ShootMe Updated to Get Face Lift, Adds Video ScreenCasts


If this isn’t the most significant upgrade to a screen grabbing application, then I don’t know what is. ShootMe – the popular screen capturer which somehow doesn’t require root to function – has been recently upgraded to not only pretty up the interface, but to add some killer functionality: video screencasts. It’s not the smoothest nor the most perfect – you’ll get 10 frames per second for recordings – but it is the only app currently giving us this functionality, so who are we to complain? Video demo of the screencast is in action below, courtesy of AP. Go and find it in the Android market now.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Um… this app still states that it requires a rooted device to run.

  2. i dont mind the “shake me” feature. just wish they allowed you to choose a button to press instead of shakin the crap out of your phone like a 1 year old shakes all there toys!

  3. @Keith.

    Yes…yes it does! :crickets:

  4. “…the popular screen capturer which somehow doesn’t require root to function…”

    I agree with Keith, description still says “Only supports ***ROOTED*** devices.” And I have to be rooted to use it on my N1.

    Great update though! :)

  5. My EVO is not rooted and this app has worked great for months.

  6. It works unrooted on galaxy s phones. Not that there are that many of us galaxy s owners still unrooted, what with all the roms being better than stock. But, as part of the minority that both knows about rooting and still chooses to be stock unrooted, I an glad to have a screenie app that works.

    -vzw stock unrooted fascinate- for now.

  7. It works on devices that aren’t rooted its been working on my Evo way before I rooted it why don’t yall download it and see for yourselves sometimes trying things even though it says you can’t…works for the better

    Remember Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus when it clearly said whites only lmfaoooo

  8. Galaxy S phones must be the only ones it workes unrooted on. Too bad it doesn’t load 2.2 on your device as well.

  9. I just tried ShootMe and PicMe on a non-rooted NexusOne and both apps DO NOT WORK.

    Please correct the article to reflect only some work.

  10. Works great on my NOT ROOTED Epic 4G just like ScreenShotIt, makes me very happy.

  11. Sorry Steven, but no it doesn’t. It works great on all Galaxy S phones. It also works well on the Evo, Incredible and a handful of other makes/models that aren’t rooted. *cadidids* It only takes a few minutes to download and try on your device, after all it’s free so it’s worth a try.

  12. Some phones it requires root, and others it does not. It did on my Sprint HTC Hero.

    This is a nice update. I use this app a lot.

  13. Don’t make me all excited for nothing Phandroid! Root is required!

  14. And regarding the “shake” issue: You only have to shake it lightly. The lightest shake will trigger the camera shutter sound, thus notifying you of the captured screen shot. It’s not like this is an app you keep running in the background. If you want a screen shot, you turn the app on, shake n bake, and turn off. Whoever designed this app is brilliant and I look forward to his new app which is supposed to work on all unrooted phones across the board.

  15. Tried it. Requires root, DX.

  16. Only a handful devices can use this without root. The vast majority can not.

  17. Requires root on the desire

  18. Requires root on Samsumg Vibrant.

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