Shocker: Facebook Denies HTC-Made “Facebook Phone”


I’d bet money that the folks at Facebook are getting tired of dispelling the one rumor that just can’t seem to die: the belief that a Facebook phone is in the works. Rumors flared back up yesterday where CityAM claimed a “trusted” source knew of plans within HTC for a Facebook-branded phone. It sounded just as unlikely as you’d expect, and Facebook responded just as they always have:

“The rumors around there being something more to this HTC device are overblown,” [Facebook’s Dan] Rose told journalists at a company event in London. Asked whether the device would be Facebook-branded, he answered: “No.”

Take note of the wording, though: he doesn’t outright deny a Facebook-centric phone made by HTC, but says any device with heavy Facebook integration is just a product of their public APIs. He also doesn’t say that they aren’t working with HTC. At least for the time being, let’s just use “Facebook phone” sparingly – it’s a damned good nickname, anyway. [via Reuters]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. “FaceBook phone” sounds just as stupid as a “Twitter Phone” or “Ebay Phone”.

    Those things are just fine as apps (or web pages). A phone dedicated to it is adsurd (IMO)

    I still wouldn’t be surpised if they came out with one despite the denial though.

  2. Gay…FIRST!

  3. HTC will be the OEM with the best built in widget, making them the defacto FB phone.

  4. facebook seems lost in this mobile era. Android and iOS are totally overshadowing it.

  5. when are they going to make a panda phone? i like panda

  6. @rob_a +1 Agreed

    @Bob +1 Can’t see anything else making a difference other than BB which is aimed at business users. The Windows phone .. I dunno, time will tell

  7. Seems silly for facebook to make a facebook phone. If they do that they would have to hold back their best features of a facebook widget/app to one device (otherwise what makes it a facebook phone?) and making other devices second class facebook citizens.

    It would be better for their perspective to have a certification program where a phone has facebook app/widgets pre-installed. Have a little sticker that goes on the box that says “facebook inside!” and open it up to any manufacturer to include.

  8. fb phone can suck my fb dick. hard body

  9. @rob_a Twitter phone does sound dumb so they named the Twitter phone, Twitter Peek. http://www.twitterpeek.com/

  10. The Facebook phone is made by Samsung, the Galaxy F.
    It is very similar to Epic 4G but with a new Android skin with Facebook environment.
    It will be sold unlocked through Facebook and others retails.

  11. @Contraus
    No just gay… Just joking, I couldn’t resist!

  12. Personally, I really don’t see the point of a Facebook phone. What advantage would it have over any other smartphone with a Facebook app/integration?

    Maybe it’s just me…

  13. @Contraus
    So are you saying you’re the first to be gay? Haha

  14. If any phone brand should make the facebook phone it should be HTC or Motorola. I still wouldnt buy the phone though. Facebook is great as an app but im sure they would have other things you could do like the applications that facebook has to offer for free like picnik, scrabble, and other things like that.

  15. NEW FACEBOOK PHONE. WITH A LIVE WALLPAPER THAT SHOWS YOUR NOTIFICATIONS ON FACEBOOK 24/7. Really. This would probably be on the Facebook phone if there we’re such a thing. Who would buy it though lol.

  16. @jdog25 wow i cant believe that they made a twitter phone that is really sad, that a single person need to tell his or her friend all they are doing all day long… and boy i got a video for you all…..

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