HTC Scribe to Be Unveiled at MWC in February, 7-inch Honeycomb Tablet


The questionably reliable DigiTimes has another rumor gleaned from Taiwanese manufacturers ready to go, this time concerning HTC’s entry into the Android tablet running. According to their report, the HTC Scribe will be a 7-inch tablet featuring Android 3.0, the OS release codenamed Honeycomb and expected to revealed at CES this week. Don’t expect the Scribe to pop up this week alongside Motorola’s Droid Xoom and LG’s Optimus Pad, though.

The rumor places the HTC offering at this February’s Mobile World Congress in Spain, where we should get our first glimpse of the device. It’s just a rumor for now, though we’ll give it some merit. HTC wouldn’t want to be out of the tablet game that long with competitors like LG and Moto forging strongly ahead.

[via BGR]

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  1. 7″? Are you fucking kidding me? Come back when you add 2″ to that screen, HTC.

  2. Am I a First Tool. Yes.

    Seriously, can’t wait just got an Archos 101 but looking for greater

  3. 7″ is hardly better than HTC evo with 4.3″ screen. Not worth the money. I am waiting for a 10″ badboy iPad killer. And getting tired of waiting.

  4. I’m glad that it’s a 7″ tablet. I’ve played wit the Galaxy Tab and I LOVE the size. I just hope it comes to Verizon’s 3g/4g network and 3gb of data does not cost more than $35.

  5. Tablets are just a fad…got my macbook pro and sticking with it. Its getting along just fine beside my Epic!

  6. Apparently Nick has had a size issue in the past..girl troubles?

  7. 7″ is a perfect size for portability, particularly in the corporate market for business use which is where I think tablets will surpass consumer use. The 10″ form factor will do better in homes. There is no one size fits all.

    I am also eagerly awaiting a 7″ tablet from HTC or Motorola with Honeycomb and wifi-only. First one out of the gate will get my money.

  8. I to have held a Samsung Galaxy Tab (non working model) and I was surprised how much I liked the size. Although I am not sure I need something in between 4.3 and 10.5. For the 10.5 that new Toshiba unit might be what I pop on.

  9. 7″ is great if you will be using it while walking around. It’s still small enough to hold in one hand…yet the screen area is 167% larger (20.7 sq/inches vs. 7.77.) As an EVO owner I’m not sure what size tablet to go with. But I’m thinking something in the 7″ to 10″ range. Then a 12″ to 14″ laptop for real work usage.

  10. wow Mike, that’s some pretty revealing info there….

    I would like to see an HTC tablet, their products are very well designed. Some of the other companies, ie samsung etc, have great hardware, but their custom software stinks.

  11. Somebody’s a size queen. :P

  12. Please HTC, do not limit it to 7″. If there is no 10″ screen then i might reluctantly go for the moto or sammy

  13. ask any girl. 7″ is better than any 10″ lol… all jokes aside, I’d love to see what kind of hardware HTC is gonna bring. I have a SGT and so far, I love it!

  14. And tied to a cell phone contract. No thanks ill get a real device not a over sized cell phone.

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