Jan 4th, 2011

The questionably reliable DigiTimes has another rumor gleaned from Taiwanese manufacturers ready to go, this time concerning HTC’s entry into the Android tablet running. According to their report, the HTC Scribe will be a 7-inch tablet featuring Android 3.0, the OS release codenamed Honeycomb and expected to revealed at CES this week. Don’t expect the Scribe to pop up this week alongside Motorola’s Droid Xoom and LG’s Optimus Pad, though.

The rumor places the HTC offering at this February’s Mobile World Congress in Spain, where we should get our first glimpse of the device. It’s just a rumor for now, though we’ll give it some merit. HTC wouldn’t want to be out of the tablet game that long with competitors like LG and Moto forging strongly ahead.

[via BGR]

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