Shift & Shift Lite Will Puzzle You for $1.99


Handmark announced yesterday that their puzzle game Shift (and its free “Lite” companion) is available for Android. After trying it out for a few minutes, it’s undoubtedly one of the most interesting puzzle games I’ve come across. Like most of them, there’s a point A and a point B: you already know your job.

How you’re going to get there is the interesting part. Shift derives its name from a major gameplay component: a Shift button flips the world upside down and allows you to move about the level in ways that you weren’t able to before. As you go on, the levels get more challenging and you’ll find that it’s no ordinary platformer.

Go ahead and give it a shot in the Android market now by searching “Shift” by Handmark.

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  1. Care to know how I initially read the title?

  2. Actually, I would ;P

  3. It went too fast, I finished the 15 levels on the lite version in about 30 minutes.

    I really like the Idea, the game is fun. But I will wait to buy until I know there will be more than 40 new levels available.

  4. I had this for my ipod touch, awesome game, glad it’s on Android now!

  5. A screenshot of the actual game would have been more helpful.

  6. The controls took a bit of getting used to, but by the end of the Lite version I’d got used to them. Will be buying the full version when I get paid!

  7. This is kind of a joke of a blog post. At least provide some information about how to play the game and what it is.

    You can watch a short youtube clip of the game here:

  8. Looks like a really great game from what I’ve played so far. I think I might buy the full one.

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