HTC Inspire 4G Allows Sideloading Apps, Doesn’t Advertise It


Earlier today we published a report from AndroidCentral claiming the HTC Inspire 4G still wouldn’t allow sideloading of apps on the AT&T network. While it’s true that Installing Apps from Unknown Sources isn’t an option in the Menu system, we’re learning that you CAN still get the job done. And here is video proof:

So while they don’t advertise it, the Inspire 4G will indeed allow sideloading apps… at least the video above is an indication. By launch day, we might see something different.

[HTCsource via AndroidForums – Thanks AndreaCristiano, Yogi]

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  1. Nice! Good looking out..

  2. Sideloading is what makes android, android. Otherwise its basically like the app store and apple. Pathetically locked and restricted.
    Why would att even bother? There is apps in the market that can install apps via their own methods, easy work around?

  3. Fuck the htc inspire. Fuck at amp t, sprint is raping babies here where I am!! I love it!! This thing isn’t close to my EVO that’s running android 6.0 penis!! What? Richard in the house!! I just wish dan Hesse would give me his RAM stick one more time!!

    My name is ksizzle9, a breif “dick” moment inspired by Richard the commenter, who is unable to talk due to trying to have sex with sprint and his EVO at the same time. Thank you and goodnight

  4. Dude they arebt blocking it

  5. The problem with this is that sideloading is enabled, with no way for the user to disable it. This is their response to blocking sideloading apps – making devices less secure by default with no way to change it? As if I needed more reasons to stay away from AT&T.

  6. @ uncklemike

    Don’t complain ,alot of people would rather have this stuck on then off/

  7. UncleMike, It’s pretty simple if you don’t want to install non market apps. Just don’t install non market apps.
    See how simple that is? ;)

  8. Seriously lol. People complain sometimes just for the hell of complaining. Don’t even care wtf they are complaining about.

  9. It doesn’t matter to me as long I get my Atrix.

  10. I’ve not been able to get this to work for swype can you help

  11. Got my Inspire phone on Saturday. Love it!! Fast, easy to navigate… and I was a little unsure about getting an Android. Glad I did, but would not have gotten it with them being with AT&T. AT&T has the fastest, largest network, no matter what the advertising hype says.

  12. I can’t believe AT&T locks their phones, what a bunch of duchebags

  13. AT&T broke this method too.

  14. Whats with your anger? No one talks like this unless they are very angry.

  15. Whats with your anger? No one talks like this unless they are very angry.

  16. Whats with your anger? No one talks like this unless they are very angry.

  17. Whats with your anger? No one talks like this unless they are very angry.

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