ADWLauncher Ex Updated to Support Custom Docks


Everyone’s launcher is moving right along, and this week it’s ADW’s turn. The latest upgrade – version 1.2.2 – brings the ability to customize your dock image, giving you the ability to throw together even better home screen customizations than before. Other changes tighten the experience up a bit more and fixes some bugs, but the full gist of it can be had by taking a gander at the image above. Download can be found in the Android market, of course.

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  1. I was always a LP man and I still am glad I bought the full version, but I’ve been using ADW lately and it’s gotten quite good!

  2. I use adw for one simple reason…cyanogen mod. I’m currently running stock on my mt4g, but when I upgrade to cm I will be ready to go by simply restoring my adw settings to the adw installation that is preinstalled with cm.

  3. LauncherPro FTW!

  4. The link for settings is finally back in the correct spot. This app is shaping up well.

  5. I use ADW for its customisable power. You can really cut down the times of all of the lengthy, swishy, useless animations and make your phone operate on the same damn timeline as you do. I think LP’s pretty good, and I bought it, but it’s no good for obstinate tweakers.

  6. @alex,

    LauncherPro does the same thing. It just doesn’t come with CyanogenMod due to its not being open-source. But neither is ADWLauncher EX.

    I have LP+, but I have a HTC Hero and LP+ now has gotten too bloated that it causes my phone to crash frequently. Going to ADW gave life back to my phone. I’m staying away from ADW EX for this reason – until I get a new phone.

    BTW, I didn’t realize that LP+ was the root of most of my phone’s problems until I downloaded the WP7 launcher, as a joke, and realized that my phone hardly crashes with it.

  7. My only problem with ADW is that I have to swipe up to get the dock bar. If it was like launcher pro’s, I would give it another shot.

  8. Chang3D: If LP causes you issues, you can adjust memory usage settings. Never had to on my Evo though.

  9. i never got into ADW, i was a huge fan of LP but that was mostly because of the custom dock icons. i’ve moved over to Zeam launcher… it’s new but i like it a lot. it doesn’t lag or fc like LP has started to. but after this update i might look into ADW. :)

  10. @Dave: You could put all your items on the secondary dockbar, switch to it, then disable the swipe shortcuts. That’d probably do it. Alternatively, disable the main dockbar altogether and keep the swipe shortcuts so that you’re basically toggling its visibility. Problem with the latter is your desktop is expanded so the dockbar will sit over your bottom row of icons when you bring it up.

    You could also map your home button to the secondary dockbar toggle. I have to admit, the one scrolling dockbar and the Sense-like widgets are what I wish ADW had to make it complete.

  11. Been using LP for a while, but started using ADW on my Galaxy S. Found it runs smoother and I like the customization available for ADW. Just wish I could use the LP widgets with ADW :)

  12. Great update. So much better than LPP!

  13. I switched over go Go Launcher. Its pretty nice and very fast.

  14. I like ADW launcher a lot more than LP

  15. I use 2 different launchers for my OC’d Cliq XT. 1. HELauncher- for the simple changing of dock styles, and ADWLauncher- for customized themes and icons.

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