IRS2Go Lets You Check the Status of the Fat Government Tax Refund Check


It’s that time of year again: tax time. If the American government is asking you for more money it isn’t so great, but when the tables are turned and you are the one expecting a fat check it truly is a joyous season. Found out Uncle Sam owes you bookoo bucks and can’t wait for the check to arrive at your door? The IRS is trying to stay up with the times with the introduction of their IRS2Go app for smartphones.

What basically amounts to a mobile version of the IRS Refund Status website, IRS2Go allows you to find out the status of your check by entering your social security number, filing status, and the amount you expect to receive. If you file your taxes online the information is available within 72 hours. Paper filings, however, can take three to four weeks to register.

So if you fall into that lucky class of US citizens that should be getting some money back, stay on top of your return’s status anywhere you go. The app is in the Android Market now.

[via CNN]

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  1. Lucky? A refund means you gave the government an interest-free loan. Fail.

  2. Unless you qualify for various credits that means the government gives money from the US Treasury, like earned income credit, additional child tax credit, making work pay, or energy efficiency credits.

    Not fail.

  3. @Mac

    I agree ..

    I usually owe after filing my taxes.. and I like it that way.

  4. They owe me a quarter. I’m including a note with my return that instructs them to keep it since the cost of printing a check and mailing it would be a total waste. I’m sure they can find something useful to do with that money. They probably won’t but at least I tried. :P

  5. Wow, you guys are hardcore. Most of us are just happy to get a nice amount of money back. Was it money put away without interest? Yes. Was it money I wasn’t wasting on beer? Totally. And now I get a nice chunk of money that FEELS like free money. Booyah.

  6. Ryan, we should party hahaha

  7. I did a video review of the IRS2Go android app on GovGirl –

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