Motorola Posts Q4’10 Numbers, Fears Verizon’s iPhone Will Cut Into Q1’11 Profit


Motorola Mobility has just posted their numbers from Q4 2010 and for the entirety of 2010. Revenues were up 21% year-on-year with the newly-formed company earning $3.4 billion, while net revenue grew 33% to $2.4 billion.

They shipped nearly 14 million smartphones last year, but don’t let their booming Android business fool you – their feature phones are still making up a vast majority of their device shipments at 37.3 million.

They’re looking to ship even more smartphones in 2011, of course, but they anticipate getting off to a slow start thanks to Verizon’s new partnership with Apple in selling the iPhone 4.

They don’t expect to turn profit with losses projected anywhere between $26 million and $62 million. Head over to Motorola’s site for the full breakdown. PS: The old logo is awesome. We’ll never let it die!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I think the Verizon iphone will present the boomerang affect. Many att iphone users will jump ship to Verizon only to learn that they still have the same crappy iphone with better service. Then they will ponder and choose one of the many Android options at Verizon and go with one.

  2. I so sick o us companies and the woes. Android continue to thrive on asain handsets. Historically us firms lose innovative edge and up to Asian countries lead the way in innovation. Morphine dead company walking! Android wins smartphone war on the back of china, Korea and Taiwan manufacturer expertise. Go android!!!

  3. I hope that Motorola is offering t-mobile some high end android phones and not this cliq crap. I wanna give Motorola a chance because I am more than disappointed by the quality of recent HTC phones: The hinge problem on the G2 the screen and other issues with the MT4G. Forgot to mention the N1 with the worst touchscreen ever and the worst radio/antenna.

  4. Morphine = motorola

  5. This why they are growing high end android phones to other carriers. Wouldnt be surprised to see the ATT phone on tmoble this summer

  6. Good for them. They wont get any pity from me for locking the bootloaders and for the attitude of their brilliant PR guy who responded to the encrypted bootloader question. They can fade back into obscurity if thats how they want to act.

  7. I think Moto Blur will cut into Motorola sales

  8. @Trey, I agree, maybe it will open up the iPhone fanboi’ eyes when they realize better service won’t make there “god-phone” any better or less boring than it already is and will make the jump to android.

    To keep on topic with the headline though, Motorola will find out what happens when you:

    1. Piss off your customers with PR responses about locked bootloaders.

    2. Then go back and lie to make everything better again, yet not many of commenters bought it.

    3. Downplayed overheating/power issues with Droid Bionic/Atrix (as any company would do to keep bad rumors from going around to hamper sales even if they might be true.

    there is NO way that it doesn’t have problems, it is after all the most powerful smartphone to date until the LG Optimus 2x is launched. and its using new technology that surely doesn’t have the bugs worked out yet, just like with any new tech it will have some sort of problem that isn’t always found during focus testing.

  9. Once again, verizon iphone isn’t going to affect much. In Australia, we are 100% gsm (lol cdma) and the iphone is available on ALL the major carriers, there is no exclusive deals here from apple. And yet android is still set to make major gains in our market. Imo verizon iphone is over blown by americans. Motorola only has to worry about its reputation for not updating handsets outside the u.s

  10. Motorola, you have no cell phones coming to Verizon in Q1, so of course you wont make much “cheddar”. Just put out the Droid Bionic now, instead of waiting for Q2. The Bionic will defeat ANY announced phone on Verizon.

  11. As all the carriers get the iphone, androids fragmentation will put them well behind apple.

  12. @ jonathan
    Duh its an american problem Captain obvious. Iphone limited to Att only. On top of that iphone originally is gsm. Verizon is cdma. VZW is a huge player in the u.s. iphone can be jail broken to work on other carrier that are gsm.

  13. I don’t think the Verizon iPhone is going to hurt Motorola or Google as much as it will hurt AT&T. I think AT&T will be the biggest loser of all. Android isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

  14. Motorola needs to broaden their horizons. I’m on Sprint and they have one Android phone, the i1. It’s a horrible outdated phone… Yet Verizon has Droid, and ATT has tons of Mid-range Moto phones. Sprint, T-mo and other lesser carriers don’t even get anything from Moto…

  15. Motorola, bring yo azz to Sprint and T-mobile, either carrier would love to have the Atrix or Bionic. Broaden your horizons dumbazzes and you wouldnt have to worry about iphones.

  16. @Curry
    I wasn’t aware the EVO, Evo Shift, Hero, Intercept or Epic 4G weren’t on sprint.

    Might want to update yourself a bit

  17. I personally like motorola; I like the quality. On the other hand, as a former Cliq 1 owner, I cannot stress enough how much I HATE motoblur. I would love to buy another motorola phone, they are well built and durable. I am on t-mobile, and motorola decides to release….. another Cliq phone??? No thanks motorola, try releasing something a bit more high end and more vanilla android without the motoblech on it.

  18. Fragmentation sucks and is pushing me away from Android. This is the number one reason I might dump android for Webos or an IPhone. I am damn sick and tired of being dicked around by Samsung and HTC when it comes to updates because they feel compelled to add their garbage UI

  19. @Patchy the Pirate – you’re absolutely right. They need to focus on great hardware with quickly delivered OS updates. While it might not matter to the masses, it matters to us and we tell the masses what to buy.

    If you’re reading an Android blog, I have no doubt that you have influence over 2 or more phone purchasers – “what phone should I get?” – and these companies need to start realizing we’re going to steer people away from garbage OS additions and companies (or carriers) with notoriously slow OS updates.

  20. @Trey you are clueless. iPhone on verizon is something ALL android peddlers didn’t want. When people play with the iPhone and then an android phone that stutters when doing ui stuff, has a shitty media player… The choice will be clear. the only reason android took off on verizon is because it was the only option that was iphone like. Now that the real deal is in town – why do you think people will go with the knockoff ? I see the opposite happening. iPhone sales thru the roof and android sales taking a big hit.

  21. Iphone on verizon is bad for Android unless Android seriously steps up and offers a smoother running, less fragmented, user friendly product.

    On sprint the epic 4G runs and looks great. Samsung sucks though. Short of that, most android phones have a pretty bad UI experience compared to the Iphone and Webos

  22. It won’t be the Iphone hurting your numbers it will be a 2nd best Bionic at Verizon and the Atrix at AT&T that will hurt.

  23. Motorola, you have a very good chance of staying on top of Android phone sales. You just have to just listen to your customers. Stop with the Motobloat err I mean MotoBlur, stop locking the bootloaders and these things will continue to sell like hotcakes.

    Oh yea, it won’t hurt to continue making a phone as resilient as the original Droid. Mine has been dropped, flung, bounced, kicked and thrown into all kinds of surfaces that would have destroyed lesser phones. Besides a few gauges in the bezel

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