Leaked Samsung Portrait QWERTY Phone Wants to Give the Droid Pro a Run for its Money


Motorola isn’t the only manufacturer thinking a BlackBerry-eqsque portrait QWERTY device is the key to tapping a market Android is missing out on. Looking like a direct competitor to the Droid Pro, this newly leaked Samsung handset features the same touchscreen/QWERTY combo. The handset is poised to drop on Sprint based on phone branding in the images.

We can expect to see this one at MWC, though we Sprint is holding their own NYC press event next week. That event promises an “industry first,” however, making it seem unlikely we will see this Sammy handset there.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. com on the days of the blackberry’s are gone, why sprint why?

  2. I like portrait keyboards…

  3. looks like a copy of the droid pro

  4. If anyone buys this, good luck getting those updates from sammy. Just about anyone else updates their phones


  6. Thats right, make more phones marketed at RIM. Now get them to function good in areas Blackberry’s excel at and Android may get their foot in the corporate world.
    The iPhone is doing it by having good MS and Active Sync Desktop functionality. Android can do it too.

  7. I meant marketed at RIM users.

  8. That is the new Q series…

  9. The sad thing is….Motorola and Samsung Are doing what RIM FAILED to do 3 years Ago…and for that they will reap the benefits.

  10. It’s Samsung, who cares….


    back in septeber 2010 was hoping Galaxy Q to b a sweety phone…. man whats up with this design -_-“

  12. If they are going to do it, do it like the torch. Sammy, once again full of fail. At least they win at flatscreens.

  13. The only reason to be an android loser is for qwerty. Otherwise why are you making yourselves suffer with locked bootloaders, delayed os updates, shite hardware, buggy beta os that kills battery and reboots all the time and the whole lot of other crap google and the manus aren’t fixing anytime soon. Not to mention the laaaaaaaaag.

    This at least is a step in the right direction.

  14. like a copy of the droid pro

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