Rumor: NVIDIA to Announce Tegra 3 Soon, Possibly at MWC 2011


And the rumor mill keeps on spinning. This time, a report from Hexus suggests NVIDIA will soon be announcing Tegra 2 – the company’s Michael Rayfield predicts they’ll have Tegra 3 ready for OEMs at the same time their competitors catch up to Tegra 2. Based on what we expect Samsung and Qualcomm to announce within the next couple of months, there’s reason to believe they’ll be making a big splash at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

There’s little to support the rumor, but it wouldn’t be hard to believe considering NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang talked a lot of innovation and speedy iteration at their CES 2011 press conference. And it’s not like the announcement of Tegra 3 would spell doom for Tegra 2 devices – those likely won’t be overshadowed until sometime in 2012, if at all. We’ll see if NVIDIA’s putting the pedal against the metal come February 14th. [via A&M]

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  1. It makes sense, especially since tegra 2 was announced so long ago and is just now catching on…tegra 3 should be announced soon but probably wont appear in a real device for at least 6 months to a year

  2. yep. tegra 3. thats gonna be old news and samsung/tmo will still fail on delivering updates


  3. You’ve mixed your 2s and 3s in the article.

  4. Hopefully Tegra 2 will be plenty fast for the forseeable future. I don’t want to wait past this summer to get a Droid 1 replacement.

  5. Aeok18109 Google doesn’t and my phone is made by Samsung and works on T-mobile :P

  6. i dont understand why we need these super cpus in cell phones, what are people using their phones for? i personally dont need to launch a rocket or communicate with NASA. the only thing i could think of that would need that much processing power is games, but why not just buy a xbox or PS. the batteries on these phones just cant handle the load for extended periods of time, not to mention the controls totally suck when using the touch screens as your game-pad. just my point of view…..

  7. I’m betting on quad core since freescale said they would have quad core out this year and I’m sure nvidia wants to be equal to or ahead of all other ARM chips on the market. . .

    the reason is miniaturization of the desktop. Soon enough a full desktop OS will run fine on these ARM chips allowing a mobile device to do all your normal OS will do.

  9. @Jessenaz,I would say that it is the lag screen to screen, scrolling, app to app , etc.. The droid 1 I have ( overclocked 1ghz lags and is really annoying. I can def out type, out touch this phone and that get old.

  10. It makes perfect sense if you look back at how ofter Nvidia released GPU’s for desktops. It was impossible to stay “cutting edge” when a new graphic card was being released every other month. It’s ridiculous to think that smart phones are going down the same path…

  11. @rramsdell, isnt lag mostly due to insufficient ram, i believe if there was an increase in ram instead of cpu power wouldnt that help? think about it, whats the first thing you upgrade on your PC when it starts to dog it? RAM. correct me if im wrong.

  12. I cant wait.. Keep on pushing. I think many people thing this is just for phones.. It can be used for a phone but pads are going to the BIG laptop replacement sooner than later and the OS? Droid. OMG whats Microsoft and Intel thinking? So keep those mips coming I got my dev book and am looking forward to the future.

  13. Wait…please re-read this. I am very confused..

    “suggests NVIDIA will soon be announcing Tegra 2”

    Um….what? Announcing what, an old product? This is like Ford announcing there 2010 models?

  14. Smaller cores = less voltage needed to run them witch intern means better battery life well thats at least my under standing

  15. @JESSENAZ, well maybe it is ram. We don’t know actually. I upgrade ram when swapping becomes and issue and I don’t know if Android uses swap. I would upgrade CPU if the device is cpu bound. Maybeit is wishful ( and uninformed ) that I think more cores and power on the cpu side will fix these lag issues.

  16. @JESSENAZ No, because memory management is different on Android. The RAM gets almost full, and then the system kills the last app in the queue to save you never “run out of RAM”. Windows doesn’t kill the apps when your RAM is overloaded. It just becomes slower. I don’t think the amount matter so much over 512 MB RAM, except on a tablet where you might want to keep a lot of browser tabs running and active. The good news is that dual core CPU’s are also bound to the faster DDR2 RAM, so either way you’ll still want a dual core. If you want to use 4G speeds, you’ll also want a dual core to render the pages as fast as you can get them with your connection, otherwise the rendering of the page will be the bottleneck, not your Internet connection.

  17. @acupunc Mobile phones will never replace desktops because they will never be as powerful and nothing beats a mouse, period. For certain things, without a doubt mobile phones and tablets will be the go to devices but they will never (you listening Jobs?) EVER completely replace desktop/laptops.

  18. @JESSENAZ save time, even lesser lag, 30+FPS Flash video instead of 10FPS, play/record/output 1080p videos and load everything faster?
    Are there other questions you want to ask? like: Why do we need faster GPU, RAM, storage, internet speed, ect..

  19. @Lucian Armasu that’s why I don’t like Windows and would prefer Linux. I don’t use it because nothing runs on it :(

  20. JESSENAZ: fun fact actually: a lot of NASA computers run on very slow hardware.
    the phoenix lander sent to mars just under 2 years ago had a cpu performance-wise not unlike the one in a gameboy advanced, 33mhz!

    the extra performance is because some people nowadays don’t want a “phone” they want a handheld PC with communication features.

  21. shoot, the phone I don’t even have yet is already outdated. I knew my Vibrant was outdated, but now the Atrix is?! NOOOOO!

  22. The shuttle still uses the 8088 processor… That’s old… May be older then some of the folks on this site.

  23. I brought up the topic because my phone does the things I want it to do just fine, I have not run into an app that has slowed down my phone to the point that it got annnoying. Oh ACR why do we need faster internet? ;-) to download porn in HD that’s why. I kid….

  24. Same arguments as 30 years ago! There are always group of people who will say “who needs more than xxx?” Yet, the hardware continued to grow and evolve. Thanks to this, we have more powerful OS and apps that do things we couldn’t even dream back then. Let more powerful hardware come to us. Better OS and apps will also follow.

  25. I for one enjoy all technological advances soon or race wont be bound to this planet or solar system

  26. When I was a kid we used to talk about one day having computers in our pockets. Soon we’ll have that.
    People want mobile computing in their pockets. I hardly ever use my pc anymore. I’m rarely home and my Droid X is faster and more user friendly. I purchase all sorts of merchandise from my phone, pay bills, check email ect. ect. and that’s old news. The last thing I do is talk on it. I don’t look at it as a phone. Its somehow merged and blurred the lines between phone and computer. Next gen Androids will only cross those lines even more with dual core processors.

  27. The latest GeForce GTX 460 GPUs have greater capability to handle stereo 3D gaming as well as Blu-ray playback on 3D.Their affordable price will make them more attractive for SLI arrangements.

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