HTC Flyer To Be March-Arriving Tablet?


We’ve heard a whole lot about the HTC Scribe, destined to be the company’s first Android tablet set to launch at Mobile World Congress in February. In late December, HTC trademarked the term Scribe, but apparently nothing is written in stone.

According Digitimes, the same folks who fueled the initial Scribe rumors, the HTC Flyer will actually launch first. It’ll basically be a larger version of the HTC Desire running Android 2.3 and launching in March.

If Digitimes is right, the Flyer will float on up to Android 3.0 soon thereafter and 2 other HTC Android tablets with 3.0 will launch in June. Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and Phandroid will be there, so hopefully we’ll find out more- of course we’ll let you know.

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  1. Wow a HTC sense tablet, interesting – very interesting :)

  2. Hopefully it is dual core. Looks like it will have to be in order to keep up with the other tablets on the market. I wonder what Sense+Gingerbread or Sense+Honeycomb will be like

  3. @ mobu: That is just a picture of the Desire. Unless I’m missing something it hasn’t been said that Sense will run on the Flyer.

    I’m assuming when they say a larger version of the Desire it means hardware-wise.

  4. Anything about other specs? Looks really cool gadget.

  5. So that picture shows a phone icon???

    I was under the impression that Honeycomb doesn’t have a phone support.

    If they release a Honeycomb tablet with Voice support I will be so ecstatic. I’d preorder it now.

  6. Here’s the link to the source, which they haven’t bothered to give us:

  7. Another tablet?……..SMH

  8. The picture is of the HTC Desire, which Digitimes said the Flyer will look just like.

  9. Wish HTC can team up with samsung just to be able to use samsung’s super amoled screen while upping their hardware to the likes of Motorola would be the perfect tablet/phone for me

  10. wow, are people really that stupid or do they just not know how to read?

  11. I wish that tablets did have the phone part. You could pop in your SIM card (assuming you have GSM service) from your phone when you want the larger screen. You could use a blue tooth head set, though it would look hilarious to see someone use a 10″ tablet as a phone next to their head.

  12. These will the best yet, HTC are the best

  13. Danm a htc tablet, interesting

  14. @ Phoenix – its a combination.

  15. I’d be very interested to see if this – and their other tablet offerings – will run a customized version of Sense, or if it will operate mostly like just a large phone.

    If it is the former, I am excited. If it is the latter, I’m disappointed.

  16. and a new contender (for my money) enters the ring…guess we’ll know in a couple of weeks…

  17. Does anyone know why HTC does not provide voice phone capability to its Flyer? It would be such a perfect tablet had it had this feature.

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