Jan 27th, 2011

I’d bet money that the folks at Facebook are getting tired of dispelling the one rumor that just can’t seem to die: the belief that a Facebook phone is in the works. Rumors flared back up yesterday where CityAM claimed a “trusted” source knew of plans within HTC for a Facebook-branded phone. It sounded just as unlikely as you’d expect, and Facebook responded just as they always have:

“The rumors around there being something more to this HTC device are overblown,” [Facebook’s Dan] Rose told journalists at a company event in London. Asked whether the device would be Facebook-branded, he answered: “No.”

Take note of the wording, though: he doesn’t outright deny a Facebook-centric phone made by HTC, but says any device with heavy Facebook integration is just a product of their public APIs. He also doesn’t say that they aren’t working with HTC. At least for the time being, let’s just use “Facebook phone” sparingly – it’s a damned good nickname, anyway. [via Reuters]