US Cellular Froyo Roadmap Shows HTC Desire, Samsung Mesmerize Receiving Update in Early February


A roadmap of when you can expect Android 2.2 on your US Cellular Android has just surfaced, and if it holds true it looks like at least one US Galaxy S device could be getting its upgrade to Froyo very soon. As it stands, the Samsung Mesmerize is slated to get the update in early February along with the HTC Desire, while the LG Apex should get its piece of the pie later in Q1.

So far the chart stays accurate with the Samsung Acclaim already receiving its update, so hopefully the February timeframe for a Galaxy S Froyo update means a wider US audience may be receiving it soon too. Find out all you could want about US Cellular’s updates over at their Android software page.

[via AndroidCentral]

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  1. Don’t believe it ;)

    They aren’t saying the upgrades will take place by a specific date. . .just that upgrades will be available after a certain date. Don’t buy thinking you will get the upgrade, wait till the phone is upgraded or you will be pissed like the Galaxy S users ;)
    That is, if you care about the upgrade in the first place :)

  2. Great. Now somebody call Cellular South and get them to commit to upgrading the HTC Desire. Even for a Fee. I’d pay $25 for an upgrade…

  3. The Acclaim was updated within this time frame (January 15) I would expect the upgrades will be pretty consistent with the time frames provided

  4. not what US cellular said on their Facebook site….they said it would be late March for the Mesmerize. Not that I wouldn’t appreciate the earlier update, since the first time we were told we should have it was Nov. 2010.

  5. This roadmap is out of date. That’s why it says November and December as the release dates for the Apex and Optimus U. It came out around November and there has been delays since that was published.

  6. this is the schedule for the update from the horses mouth

    Expected Availability Dates for Android 2.2 Upgrades

    Ø Samsung Acclaim – By January 15th (the end of next week)

    Ø HTC Desire – By January 31 (the end of the month)

    Ø LG Apex and Samsung Mesmerize – On track for March

    now to be honest acclaim update came early i dont expect to see the others run late

  7. I don’t see the words “Epic 4G” on that chart.

  8. to the last comment, this is specifically for US Cellular costumers, the Epic 4G is not a US Cellular Phone, Samsung Mesmerize is…
    Facebook is a great way to advertise to the masses and in their wall US Cellular announced the updates for the phones. The Galaxy S Mesmerize, would get the update by the end of March. I don’t know where this picture came from (because it says “surfaced” I can do that on paint and then send if to a news website lol) and I don’t know if it is accurate, but I do believe we will be seeing an update in March!

  9. If the Mesmerize gets Froyo before the Fascinate (which mind you is the same phone) I will be pretty upset lol.

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