Sony Reader App Now Available for Android


The eReader app Sony promised us has arrived, and it’s everything you might expect from a book reader for a mobile device. Available on Android 2.2 devices and higher, the aptly named Reader will sync with your current Sony Reader Daily Edition eReader and features touchscreen controls including swiping to turn pages, long-pressing to highlight words and phrases, and the ability to adjust fonts and brightness.

It’s all available to you via the Android Market, so if the plethora of currently available eReading apps just isn’t enough, here is one more for good measure. Check it out.

[via Androinica]

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  1. Too bad I can’t get this on my Sony Ericsson phone since we don’t have a 2.2 update…

  2. @ James Sorry man I had to laugh.

  3. Sorry, not available in germany. Oh puh…. here in germany we dream about e-books. The publishers are scared shit about pirating books. So better never publish something as a e-book, then nobody can copy it. Lol

  4. haha how ironic, this requires 2.2 and Sony’s phones are running on 2.1

  5. @ Wesley it’s alright, it’s absolutely hilarious :P I’m quite happy with my Kindle App anyways

  6. @ Maj
    I know right? LMAO

  7. Lol @ the above comments.

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