Android 2.2 Froyo Begins Rolling Out January 21st for the Samsung Vibrant at T-Mobile


All the speculation about the Android 2.2 update for the Samsung Vibrant — all the claims that Samsung and T-Mobile were holding it back intentionally or that T-Mobile didn’t want to pay Samsung for the update — looks like it is about to end. Speaking to PC Mag, chief marketing officer at T-Mobile Cole Brodman has confirmed that the update to Froyo for The Galaxy S Vibrant will begin January 21st. For those not near a calendar, that would be tomorrow.

And no, the reason the update was being held had nothing to do with any of the un-based speculation that led to a class-action lawsuit. Instead it had everything to do with getting the update up and running to T-Mobile and Samsung’s standards. The update was delayed, in part, to make room for certain TMo-specific features like Wi-Fi calling. Sure, cry conspiracy theory or that they are only releasing the update now in the face of some pretty angry customers — and we admit the timing might suggest that — but it makes sense that they should launch the update now knowing in a few weeks it will be shipping on the Galaxy S 4G (formerly Vibrant 4G).

If you don’t get it right away, don’t fret. As with most Android updates it will be rolling out in waves. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it early. If you aren’t, you just might have to wait a week or two. Either way, patience is a virtue.

[via PCMag, Thanks, Zac!]

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  1. About Time… All I wanted was the Kernel Source

  2. Great. Now when is it going to come out for the Fascinate on Verizon?

  3. Maybe T-mobile should learn then from this to leave their bloatware out. We rather have a working froyo but some crappy wificalling or whatever other junk they put on it.

  4. Seems proof to me that they have been sitting on it. Now it is suddenly ready? Suck.

  5. Samsung sent its base 2.2 upgrade to T-Mobile in late November after stating “SOON” back in JULY (4 months is not soon folks, 4 days is SOON) and now T-mobile after being forced to speak-up that they have had it for over 7 weeks. Guess CUSTOMER angry postings got their attention to lie some more, wifi calling has been out for a very LONG time at XDA (keeping with their model not to say the specific amount of time). FIRE THIS GUY and maybe Management will wake-up, if it does not hurt, put fear in the folks deciding, they will not do anything until it effects them. If we keep protesting MAYBE heads will roll and they will stop treating customers so poorly.

    Definition of soon (adverb) = not long after the present time; quickly. BTW, adverbs often tell when, where, why, or under what conditions something happens or happened.

  6. Took a long time but is every other US Galaxy S phone on 2.2? Face it, UI’s make phones get updates slow… Love the G2!!

  7. Can you get it over kies?

  8. The timing is very suspect and the name change on the 4g is funny obviously due to the stigma related to samsdung vibrant. It is a step in the right direction but how many people are willing to forget only time will tell. The time it takes for gingerbread will be the determining factor if I ever will enter into a contract with tmobile our buy sapdung again.

  9. Actually, wifi calling is a godsend. I work in the hospital basement and rely on wifi calling to receive phone calls. Most bloatware is junk, but most isn’t all.

  10. Annnnnd when exactly is it coming out for all the other carriers? Sprint (epic), verizon (fascinate), and at&t (captivate)

  11. ohhhhhhhhhh dang

  12. Samsung deserved everything they got. Their slow work and poor communication allowed for customer discontent and rumors.

    I hope they learned a lesson and assign more resources to the products they have in the field. It will take at least another generation of Samsung products to convince me that they’re committed to their existing customers.

  13. My wife just got this phone on a free exchange for her pos slide. I was kinda worried after reading all the stuff about it not getting updated. Reminds me of when she had her Behold 2 last year!

  14. Can somebody start a lawsuit for gingerbread upgrade on G2 please?? ;)

  15. We made enough noise to get Froyo out… now another year until Gingerbread??

  16. The cries were getting too loud for Tmobile/Samsung. They better release it already. There was so much “samsung boycott” talks everywhere. Now this high-end samsung device will be up to date with the majority of current Android phones.

    I’m not even bothering dreaming about 2.3. I know they won’t update it to this in my lifetime. Let’s just be happy we got 2.2.

  17. Wow-the haters here. All I have to say that after my G1, I’m absolutely in love with the Vibrant.

  18. I’ll believe it when l see it on my Vibrant.

  19. Seems like the negative publicity and class action lawsuit worked. Certainly doesn’ help samsungs image. Still no froyo for epic and still no way I will buy anything else samsuck

  20. @albucian Please tell me you are kidding. You are gonna have to be disappointed by a few un kept promises, and on top of that wait a few more months before you can complain about not having gingerbread. All of us galaxy s users are still on eclair. I have the epic 4g, if sprint told me that the update was coming out tomorrow, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  21. 1 down, 4 to go. Now let’s put some pressure on Sprint.

  22. Remember when I said the carriers already had it?
    Remember when I said that not one but TWO leaks had been made to XDA developers from T-Mobile for the Vibrant?
    Remember when I said that T-Mobile was doing bug squashing and adding their carrier limitations and crapware?
    Remember when everyone flamed me as a know-nothing?


    …..wait now I have to repeal my lawsuit…

  24. I was about to root my phone too…

  25. Please remember all my posts. I am a God. I know all!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

  26. @damar1979 Something tells me that AT&T will be the last one to update their handset. Of course it’s the one I have :/

  27. After this fiasco, I can’t imagine why anyone in the future would buy a Samsung phone. Terrible, terrible, terrible customer support. Did I mention their customer support sucks?

  28. Well played, Kevin. Well played indeed.

  29. Ok finally but lets wait and see how long before we see that it was a leak and its pulled for more because it want ready and up to tmobile and samsungs standard.

  30. I, too, am interested in finding out if this will be on kies. I don’t have T-mobile as a carrier so they sure as hell won’t be pushing it to me.

  31. Not to be ungreatful, but about time.
    I just bought my Vibrant last week and was about to return it. I hope they don’t stop at 2.2 and already working on 2.3.

  32. Lolz, to think that I was about to swtich to Sprint for the EPIC because I thought they’d be the first. Lolers. Oh, wait snap, my tmobile bill is still $200.X_X

  33. 3-5 months eh? So does this mean the mytouch4g and g2 will see 2.3 in the coming months?

  34. LOL. Installed custom rom on mine Tuesday night… my impatience bites me in the ass again.

  35. @Mike, you can just Odin it back to Stock 2.1 ROM and update it when it gets here.

  36. Thank you TMobile/Samsung. If I had to read any more whining. :)

  37. Although I must say it has been quite entertaining

  38. Now you guys are going to be crying for 2.3! Lol. Gee it’s just a phone. Why so serious? The people who cry over lame things like this should just throw their phones on the ground right now. Then step on it! Then put it back in their pocket. Lol.

  39. LOL, I flash the Axura ROM last week and now this happens. Well, when I see that it’s really out and without issues then I’m all over it. Until then I will enjoy my current ROM. It’s a nice one.

  40. Ha ha I just rooted and installed Nero(Froyo) last night after finally giving up on Samsung.

    The phone is amazing fast! I’ll have to compare the update to Nero and see what way I update the phone to..

    @Kevin come on you can’t seriously believe this is coincidental. As soon as T-Mobile/Samsung start getting heat and a law suit is filed the build is released with in days?

  41. Everybody saying, “I will never buy a Samsung again…” blah blah blah. People said the same with the Behold 2. Yet everyone bought the Vibrant. lol!

  42. 1. What is more interesting and exciting about this story is that they are stating their commitment to roll-out updates wihtin 5 months. THAT is huge overall.

    2. I never saw anything where any carrier or phone manufacturer was required to roll-out Android updates, so if it doesn’t happen, quit complaining. Yes, it is a great thing and one of the reasons for Android and it’s success, but, they are not obligated to do so. Now I want, nay, demand my Captivate get it’s share of the frozen yogurt goodness.

  43. hahaha..i think Tmobile will add the new bootloader to the coming update, just like the most recent leak ROM KA6..

    bye bye Samsung, I NEVER EVER TO BUY ANY PIECE OF $HIt from ya!!

  44. by the way, when Samsung gonna release some RAM for the vibrant?? isn’t it stated of spec with 512mb ram and we only can use 304 so far?!!

  45. TOP 10 count them (In Order of importance):

    1. Open OS (plain Android for easy updates)
    2. Fastest CPU/GPU
    2. 4+ screen
    3. Large ROM/RAM
    3. External SDCARD
    3. Light weight with/without keyboard
    4. Long Battery life (bigger battery)
    9. IF NON BLOATWARE COST THEN whatever that is sell one with and one without at that net cost

  46. What about gps? The phone costs $600. My gps has never worked and neither has most people, I guess we can just go fuck ourselves. Who cares about new-ish software if the hardware is broken? Jesus Samantha blows, they blow so bad. I wish they’d just fold and die

  47. “samantha”- There’s my auto correction at it’s finest

  48. I was trying to root my phone, but I haven’t had the time. Lolz. I’m so happEEEE right now.

  49. Great news! Will it make my GPS not suck, finally? ;-)

  50. What about AT&T’s Samsung Captivate. Come on…this is bull shit! Samsung and at&t fucking suck balls!!!

  51. I guess the rest of the SGS line up has to do what TMO customers did huh?

  52. totally & absolutely ridiculous & unacceptable. . . too little, too late

  53. News flash!!!! Big surprise!!!! Just called T-Mobile tech support and they only see updates today for Nokia devices… BUT NO FROYO 2.2 FOR SAMSUNG VIBRANT!!!!

    I think that they were surprised by what I said about hearing all the news regarding the PC mag interview with the so called big cheese from TMo.

    I swear these bloggers do it just to get clicks on their sites!

    What a bunch of liars!!! These blog sites spreading the false rumors around about the Froyo update remind me of penny stock shell companies that take your money and then push a reverse split of 50,000:1 except instead of taking your money they take your time and waste it!

  54. We shouldn’t celebrate just yet..I still haven’t received my update how about anybody else? Didn’t think so. FROYO!!! see next month if I’m lucky

  55. Well Nice to see other phones on T-Mo getting an update. Maybe us MTS users should join up so we can get the update we had been promised back in June..

  56. will this be ota or stupid ass kies? I can’t run kies on my mac so this better be ota.
    what do you guys think?

  57. So true. No OTA yet. What bollocks is this!! Did they say Jan 21st 2011 or 2012?

  58. I just had a chat with the a t-mobile agent and this is what he responded to me:

    “_James C: After checking I do not show that the update for the Samsung Vibrant to the Android 2.2 software has been released yet. That is being rolled out to our customers that have the MyTouch 1.2 though. So at this time we do not have any information about when that update will be rolled out for the Vibrant”

    T-mobile lied……. what is going on? Is there anybody out there that already had the official 2.2 upgrade from t-mobile.

  59. I’m still waiting on the update…

  60. No update for any of the US carriers, still get the same BS, Samsung is in the process of testing 2.2 and no release date can be given.

  61. Updated Mini Kies, got Froyo, Woo Hoo.

    WiFi Hotspot.

  62. Downloaded mini Kies on a netbook I had laying around, no updates for me. Getting that “unregistered device” statement, but I know my device is registered with Samsung. I’ll keep checking.

  63. I used to insist on perfection in most, if not all things. Now I’m a pragmatist. As much as I would enjoy a closer relationship to pure Android (Froyo) I look at my Vibrant in terms of what it delivers now, with measly 2.1. I have this beautiful display, which I actually use for TV viewing. Of course, it is an excellent voice phone. The usual critical apps like email and browsing are great. Swype allows me to input as fast as any asci keyboard typist. I am obviously NOT a developer, although there are some apps I’d like to create. I say if life is a series of compromises, choose yours carefully. Thank God I don’t need customer service for an otherwise fine piece of hardware, so I put up with Samsung’s questionable PR (Kies, are you kidding?). My new free G2 is closer to pure OS, and offers more or Froyo, albeit with a hardware keyboard (hate that) and smaller display. To me, the Vibrant has become my 4″ tablet that let’s me make phone calls, too. I can live with it…

  64. Cool what about Galaxy S owners on other carriers?

  65. It’s not the first time to hear about update news..
    Just wait…

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