Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Gets Deep Tissue Massage on Video


Pardon my play on the post’s title: I could just really use a massage right now. But HDBlog.it did get their hands on the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc for an extensive amount of time and previewed the thing in both Italian and English. Initial impressions from our Italian friends over there are that it’s a lot faster thanks to TimeScape and MediaScape being scaled down – something I’m able to confirm is true after having played with it at CES. This phone is fast, dual-core or not, and TimeScape was actually a joy to use. I didn’t get nearly as much time with it as these folks did, so take a look at the couple of videos below. (Yes, even if you don’t speak Italian. You know, double the awesome.) [via HDBlog.it][Thanks, Roman!]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Can’t buy Sony until they start showing that they can keep Android up to date.

  2. Its Gingerbread… you can’t get more up to date than that


  4. @Rahul Yes, but anon’s point is will it ever move beyond 2.3. Sony doesn’t have the best reputation of supporting software upgrades for their phones.

  5. most people get bored of a phone after a year… if its got the latest software when you buy it and it works then its not that big a deal if they dont update it every 3 days. with the x10 it had an old version of android at launch so fair enough with the moans about lack of updates. but this will have the latest shiny spangly android from day one (aslong as they dont take forever with releasing the phone) so stop worrying about the updates and judge the phone on its merits straight out of the box. in 12months time everyone will be moving on to the next sparkly triple core 6.3inch mega phone.

  6. I had a play with it, and the phone, contrary to what one would expect from the X10 mess, is totally on par with the flagships of the other manufacturers. A sweet Gingerbread cookie indeed! The 3 buttons below the screen are still plasticky though.

  7. I want it :) I love SE…i just hated my X10 was like 2 generations behind in OS

    lol it is rather sad that there are still phones on 1.6 still in 2011 but I might just have to cop this device…

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