Jan 18th, 2011

Acer – in a move they say will be to eventually phase out netbooks – has announced three new Android tablets for 2011. We’re not sure to what extent they’ll differ from the products introduced at CES, but one big thing will change: these tablets will be running Intel’s Sandy Bridge chipsets instead of NVIDIA’s dual-core ARM-based Tegra 2 line that has gotten a lot of shine lately.

I personally attended Intel’s Sandy Bridge demonstration at CES, and I can tell you that it more than holds its own. We’re not sure which chipset they’ll be using exactly, but if it’s the line of “Core i” processors shown off at CES, these will absolutely rock in speed. (All he revealed was that they’d have processors faster than some Quad Core laptops. Sounds like a match to me.)

While attending Intel’s press conference and seeing Sandy Bridge in action, I never imagined it could find its way into tablet devices. And if they did, I didn’t imagine they’d ever be variants running Android. I’m pleased to see that my imagination isn’t as big as Acer’s because they are taking advantage of what I can only describe as the best processor technology on the market today. [via Computer World]