Asphalt 6 Awaiting the Green Light for Release, Could be Soon


If the recent launch the Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD purchase page on GameLoft’s website is any indicator, the game could be nearing a very imminent release. The Asphalt 6 page was first discovered while fishing around the landing page for Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, another recently launched GameLoft title.

The new edition of Asphalt will feature even more racing action complete with 42 cars and bikes from Ferrari to Ducati, new courses around the world including L.A., Tokyo, and the Bahamas, and multiplayer supporting up to six players. No telling when it will go full-on live for purchase, but we’d expect it to be soon.

[via DroidGamers]

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  1. This game sucks.

    It’s already on the iphone, but theres better games.

  2. Yeah joe like what, name a better racing game on android

  3. Android doesn’t have any better games.

    However, on the iPhone and iPod touch, there’s real racing 2, which is 100x more realistic and better than asphalt 6.

    Asphalt 6 looks extremely unrealistic because it has really bad graphics.

  4. NFS Shift is an awesome racing game

  5. iphone is (que massive fart sound) lol

  6. True! You have NFS shift, which is an awesome racing game. you also have GT racing from gameloft as well!

  7. ….real racing 2 is on android its just really really buggy still but its in the market

  8. There’s no Real Racing 2 for Android. There is an app that purports to be Real Racing 2; but it appears that it is simply a live wallpaper.

  9. I have bought NFS Shift on my Samsung Galaxy S but it doesn’t work at all. Anyone got a solution?

  10. This site has been up for weeks. In my experience they set this sites up well in advance of release and only confirms it coming and not necessarily soon.

  11. Don’t buy anything from this Company until they put their crap on the market.

  12. @RickJames, Why? The market is a google monopoly. No company should have to submit to google to get their apps out, although this one probably will be on the google market.

  13. They won’t be putting their games on the market till Google allows developers to target specific phones.

  14. I want a good arcade racer. Id love to have NFS Hot Pursuit but right now it’s Asphalt 5 and hopefully soon Asphalt 6.

  15. @supralance
    just over a month ago many people were complaining that gameloft had repeatedly billed them for games that they bought

  16. Rick James, awhile back I would have agreed with you. But Gameloft’s store has gotten alot better and I no longer have any problem buying games directly from them. I used to have problems with my purchased games showing up in “My Downloads” on their WAP site; but that problem went away a few months ago.

  17. My soon-to-be-four-year-old son is looking forward to this – he can’t get enough of the nitro button (but only on weekends).

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