Mickey Mouse Plastered All-Over Android Based Disney Phone


Mickey Mouse and his crazy cast of Disney cartoon characters you know from you childhood (or your child’s childhood) aren’t only an American phenomenon – they’re popular all over the world. So popular that in Japan, Disney Mobile is launching their very own Android smartphone in Mid-February called the DisneyMobile DM009SH:

They do an amazing job of making it look appealing, but when push comes to shove, what’s it all about?

  • 3.8-inch screen
  • Android 2.2
  • Flash
  • Wi-Fi / GPS / Bluetooth
  • CCD960-megapixel high-definition camera
  • Infrared
  • 3D Display

I had a little bit of trouble digging deeper as the page is in Japanese, but Android 2.2 on a 3.8-inch screen is a solid start. And as you may have guessed, the phone is packed with Disney content both inside and out. Check out that “Mickey” logo on the bottom and back of the Disney Phone:

Some of the in-phone elements you can expect are a boat load of Disney Wallpapers, Disney Widgets, Disney Emoticons for TXT & E-Mail, Disney Photo Decoration, Disney calendar including the birthdays of Disney characters, Disney App Store and much, much more.

I don’t know of a Disney phone available in the United States and find it pretty amusing that Japan gets one first, but I suppose even the adults there are crazy about cartoons. Case and point? Hello Kitty.

Are you jealous Japan gets the Disney Phone? Is this something you would get for yourself? Who am I kidding… is this something your girlfriend/wife would get for herself or your kids? In my mind, the type that would want this are too young to use a phone and I’m hoping there aren’t enough adults that would want this unless they’re just getting it to amuse their children. That being said, this is probably the reason it’s headed to Japan – where Disney is more popular among adults – and not the United States.

But that’s just my guess… I haven’t personally touched the magic. Doesn’t it look a bit like Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 or Arc? Hmmm.

[Thanks Junna!]

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  1. when are we going to have nike,reebok,coke and other branded phones lol

  2. “Touch the magic” — that’s what I used to tell my girlfriends back in highschool ;)

  3. Ewwwwww..a Disney phone?! pfff…you’ll never get anything done with it because every 35 seconds, it’ll stop what it’s doing and break out in song. If it’s going to be good, it’ll have to be a Pixar phone. :p

  4. even a mouse got a phone. they need to think about panda. i think it would be great if they made a panda phone where pandas could communicate with humans…. i like panda.

  5. Woah…. Disney is the first to release a 3D display phone?

  6. id buy a grand theft auto phone :) which comes preloaded with gta 5 mobile :P (only on the gta phone) and comes with all soundtracks, 4inch screen, tegra 3 and it has to look badass and sleek :) id pay a lot of money for it

  7. touch the magic…really…..really thats the best they could come up with for a slogan…

  8. Weird…

    Doesn’t Apple own a percentage of Disney? Wonder why they allowed an Android based phone….

  9. @marc : because panda eats apple and panda is a good friend of android.

  10. My girlfriend would love this but i’m pretty sure the great developers at XDA will get the rom out before it is released here n the US then i can just flash it on her Evo.

  11. My 6 year old daughter has an Evo to use like an iPod Touch (no service) I would love to have a ported Rom of this phone on her Evo she would love it.

  12. i’m a guy, and i might get this phone…i’m at least getting all the widgets

  13. @marc Apple doesn’t own any significant amount of stock in Disney, if any at all. Steve Jobs is the largest individual share holder in Disney (7%) due to the purchase of Pixar where Jobs was the majority share holder (50.4%).

  14. My wife would love this, she is a huge disney fanatic…she will probably want us to move to japan just so she could have this.

  15. phuck steve jobs and apple and disney and everybody on this damn post

  16. you would be surprised how many adults would buy it, probably more than you think.

  17. my boss is the biggest disney fanatic i know, he would even get it.

  18. I think we have T-Mobile’s new phone. I could just imagine sitting in a meeting saying you know we are trying to bring smartphone prices down to $100 and the first phone is this phone. Introducing the Disney phone and it come preloaded with android 2.0 with an update to 3.0 in 2012

  19. looks very similar to the Xperia X10 which isn’t a bad thing. Wouldn’t mind seeing how the reviews go for this.
    Wonder how well Disney will be at keeping up with firmware updates. I’m just guessing, but not very well I am going to assume since it’s brand new and already shipping with 2.2 rather then 2.3….

  20. any male adult that wants this is either gay or a pedophile

  21. @joker : do you like panda?

  22. TAT Home..? Anyone?

  23. i might buy this for my 8 yo daughter if she passes math..

  24. This is what Disney used to be. I mean that in a good way… They need to keep making classics because Disney is just a channel, and a memory of nostalgia to me now. They did a lot of changing over the years, and if they didn’t do that… we would probably have a Disney phone.

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