Notion Ink Adam Gets Unboxed by… Notion Ink


Before I write this small block of text, let me just say I hear you: we’ve been posting an awful lot of Notion Ink coverage. It’s just one of the more interesting product launches we’ve witnessed and we’re secretly excited by this thing. We’re trying to slow down, but expect a couple more after this to cover the reviews that will eventually turn up in the coming weeks.

That said, Rohan Shravan took it upon himself to unbox the thing – not on video, but a smattering of pictures alongside some rather entertaining commentary should whet your whistle until yours finally arrives on your doorstep. I’ve included one of the images above – a shot of the unique box that doubles as a stand – but head over to their product blog for more.

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  1. As much as I’ve wanted one of these for the past year, there is no way I would order one without at least 10 hands on reviews. Let’s hop we start hearing (and SEEING) the product in consumers hands.

  2. I still call vaporware.

  3. Agreed. I may very well order one after I see several really good reviews. I am concerned about no access to Android Market..although someone will have that ‘fix’ within a couple of weeks.

    Also there is some confusion over the touch pad on the back of the device. This was really a neat and innovative feature I was looking forward to..but I hear rumors it’s not “opened” on the initial launch. Later a software update will open it. Anyone know anything about this?

  4. touchpad will come in Adam II or Eve.

    i’m excited about getting my adam. i’ll fully customize it and get the android market installed asap. my package is already on route. i just hope it clears US customs asap. i remember the last thing i got shipped from HK it took like 3 days to clear.

  5. One of the great thing i just saw from his blog was the mention of an update! Looks like Notion Ink is giving their tablets support! if they truly give their tablets this much support, it’ll certainly gain momentum!

  6. The box props up the tablet? Does HTC have a patent on kickstands or what?

  7. Its great that they are shipping but where can you order one? The order and pre-order links are down on their site.

  8. Stop.

  9. For those with any true knowledge about online chatter, all the negative vibes only help shape and redefine a product.Wether we like a product or not doesnt matter, Adam clearly has good momentum for a starter company.

  10. I didn’t realize that any Android device was “pointless” to cover on Phandroid. Anyway, this thing stole the show at CES, and I’m glad mine will soon be in my hands. That reminds me, where is that lesser XOOM tablet ? I call vaporware !

  11. This is getting to be just… Sad.

    Not the coverage, which I think is warranted and should continue, but the whole unboxing by the company that bloody well boxed it.

  12. @Andrude
    The device isn’t pointless. This update is.

  13. How heavy is it?

  14. Lewis, if you had one on order, I don’t think you would deem it quite as pointless.

    Dave, from what I’ve heard it’s 1.6 lbs.

  15. This is the best example of Vapor since Vick Vaporub.

  16. @Lewis & vaporware believers: thankfully not everyone are un-openminded Debbie downers like you because we would never get any ahead of the curve technology. Small companies like notion ink need people to take a chance and support them without people like that apple probably wouldn’t exist

  17. I love how there own warehouse pictures show the no more than 6 units high logo on the storage and shipping instructions label, yet they stack 10. LOL

  18. Andrude – I think you’re way overstating pretty much everything you’ve said. Stole the show? Um, no, hardly. Xoom vaporware? While I can’t say I’m all that excited by the Xoom, I would trust Motorola to bring it to market about a million times more than I trust NI.

  19. Thanks for the update. I cannot wait to see a video of the unboxing. And I expect to see one within a week.

    Dave, if you go to Notion Ink’s website, and click on “Tech Specs,” you will find the weight.

  20. @Lewis and na sayers. Your all duece bags and proly ipad users so get off this site and go preach to apple fans. Adam is the king of tablets

  21. @aaron and @sean: I supported them for a long time but there was nothing but delays and empty promises and then botched presale, etc. I don’t trust this company to update their product with the times. I want to say the original release was supposed to be like 6+ months ago.

  22. Austin says, “I still call vaporware.”

    That’s because you’re an ass.

  23. Fair enough, I am. I don’t see how this company has any credibility with anyone though.

  24. Definitely don’t see where “king of tablets”comes from. At least, in the only way that truly matters (units shipped), ipad is king (for now).

  25. the tablet ive been dying for is the shuthephuckupalready tablet. i heard it has android 2.smd, with a 1080xPhuckyourmom resolution!

  26. who cares its a tablet and it dont even have the market about as pointless as my google tv which thought would be sweet but without the market sucks weiner

  27. BRING on the XOOOOOOM!

  28. how the heck to you order one of these things? Its like its some kind of govt. secret or something.

  29. Keep.
    :D hehe

  30. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. But why not wait until after the reviews, etc to pass judgement? I think it is foolish to do otherwise…

    If you are interested in learning about the Adam, you won’t have to wait long or look hard. In a few days you will see a lot of hands-on reviews all over the place.

    And if you don’t want to read about the Adam, remember no one is forcing you. Just skip to the next article. There is still plenty of other Android news for you.

  31. It’s normal for a company to do an ‘official unboxing’. See ASUS’s recent video release of them unboxing the Eee Slate:
    h t t p://

  32. Notion Ink has done well by cultivating sympathy for its creation. Call it simple and beautiful. It looks unfinished to me though. I don’t see how the Adam will keep up with the soon upcoming Xoom, Toshiba and HTC tablets.

  33. Notion Ink has done well by creating sympathy for its product. Call it simple and beautiful, it looks unfinisched to me though. I do not see how this product will keep up with better looking and Honeycomb-running tablets coming up soon.

  34. For all you silly people pinging after the Xoom, how does $799 sound now? aaahahahahaha

  35. Where and How do I get a Notion Ink Adam tablet??

    Thx Kelly

  36. TK – “how does $799 sound now?”
    Really painfully expensive, actually. Doesn’t buy you a whole lot more than the Adam, does it?. Doesn’t mean the Xoom won’t sell like hotcakes either. There are vast numbers of people with more money than sense. Apple has gone from scratching the surface to strip-mining this population segment, but there’s still plenty to go around. I think both tablets will do well in their own way. NI Adam for me though.

  37. 799.99 is not all bad b/c the Adam is not much cheaper 549.00+50.00+20 percent Vat or import taxes in most countries.The fact that you still have to buy a microsd to get it above the gb of storage.The Adam is really only about 40 or 50 dollars cheaper. It’s one thing that I will pay that 40 or 50 bucks more for and that is if it breaks I can take it back simply as that no paying 80 dollars or so and waiting 2 week to a month to get another one just down to store.Hell they couldn’t get through there 1st update without bricking some of the Adams. No customer service to call. Just leave a email.So sounds about right to me.

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