10. Where do you find easy instructions to Root a Samsung Fascinate E28

  11. You can get froyo for this phone its amazing with touch wiz interface worth the wait. I can’t believe they didn’t fix double caps in browser with ea28.

  12. I hate the update….docking stinks now….nothing but problems. I use to be able to plug my phone into my computer and access the memory card….not anymore. This totally stinks! I hate it.

  13. will never buy another samsung product again. stuck in 2 year contract with phone that features don’t work anymore, like mounting. super lame.

  14. I hate the update!!! It drains my battery quicker even if I am in power save mode. My battery last 4 hours if I am not using my phone and about an hour of talk time.

  15. Got the update and now I have to enter a password vice using the screen unlock pattern. It is a major inconvienience. Tried calling tech support and got into a shouting match with them because she said that I had an option not to apply the update and that I should have checked what the update would do before applying. What morons. Verizon YOU SUCK!!!!!

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