DROID Bionic, Atrix 4G Do Not Have Overheating Issues, Says Motorola [Debunked]


Motorola caught up with Droid-Life regarding a rumor that slipped out earlier saying the Motorola DROID Bionic for Verizon and the Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T had some overheating issues, suggesting a delay was possible. Thankfully, their response was that nether of these beasts suffer from overheating issues and that both will be launched as scheduled. Awesome! But we’d REALLY like to know just where these devices are on that schedule, Motorola. Make us a bunch of happy campers, will ya’?

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Cant wait for the atrix =]

  2. Ditto, super excited for the Atrix

  3. Yes – I can’t wait for the Atrix. I’ll be ditching my iPhone 4 when that beast oa released.

  4. Why is phandroid still using the old motorola logo? Go red or go home.

  5. *waves* these are not the droids that are overheating *waves*

  6. *sigh* more locked Moto android phones? I’ll pass. They can keep their locked devices and shove their attitude where the sun doesnt shine. Make a TRUE unlocked successor to the OG Droid!

  7. I’m really looking forward to the bionic. I might even be able to overlook the size for the tegra 2, but I don’t think I could justify the extra cost of 4g. Lets hope verizon gets a 3g version soon.

  8. I have a droid x that’s been rooted and overclocked and all that good stuff. Its just a matter of time before they do it on these new phones. Cry me a river! If you aren’t gonna buy them then quit complaining. I bought it and have been doing everything I did with my old og droid. These phones are great whether you agree or not.

  9. ^i agree the people that say you cant do anything with the droid x and all that are the people that dont own one

  10. Awesome news! I’m stoked for the Atrix!

  11. I am DYING for the release date for the Bionic and if I can pre-order it, point me in the direction buddy.


    Suffering from serious smart phone fever!

  12. Motorola is almost as bad as apple. Last time I checked the android os was meant to be open and not the locked down mixed with motoblur bull crap. That’s why I love HTC. super easy to unlock and no encrypted locked bootloader bull crap. I am boycotting Motorola until they change there “Steve Jobs” mentality I will never by a Motorola product ever again.

  13. CAN’T WAIT SO PSYCHED!! Just gotta pay my two phone bills THEN I’M READY.

  14. @ milkbandit Yes, I have a Droid 2 that is rooted overclocked and running on ApeX 1.3.1 They have the same chipsets and locked bootloaders the DX has. No, you aren’t doing with your DX what you were with a Droid OG, and you never will unless Motorola releases they key for the encryption. Yes, you can still root, overclock and ROM, but only on the build that is released. Didn’t you notice that the Droid OG had froyo ROMs long before it was officialy released and there was no such thing as a true froyo ROM for the DX until after froyo was released for it? For the same reason that there is no such thing as a true gingerbread ROM for the DX/D2 – there won’t be until it is officially leaked, or if someone gets incredibly lucky and cracks the RSA that it is encrypted with (VERY unlikely) I’m not knocking anyone who is content with the status quo, I am simply stating my point of view. Relax.

  15. ^officially released

  16. Thank you DJ for the explanation. So basically, once Motorola stops supporting the device, you are SOL. Given Motorola’s AT&T history (4 phones- Backflop/Flopout/Bravo/Flopside, none of which even has 2.2 yet or probably ever), I don’t think I want to gamble on the Atrix.

  17. DJ is 100% correct. Take it from me, a DX owner: having to be constrained to ROMs built using only the official motorola kernel is really quite annoying, especially after seeing your buddies OG droid basically matching your performance on one of it’s awesome ROMs and easily achieving double your battery life while he’s at it. And no, my dx isn’t defective and his og droid isn’t a rare device that randomly performs better. Oh, did I mention this is after mine was clocked at 1.15 ghz max and his was at 1ghz max?
    Not only does having an unencrypted boot loader allow for custom kernels and better performance, it also attracts WAY more developers. Just look at any fairly popular htc phone vs the extremely popular droid x!

  18. I will wait after a month of release . i want to make sure moto irons out all the bugs before a jump on this.

  19. I got the Atrik five weeks ago and it is dead aready. It did overheat and I am waiting on a replacement Atrix.

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