Nexus S Heads to Vodafone Germany


The Samsung Nexus S is indeed heading to Vodafone, something we heard when the white version of the phone was leaked sometime last week. Vodafone’s German branch will be carrying the device, and we expect all of their European branches will at some point. We couldn’t find the coming soon page on Vodafone Germany’s site, but Mobiflip suggests it’s there. We’ll take their word for it. [Thanks, Frank!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. It’s there, and the description has been updated in the mean time.

    It now also says “Das Handy wird auch in Weiß verfügbar sein.” at the end, which means “the phone will also be available in white.”


  2. i hope this would go to china so that they could make a nexus panda and all the panda could have a phone and talk to the Chinese government about putting more panda conservation… i like panda

  3. I also like panda lol

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