FYI: You Still Won’t Find Sideloading on AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G


To further add to your disappointment at news that rather than $150, AT&T will be asking for $499 for the Motorola Atrix 4G laptop dock — with or without the actual phone — here comes confirmation that the carrier doesn’t seem to be changing their Android approach entirely. Despite a newly revamped lineup of pretty slick 4G HSPA+ Android handsets, it looks like at least the Inspire 4G will lack sideloading capabilities. That’s right. You still won’t be able to install non-Android Market apps if you’re on AT&T’s network.

We suppose there is a chance this could still change with future handsets, but this isn’t giving us much hope.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. of course you wont its at&t we will be lucky if we wven get the full market on the atrix

  2. Everyone now has the “full” market:


  3. Those wanting the Inspire will probably find it better to grab the TELUS version and unlock it :)

  4. Leave it to ATT to kill a phone and treat people like their 5 xD

  5. This is nothing root won’t fix and being an HTC phone, this will probably get rooted before it even gets released.

  6. My guess is in less than a week it will be rooted. As soon as that happens I will be installing the unbranded Desire HD rom.

  7. How uninspiring!

  8. Surely ‘adb install’ will work though?

  9. What is wrong with u att, sideloading is a part of android

  10. well that sucks for them because some major apps like SiriusXM aren’t on the marketplace and require such side-loading, oh well, HTC Sync still lets you :P

  11. Shouldnt be forced to void your warranty to get apps/games.

  12. What was i thinking almost regretting leaving at&t for sprint android phones. I forgot it was the freedom to let me sideload apps whew…,lol

  13. Just as I suspected… Where are the ASST&T FANBOYS NOW????? Real htc devices are able to SIDELOAD ANY APPLICATIONS YOU PLEASE… IF ANDROID IS OPEN SOURCE IF GOOGLE IS ANDROID THEN WHO THE HELL IS ASST&T to change how a manufacturer INTENDED for the device to be used???? YOU WILL NEVER SEE THAT ON SPRINT OR TMOBILE.. The htc evo 4g on sprint is a beast and is being used and enjoyed by many EVO owners as htc intended for us to use it… THANK GOD FOR SPRINT WHERE UNLIMITED DATA FOREVER IS UNLIMITED DATA FOREVER AND DEVICES CAN BE USED AS INTENDED AND CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY…

  14. ADB or Root. Only thing I need the sideloading option for is Titanium Backup and I need root for Titanium Backup (2 birds with one stone). Don’t know why everybody is complaining about something so minor. Plus with the Inspire, you can install custom ROMs making it easier (making it an easily superior choice to the Atrix).

  15. While its almost ba given an HTC phone will be rooted..It still bothers me that AT&T keeps locking their phones down and not even letting peeople istall their own apps.

  16. Nandroid backup and then install the unbranded or TELUS ROM. AT&T is an embarrassment to the entire mobile industry.

    And as for the Atrix, if sideloading is blocked as well, you can probably find a way to flash the Bell ROM.

  17. Good bye GameLoft games. Not that I buy them with their stance on the Market and all.

  18. I think I said it but I will say it again-

  19. @Charles In Vancouver: Why would I want TELUS ROM when I will probably be able to get an unbranded Desire HD ROM from Europe/Asia? Also, Atrix can’t flash custom ROMs only hacked versions of the included firmware (and it is possible to get the Non-Market Apps option from hacks so nothing really to worry about there).

  20. @update_me

    You can see blocked items in the market, but when you go to install you see a “This item not available on your carrier” message.

    It is sad as there are a lot of people who haven’t a clue about any of this and it takes away from their experience.

  21. AC Sideload Wonder Machine should work. No root required. Still ridiculous.

  22. 499 bucks for a laptop dock? Then why not just buy a laptop then. So basically how much do you think a laptop will cost if you took out the hard drive, system board, and cd drive? Call me crazy, but I don’t think it would close to $499. Hopefully the price will drop significantly. What am I missing here?

  23. In the androidforums under the Inspire thread there’s a video from HTCsource which shows sideloading so this is incorrect

  24. Well, aint nothing root and SQLite editor, then unroot can’t fix.

  25. And this is why you NEVER get hyped for AT&T android products.

  26. Its funny if this was made by samsung all you defending the device would be whining boo samsuck wahhh wahh

  27. God damn it! Fuck AT&T!!!!!!

  28. Ok so I’m with Sprint and I love them, but ffs these fanboy comments (#13) are enough to make me lose my mind



  29. AT&T, you had everything going for yourself. Verizon was getting the IPhone, but people were more excited about the Atrix and they were going to give you the benefit of doubt, but NO, you jacked up the price of docking system. This was a terrible mistake and you could have stole all the thunder from Verizon and gain creditability with old and new customers. This was a horrible mistake.

  30. I really don’t know why you guys like side loading apps. As long I have a phone and download apps I’m happy. If you don’t like AT&T phones JUST STOP TALKING BOUT IT AND stay with your carrier cause I’m on AT&T.

  31. @ InspectorGadget80, Sidelong is being able to install non-market apps on your device. Since you only download from the market you are missing out on a lot of worthwhile apps that aren’t on the market. You kind of remind me of an Iphony user.

  32. So What? I’m smarter than At&t.

    Currently, I’m sadly sporting a Motorola Backflip. But lately, it hasn’t been so sad. The motorola backflip is in the same boat as the Inspire 4g, no non-market apps.

    I’ve found a way to install as many apps as my phone storage can hold. It involves the whole android sdk/adb/apk deal. It’s actually very simple, but it could take some time to get it ironed out and working the first time. This means I can find the android apps that would regularly cost in the android market for free! Take that At&t-double screw!

    Here’s the instructions. This link applies to the motorola backflip, but the Inspire 4g is still in the same position as the Backflip.


  33. Att is cool

  34. Warning: Buy an Inspire “4G” Lose Your Unlimited Data Plan

    I have an unlimited data plan and could not upgrade to HTC inspire because I was not willing to sign up with new limited data plan. I ended up with ATT’s retention group. They were unable to save me due to the rep’s inability to extend the unlimited data plan. Basically they gave me the shaft and told me to go to Sprint for unlimited data plans because there was NO systematic way they can offer me or help me. I pay ~2800 dollars a year for family phone services, and they just wrote me off.

  35. I just switched from an iPhone unlimited data plan to the PDA unlimited plan with the HTC Inspire. You dont’ lose the unlimited feature.

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